Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Thanks mcs - I saw a schedule on line which looked pretty doable. It was 3 runs a week with cross training to avoid injury risk whcih sounds good as it means I don't have to drop my tri training over the winter months. 24 week schedule though!

    Ok then did a max heart rate determining run this evening ... warmed up and then did 4 runs for as fast as I could for as long as I could (not very far) and my chubby little legs packed in before my heart did. End result was 179 (and I was nearly sick). So I iwll rest over night and get my resting heart rate first thing tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for the advice RR, SB, Bo and Ten - I'll be picking your brains a lot about this if that's ok? I like having the numbers to deal with and as I don't feel my races have progressed it would be nice to try and see some progress with the HR training. image

  • Thanks for the advice mcs, I might look that one up too. 

    Emma, I understand that if your legs pack in before your heart (image) you've still not hit the maximum, but will check that one. Sure SB will be able to offer further detail. 

    Went to the club tonight and the same guy who was anti PR last night is also the chair there. I did realise that when I joined... How to win friends and all that. Did a 1.5 mile TT and came in at 10:51, which was much quicker than I expected. Could have helped that I got overtaken by the superfit guys from work... Proper lung buster that. Going to take tomorrow off and rearrage plan for this week. 

  • I simply couldn't run any harder and did it four times! image Everything bloomin hurt to be honestimage and 179 seems to be agreeing with the other formulas so I'll take that for time being. My HR is usually very low as is bp on about 90/60 or lower! No wonder I am so dizzy! image

    That sounds rapid Mr D - take it easy after your injury.

    Swim training tomorrow evening image

  • If you didn't go above 179 after 4 tries Em - it sounds like a good place to start.  Once in a while wear your chest strap when you race and then check again.  Everyone's max is different so don't worry when you hear tales of people who have higher or lower ones.

    Easy day on the bike for me image

  • I go away for a day or so and look what happens - the world has gone HR mad and super stato !! image

    Flicked through what i missed so apologies if this has been answered but what is WHR?  Also, what are folks using resting HR for ?

    Off to see the grand daughter in west Wales today for a few days which means back to Prembrokeshire hill training for me.

  • Sorry Oscarr- I'm a scientist so all these numbers please me! WHR is working heart rate and the resting rate was used in one of the heart rate zones thing that I found that worked out working heart rate and zones image
  • Enjoy the hills - I'm rubbish at them!
  • More numbers please! Cycling day is Friday Great Longstone to Clay Cross via Chatsworth Park and Beeley Hill, Beeley Moor and Alton. 18 miles should be fit for no for work when I get there! on my feet all day then cycle home and start decorating......good to see BO and Em back in the trainers again. All the best to the Ultra Trainers....
  • Thanks for the encouragement mcs! That sounds like a lot of cycling ... Tired just reading about it!
  • Well, I've been to the gym and done a load of core work again this morning. Good lord it's dull. And there are far too many people checking themselves out in the mirror. On the upside, I'm starting to feel stronger in middle and legs. And cable machines are really good for dynamic moves (woodchoppers r' us).

    Sent a begging letter to Dyslexia Research for a golden ballot at VLM... Gonna be interesting.

    mcs: thanks mate, for too long the trainers were gathering dust. Oh, Chatsworth, nice...

  • At last I have managed to put together a marathon report:

    I was lucky enough based on my Paris time to be in the British championship start at London. This afforded several luxuries; ample toilets with no queues, changing facilities with drinks to hand, a view of the elite wheelchair races warming up, time and space to think, but best of all chance to meet up with friends,that I hadn't seen in months.

    With all the preparation complete, over 1,200 miles since Boxing Day, no alcohol for a month and no caffeine for a week, I stood on the start line as ready as I could possibly be.

