Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Sleepy - which race are you doing this weekend?

  • Ten I have to send in my GFA evidence and again next year, although if I get sub 4 again in 2014 I'm good for 15 and 16, then just one year to hang on.

    7 on the AlterG yesterday, @ 11, 9, 8, 7, 8, 9, 10 min/miles, average came out at, you guessed it. MP!

  • Mike - liking the sound of that!  Looking forward to that happening one day in my world!

    oscarr - it's just the CTS Endurance 10k near Whitby - won't be racing it - just fancied a day out at the coast!   Then I'll do 4½ - 5 hours on Sunday just to keep my hours up this week.  Nice mileages mister!  My legs are still not 100% but managed a hour in zone 2 (brisk walking) so they're on the mend! Cape Wrath will be a rest week for you at this rate image

  • My goodness you guys (SB and OSCARR)  are making me feel like a layabout and reiki you make me feel sooo slow.

    This week - Monday did a HR (trying to stay at about 70% - zone?) on bike for 35 mins and tready for 15, an easy 7 on Tuesday and a swim session last night. Led the lane for most no no opoortunity to draft and we did 700 warm up and 3 lots of 600 so a decent length swim (2.5 k in total).

    At the week end I did the race recce for the tri I am doing in a fortnight and then ran a half mara (pacing a friend) on Sunday. Lovely half is Bracknell btw.image

    Gentle cycle on spin bike tonight and swim on Friday - rest Sat as have 10m XC on Sunday. And .... I collect my fab new bike on Friday!!!!! image

  • Congratulations on the bike Emma!

  • Reiki - I can't tell you how excited I am about it - haven't slept properly for 3 days!!!!!

    Bit terrified about actually riding it given that I have not ridden a road bike before and I'll be racing on it on Sunday 12th! If I can I shall post a picture of the little beauty!

    What was the impressively fast time you did Reiki? Was it at VLM?

    I need to get faster by 1 minute and 20s ..... per mile for GFA! Ha ha!

  • shiny....................... purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...... strokes.... nicey nicey Em!

    You certainly shouldn't feel lazy looking at that schedule - no time for mischief for you image You're as bad as reiki and her multi-activity lifestyle - it's very impressive from both of you!

  • Emma that is a beaut!  I am going to try riding a bike again, think I am more stable now what with all the pilates & all.

    Yes it was VLM, and I have always said that older Vet women's GFA times wre generous, but now I don't like the idea that you have to stay sub 4 til 60, it seems hard, but then I assumed science had proven a physiological cliff or something, maybe not, positive discrimination more like. 

    Meanwhile did I mention that I was only 51st for age , and the winner did 3:03 actually?

    Just did pilates today, still quite stiff.

    I am in awe of the Wallers.  Jealous, but in awe.

  • So it's now harder for seniors but stays same for 41+ age group - I won't be able to get sub 40 and would need 3:50 for my age group .... With all the training in the world not possible!

    Getting my bicycle tomorrow - hooray! Been waking up last two nights dreaming about transition!

  • nice bike!

    first session since London tonight 15 x 300 at 4:50 pace, ooooo it smarts...but it is time to build some speed

  • Choisty I was thinking the same thing this morning!  So I did a HIT session on the bike, now going on for Tui Na after managing a mad hamstring tweak at Pilates yesterday.

    Should have had the day off but have to go into work to do these mandatory online training packages!

  • Have to agree with the nice bike!

    I got 5 easy in this morning. For the first time since December it did feel easy and not a bit of a slog. Legs are feeling lighter and had a glimpse of the elusive zen feeling that used to be there... Then I started thinking again... Doh...

  • loving this weather - that's 2 runs in a row where my hands were not frozen - brilliant

  • Oscarr: You can get those super smooth sunnies out too.

  • Hey Bo - wore them for the first time this year yesterday  image

  • Beautiful cycle into work this am, listening to the birds, lapwings sqwaking on the moors over Beeley.  Good to see the Ultra runners are fit and the triathlete has a very nice bike, I have a specialised with Sram gearing, awesome machine love it. Not run for ten days now, where are my trainers??? Must run this weekend, the legs feel good and ready to run again. Have a good weekend all. Should I run for Bowel Cancer Charity next year, they have asked me to do VLM again??? Not sure I want the fund raising hassle but tempted to get my sub four marathon which has yet to be achieved..........frost here yesterday morning so haven't put the gloves away yet Oscarr.

  • Oscarr: they are super smooth!

    mcs: how much do they wa


  • Glad to hear the sunnies have been out oscarr - yoimmigration need to keep wearing them if I cycle past on my shiny new bike! image It is sooooo cool I am really pleased but also really stint. I've been saving 25 pounds a month since Reuben was born in my 'running away' fund. Looks like I'll have to stick with hubby for a while longer as I nowlong have any money for running away! image

    Keep at it Craig - it will come back! 

    First trip out on the trek planned from Monday!

  • mcs and Sleepy will be pleased to hear that while i was in Sweatshop today stocking up on socks (Ten - see what i did there..?) I also bought a Buff - dark blue paisley pattern if you are interested !!

  • Just an hour in the pool for me today, yet feeling strangely shattered, could be the all-day cookathon and wrapathon ahead of next weekend's trip to Sheffield.

    Has anyonehere done the Sheffield half?  

    mcs I hope you do VLM!  

  • SB - good luck with your race!

    Reikki - good luck with your cooking.

    Oscarr - d'oh! image

    Nice bike Emma. image

    mcs - do it! image 

    BoD - do it too! image

    I was ill during the week and laid up in bed, but thankfully recovered in a couple of days and was able to complete most of my running schedule.