    It is a shame nobody mentioned this to the weather it was pleasant at the start which quickly translated into too hot once we were underway. The first half went to plan, possibly 30s too quick, but I allowed myself that over 13.1 miles. By 16 the heat was working against me and whilst I had only slowed by 9s a mile and was still on plan, I was coming to realise it was going to be a tall order for the pace to stay high. Within two miles my stride was failing with a lower knee lift and shorter length, but the pace was OK slowing to 6:25, more worrying was the pain in my psoas' and stomach. At 22 this pain had slowed my pace enough to make me stop and deal with it, meaning I lost about a minute (much more if you include the slow miles that preceded it). The treatment was successful as immediately my pace returned to plan running 6min/mile through 23. Then both calves started cramping and in the next two miles I lost a further 3 minutes stopping to stretch them out during which time I contemplated how the spring had arrived too early after months of cursing what seemed like an eternal winter. My calves held up for a final hurrah in the last mile covering it in 5:56 (only 7s slower than the runner-up, Emanuel Mutai). To finish in 2:48:06, outside my PB but hugely enjoyable day, just never again (well in London anyway).  The crowds were amazing when I stopped to stretch they screamed at me to carry on, something that I will never forget.  It was if London was making a statement to terrorists, we will not be intimidated.

    After the race it was amazing to to see the same guys that were at the start this time with stories to tell especially Sean my training partner on his dream debut, running 2:36.

    There was wonderful support all the way round from my family, club, and the asics crew that helped me through some of the tough times, thank you.

    Being a nutter we went to see Matilda at the Cambridge theatre immediately afterward, which shows Mrs. C's faith in my speed! I thoroughly recommend it, just possibly not after a marathon!

  • Nice one Choisty - I had no idea from the stats that you were struggling in the second half, and 1200 miles! How did you fit all that in - I think I managed almost exctly half that...... 

  • Good write up Choisty! Was good to see you the day before too, sorry about having consumed a couple of pints though... You had to look of a man possessed.

    Oh, and my Garmin is showing 26:14 for my Park run this morning... Knocked just under two minutes off my PR PB. I'm happy with that, but schoolboy error left me having to do both laces up... image

  • 5:56 in the final mile?  Jeez! If I ran that pace, it would probably be my final mile ever image. Great report Choisty. I'm not sure whether I take comfort in the fact that someone at your level experiences the same issues as someone at mine image 

    BoD - good to see you back at it. It must have been some time, as you've clearly forgotten the basics, like tying up shoelaces image.  VLM ballot is on Monday image

    Are you guys receiving email notifications from RW?  Mine have stopped completely, even though I haven't changed any settings.  Maybe they're not happy with me blocking their crappy slow adverts.

    Yesterday I ran 6m recovery, and tomorrow I'm up to 7m.  It's beginning to feel like normality being resumed. I'm being patient and following the P&D recovery mesocycle. I'm going to extend the recovery period until I'm up to 40m per week before starting the serious speedwork.

  • Choisty , great report thanks. Just shows once again that the marathon is not just a race but an experience. Well done for sorting out your problems en route and that last mile of yours will live in your memory for a long,long time.

    bo , you have a 5k time on the board now so something to target beating now, great and well done. Slow build up still needed though to prevent injury.

    i am having a good cutback week and really needed it after three very hard weeks. Felt exhausted for most of the week. Gentle 15 miler this afternoon but will see how I feel tomorrow morning before I do a planned 12 miler which I may not do if still tired. Another very heavy week next week.

    Sleepy - good luck with the Walk for All on Sunday - weather Should be good so have a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it.


  • Hi all 

    No notifications and a mad week have led to an unplanned absence from me. 

    The week has so far involved waves of exhaustion and seized up glutes, well that was pretty much the story on Monday and Tuesday, when all I did was walk and have a massage.

    Did 45 mins Aqua Jog on the way to work Wednesday, a Pilates class Thursday morning, and yesterday just over 6 miles on the AlterG, which was very fun. 

    Am pondering a slow run tomorrow morning.

    Having the Watford 10K on Monday week, and the Sheffield half on Sunday 12th, I am open to suggestions as to how to play this.  

    Bizarrely the knee that gave me so much worry last week seems to be OK now, although I know I won't appreciate the true VLM legacy until things settle fully.

    Marvellous report Choisty, wierd that you also had 2 miles of cramp. Your take on it is spot on.

    I am in deep shock just now as I was just having a pee in my downstairs loo when I spotted a small item on the floor which was blinking and trying to look small - a mouse OMG!  So I looked up mouse in house to learn that they can chew wires and cause fires.

    Yowsers. So I have rolled up two towels - one is blocking the gap at the bottom of the door to that loo, the other is doing the same for the living room door where most wires are.  

    I think it could only have got in through a small hole [gap around the output from loo pipe] directly from outside, could be wrong though.

    Any suggestions?  I can call the council until 4, they say they will come round 3 times and charge me £110.40.  

    Enjoy your runs and walks everyone.


  • He's out, phew, glad I decided to have a go!

  • A rather wishy-washy week with more cycling than running seems to have rested my bones and eased my I went for a parkrun.

    It seemed like mid-winter again but managed to get round in 20:54 so pleaed with that 11 days after my marathon.

    I may venture onto the track next week and start in the slow group to ease myself back in to it all.......

    Good luck to any racers tomorrow.....

  • Went out for a run and lots of walk along the canal this morning, the run portion was 6.35 in 1:09, walked from there as calf began pulling again.

    Nice PR Mike! 

  • Another recovery week completed.  7m this morning - sunny and chilly.  It took double discipline to stick to pace, and to turn around to head home when I was having so much fun image  Oh well, at least next week includes some faster running.  Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

  • I did 8 this morning @9:30 pace. Legs felt like lead after yesterday. Got an easy week planned next week, so just thinking about a few 5 milers and no major efforts. 

    Gona be up and looking at VLM's website tomorrow morning like a crazy person. I got a response from Dyslexia people and they are going to give me a GB on the proviso that I manage to enter the ballot too... Going to be fun. 

    RR careful with that calf... 

    Mike, I'd be happy with that period. image

  • BoD I will, I have a hot water bottle on it right now after a bath in Therapeutic salts, and will follow this all up with pilates tomorrow and a massage on Tuesday before I even think about running on Wednesday, am hoping to do a speed session on the Alter G, but my secret weapon is Tui Na coming up on Friday, can't wait as he will sort it. 

    Big day tomorrow with that there ballot, then you have to wait til October to find out, that was long.

    I really hope you get in! 

    SB any news on the walk?

    Oscarr did you do it?  

  • Evening all- busy week this week.

    Track Thursday, showing my chum how to do various exercises on the trx straps on Friday, left at 7am Saturday to do the recce for the tri in 2 weeks time and  paced my friend around a half marathon in Bracknell leaving at 6.30 this morning. Phew - need to get the school uniforms sorted now and do the tesco order!image

    On the race recce we were shown around the venue and given tips for transition then we went out to cycle the course (freezing cold so go only knows how I'll manage in a wet tri suit!!!!)with our guide. Only the the guide buggered off after 6 miles and we had to guess the other 10 miles or so with no map or clue where we were - charming. I know I'm slow but even so! image

    Also been told by two of the people at the gym (spin lady and one of the gym staff) that HR training is old fashioned and rubbish! I was really sad - I've been really excited by the thought of trying something new and it certainly seems to be working for sleepy! imageimage

  • EmmaC wrote (see)

    Also been told by two of the people at the gym (spin lady and one of the gym staff) that HR training is old fashioned and rubbish!

    image Change Gym!  They know fek all. Seriously.


  • Hi emma - I would stick with HR training for a while to give it a good go - I reckon it's the best form of body feedback to tell you how you are doing and I don't think it's a fad either ( unlike a lot of gym initiatives which are designed to sell you something ) as its been around for at long while and is proven.  Sleepy will be able to tell you more.

    reiki - no, I didnt do the walk as i had to stay in Wales with family

  • 7.27m easy this evening.