    Today's run was my first general aerobic run since the marathon. Based on training for a 3:45 marathon, my GA pace range would be 10:44 (MP+25%) to 9:52 (MP+15%). However, it's early days and a bit pie-in-the-sky, so I decided it would be better to train to my heart rate range instead to see how things pan out. Also, HR training makes sense to even out the effort over varying terrain. I've calculated my GA range to be 131-148 bpm, based on 181bpm max (remember that I reduced my previous max based on training and racing data, so this is more conservative and realistic I think).

    As happens so often, the heart rate readings didn't settle down until I was more than a mile into the run (i.e. unrealistic spikes), so I ran to a comfortable easy pace and ignored the HRM for about 1.25 miles. Then I ran according to heart rate once it had stabilised. The plan was to start out at the low end of the heart rate range, then gradually work up to run the final few miles at the high end. In total I ran 9.25m and here are the stats: 

    HR: 141*/133/134/140/145/144/147/148/147/(146) bpm avg: 139bpm

    Pace: 10:20/9:50/9:23/9:39/9:51/9:11/9:36/10:05/9:24/(10:29) avg: 9:44

    *nonsense reading

    So my entire run was run at an average pace that was faster than my fastest planned pace based on 3:45 marathon training (9:44 vs 9:52). I'm taking this as good news! I'm well happy with my marathon recovery so far. Two more weeks to go before I can begin speed work.

  • Ten - great work and a great analysis - your planned range of 72 to 80% covers zone 3 - what does GA stand for "General Aerobic" i guess but what is the purpose of the GA session in that zone on your plan?

    First part of my B2B done today - a bit longer than i planned but hey, i was enjoying myself !!!  24 miles in 4hr28min at 11:10 and HRav 71%.  Included 7x5min walk breaks so pace when running was av 10:45 and HRav 73%.  Very happy indeed with these results - it was a hilly route and i ran most of the hills so happy with 73% for the running part.

    Reckon i have sorted the psychology of these very long training runs on your own - its NOT a load of miles to get done IT IS a day out in the country where you jog a lot of the way.

    Ran an out and back around the Vale of The White Horse all on The Ridgeway national route.

    Plan to do 3.5hrs tomorrow on the eastern end of The Ridgeway from Nuffield to Goring on Thames - a flatter route and kinder underfoot than today.

  • Oscarr - you're doing brilliant on those back-to-back runs! Is the race next month???? image  Jeez, that's coming round quick!

    P&D define the GA (General Aerobic) runs as moderate effort runs of up to ten miles. The purpose is to boost the training volume and enhance overall aerobic conditioning. They are generally run at MP+25% to MP+15%, which usually coincides with 70-81% maximal heart rate, or 62-75% of Heart Rate Reserve. They should not be run so hard that you are unable to do a real hard session the following day.

  • Thanks Ten - lets see if i can work out how your GA runs compare to my current LSRs - for me with MP=9mpm gives +25% to +15% range of 11:15 to 10:20mpm so today my overall running pace of 10:45 is about middle of the GA range - my running HRav today of 73% of max HR is at the lower end of the 70 to 81 range.

    So, either i am getting good endurance or the max HR I set of 170 (220-60=160+10=170) is a little high.  If it is nearer 160 then the 73 becomes 77.5.  However, it really does feel such an easy jogging pace that i can keep going for weeks at so really believe it is well and truly in zone 2 and hence i believe the 170 max (or even higher now) and i must have boosted the endurance by now!!!

    Just good fun to mess about with the figures.

  • MLR's and LR's are run at a slightly different pace with P&D. Start at MP+20% and finish with about five miles at MP+10%.  Then, of course, there are also the marathon pace runs. It's all about variety of pace in the training, which keeps it interesting.

    The GA paces you quote above are the ones I used for my marathon training this year. I was also on the low side of the HR zone, which is why I did more analysis once the marathon was over image

  • Oscarr it is impressing me whether 73 or 77.5%

    I went to the Olympic Park again today and had a look from the top of the Orbit.  

  • Ten - forgot to answer your earlier question - The Wall is in 7 weeks time on 22/23 June.  

    Before that I am doing the Cape Wrath Challenge up in Durness, the most northern point in mainland west scotland - a 50+ mile running festival which starts with a half marathon on Monday 13th May and finishes with a marathon on Sat 18th then a scottish dance in the evening in the village hall ( can't spell the real name for it !!)  Sleepy and Mr Sleepy are doing the second half of the week and Sleepy and I will be running the marathon together, until the latter stages when she sprints ahead !!  Start my journey north this Friday.

  • Wow I didn't understand about Cape Wrath at all before!  And it's soon! 

  • LOL - you don't need to spell it - just be able to stand up by that time! 

    Hi all - apologoies for slight awol-ness.  Had a wee jaunt up to Yorkshire to see the family and sneak in a 10k.  It was the Endurancelife CTS 10k at Ravenscar which turned out to be 6.9 by their reckoning, 7.14 by my watch.  Awesome route on the cliff top, down to a cove, through the woods and then back along a (quite bumpy and eroded) cinder track.  Brilliant atmosphere - really relaxed group of people when it comes to pace and distance.  Expensive events but you get loads of goodies and a spectacular location.  Would happily do another one - we may build a holiday round one of their maras one year - just for fun!  Averaged 10 min/miling bang on and couldn't have gone any faster - mostly because I could still feel my quads from my jolly round the Peaks.

    However today, after yesterday's 21 miler (5 hours) mostly walking - my legs actually feel better - weird!!! Must finally be recovering or adapting - not sure which!

    Enjoying the HR chat above - feels weird that I'll be doing a mara in 10 days which isn't a target race - bet I get a little bit carried away though.  Have built 4 days complete rest into my plan cos I know I'll need it! image



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