    Well it was a bit quicker than easy at 8:15min/m pace because I was trying to warm up, but not too stressful in seconds under the hour....

    Re parkrun: just for the record, 20:54 is 45 secs slower than my PB of 20:09 and sub 20 is my next serious target.

    Keep going with the HR training everybody - it is the only way for endurance events. 

  • Hi all

    Emma - I would turn that statement round and and politely suggest that HR training is not particularly suited to the average gym training but you're a runner and not an average gym bunny image

    Has been a busy few days on here - glad the mouse is out reiki, Bo/Mike - nice parkruns. oscarr - I love the "just an easy 15 miler" - you wouldn't have been saying that a few months ago!

    I meanwhile was in the Peaks doing the 25miler Walk4All on Sunday which started in Hope, went to Edale, up Jacob's ladder, back along the Pennine Way to Mam Tor and then back to the start via Lose Hill.  My HR doesn't do altitude so have to rely on rough calculations from the elevation map which brings total ascent to 1400 ish metres (4600').

    Totally underestimated the terrain.  My initial plan of running 25 / walking 5 went pretty much straight out of the window and became walk uphill / jog downhill.  Although it was officially a walk event there were a few walk/joggers so I spent the first 6 miles or so with a lovely couple of ladies who had pretty much the same plan.  We parted ways when they stopped for a banana muffin - very civilised.  By the end my watch showed 26.4 miles in 6h 35.  (Probably start to finish was a bit longer but I paused my watch at the checkpoints).  It's a lovely day out and was very novel feeling like I could walk as much as I liked.  I was first finisher with the banana muffin ladies 2nd & 3rd. Happy with my navigation though - the route was marshalled and marked iin most places but if you weren't paying attention - it was easy to miss a turn (as did quite a few I would guess by the folks asking where to go).

    As a result, feeling a little uneasy today about the Wall - we may have to revise our plans - have found this profile which suggests that we may be slower than we think in the mid section.  My legs are ok today thanks to some ibrufen gel but I was pretty shattered last night!  (Profile is right at the bottom - tried to insert it as a picture but it didn't work) Still it'll be about half the ascent each day and roughly half what I just did - am gearing my brain up for the challenge.  I could quite happily have carried on for another 10 miles yesterday at my walk/jog pace (14:56 min/miles) but I'm certainly not reckoning on the 2nd day being mentally or physically easy!  Fastest mile was 9:53, slowest 23:27 - that'll have been going up Jacob's ladder then image's+Wall+Path+National+Trail

    Nutrition wise - I got bored of my snack size choccies at 4hours so I treated myself to a caffeine zipvit which merrily got me to 5½ hours and then I had one last ordinary zipvit which saw me to the finish.  Finished my 1 litre bladder by half way and refilled with the bottled water they gave us which literally ran out about ½ mile from the finish.

    Training load - never mind the red zone - my spike is off the chart LOL.  It reckons I should be back down to green by Saturday so only easy runs for me this week until my "strenuous" graded Endurance Life coastal 10k near Whitby (conveniently on Saturday) which will thereby become my speed work session for the week followed by 4hours on Sunday. Average HR was 156. (Ideally it should have been below 140!!)

  • Ha - I lied - just found the altituide box to tick on my website for my watch but doesn't look like it'll calculate retrospectively - boo!

    Before you ask oscarr - that HR is 79% of my max image

  • Every day's an adventure on that training plan of yours SB! An Ultra will be on my bucket list, once I've had a good crack at my best marathon time. I'm a bit behind you kids image

  • I think I might have sussed why my garmin HRM was going doolally on a couple of runs last week.  Both times I wore the same design of base layer clothing, so maybe there's a bit of static going on? Or something image  It's something I can test, at least.

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