Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Well done Sleepy, great work.

    Had another great day out in the country today - blue bell woods, rape seed fields, village street fayres and brass bands, Morris dancers by the river, boats out on the Thames.  Only downside is I fell again in the woods over those bloody tree roots - legs a bit of a bloody mess and i think i have done something to one of my fingers; happened in the first mile but ok for the rest of the run.

    19.13 miles in 3h40m @11:30 and HRav 71% (again).  Felt quite strong at the end and pushed the last couple of miles.

    So that's all my previous training records blown out the water this week - 70 miles in the week, B2B of 43miles and 8hr8min.  Resting up (a bit) this week for Cape Wrath next week and a rest week after it.

  • Forgot to mention my big learning from the last 2 days.  Cos i did a big run yesterday i ate a lot of food after.  This morning i had to wait 2 hours before i could run due to frequent visits to the loo !!  So, lesson learned.

  • Great stuff you two, amazing really.

    I did the Watford 10K yesterday, lovely course, quite a lot of tree roots though, and grass and other lumpy bumpy terrain. 

    I Was delighted with 4:33, and 15th WV [all clumped together] out of 203, 301st overall out of 838 and would have won had they had age groups, 71.6%

    BUT I seem to have tweaked what at first felt like my right soleus, is probably a tendon, it feels wierd to stand on, will need to shake this off now.  It's what puts me off XC, I often do myself little mischiefs that I don't feel much at the time, if at all.

    All the usual suspects behaved, and I have to be happy with the calf recovery [Tui Na assisted of course]

    Have a lovely sunny day all. 

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)

    I Was delighted with 4:33

    I should think you was image

    49:33 isn't too shabby either! 71.6% is frickin' awesome! Congratulations Reikki image Hope your injury heals quickly.

  • Nice work reiki - hope it eases off - have you iced it?

    oscarr - I did tell you to lay off the beer LOLOLOLOL  (Seriously - hope you're ok and it's just cuts and bumps - heal quick). Oh and while I think of taking care of yourself - make sure you pack extra warm stuff for CW - it can be 3 degrees cooler up there - an extra layer will see you right image As soon as you get running it's fine - think it's just the sea breeze that's a bit chilly! Not long now - I'll be packing the van later this week... 



  • Sleepy - thanks, will do, think I will need a trailer the amount of stuff I will be packing and that's without the golf clubs!!  Finger is really sore this morning so I may have broken something although its not serious enough to do anything about.  Legs are ok. Did my spin class this morning plus a sauna and it really perked the legs up after the long slow miles of the last two days.  Feeling a little tired so will not be doing any fast stuff this week.

    starting to look at the long range weather forecast for Durness - exciting.

  • My goodness Oscarr abd SB you two are amazing. Great running by reiki and ten too! 

    I still need to get to grips with my HR monitor and understand my zones. 

    Soooooo nervous about my triathlon!!!!!!!

  • Emma - thanks, the key to being able to do the high mileage is the slow pace at the weekends.

    I am sure you will be fine in your triathlon - as it's your first one just treat it as a learning experience and not a race.

  • Really long time no post for me. I've got a lot of catching up to do re messages...
    News update. I have just accepted a permanent job offer image I had loads of interviews, and was in a tricky situation over the past couple of days with 3 job offers to choose from. I can now put that behind me and look forward to the future.
    Re running, I ran a 10k PB on Sunday, but I had to work really really hard for it. 51:42 in the local 10k organised by the local running club.
    I haven't made any progress in the losing weight and getting fitter/faster part of my plan for this year as I've been held back with a few minor health issues. That said, my priority was getting my work life sorted out rather than just running for the past few months.
    *looking forward to joining in the banter and entering some longer runs* image

  • Great news Anthony and welcome back.

  • Oscarr I meant to say I hope your tumble hasn't left too much of a legacy and that the finger is not too griefy. 

    Got so busy yesterday I never returned.

    My mystery latest has settled in the lower right shin for now, took it to the pool this morning.  AlterG tomorrow.

  • Congratulations Anthony! image

  • Hello guys, sounds like training and racing is going well.  Sorry I have not been around but been rather busy organising our race: it's on the 7 July if anyone is interested, great route around watership down.

    anyway training is back on...2 rep sessions in and really enjoying them, witha view to racing 3000m Steeplechase this summer, apart from that it is all relaxed running less than an hour a complete change (also requires less fuel...image) Raced Alton 10 on Sunday in 60.07 but course was 0.1M long, which is annoying as my streak of sub-hr 10M is broken now, still 13th overall and 3rd V40 so back in the prizes.

  • Hi Anthony *waves*

    Will mention it to his lordship Choisty - no idea what he has planned for July - I will probably still be re-learning how to walk at that point LOLOLOL

    Oscarr - have a great journey north - will see you up there. 

    I have the second half of my B2B to do today - am dragging my feet a little but then I'm not doing a long run til the mara a week on Saturday so it has to be done.  Am learning how dedicated these ultra runners are - feel like every run takes half a day up at the mo LOLOLOL

  • Choisty that looks like a lovely race.

    SB sounds ideal to me!  Can't wait to retire.

  • Wow you ultra guys are doing amazing, enjoy Cape Wrath. Running on the back burner here due to work and stuff. Managed a seven mile on Sunday am in 58 mins so not too fat yet. All the best to all and A on new job.

  • AC8 I'm doing everything backwards today!

    Very well done on the PB.

    And the job!

    i had the same thing happen back in 1988!

    After I applied for 71 jobs. 

  • AC8 - well done and congratulations.

    SB & Oscarr - good luck with the travels and the racing

    Everybody else - well done on the training

    Choisty -  I ran that race in 2011, so time for another go, if my wife doesn't book a holiday at the wrong time like last year.....

    As for my running 3wks after marathon:

    parkrun at w/e in Wycombe which is not my home track but my sister and her hubby run there. So I ran 20:24 and nicked the age record; then I ran both my brother in law and sister into the finish over their last 800m and they both got PB'S by about a minute.

    On Sunday ran 11 miles in the heat; no drink or gels so that was interesting

    Then last night: 1 mile w/u then 3 x 1m fast off 5 min jog in between (splits over decreasing severity of hills: 7:09; 6:50; 6:40), followed by 5m progressive run home in a rainstorm and strong cross wind that soaked me (splits 9:44 uphill; 8:50, 8:38; 8:35 and 8:23 to finish) with a rainbow and bright sun again!

    Total just over 10 m, but I missed a turn in the lane as I was focusing so hard on the task and probably ran 4 miles further than I intended. Oh well.....all good and going for two 10k's in the next 3 weeks or so. (Newbury and Wargrave)


  • Great training Mike and well done on the record 5K

  • Excellent Mike.

    it's so windy here I am having trouble holding my ground with some of the gusts.

  • Wowee Mike - amazing running. SB and OSCARR- you make me feel sooooo inadequate - great running!

    Congratulations Anthony!image

    It is jolly blustery and wet here - managed 4 miles earlier but feltthought. Sore calves and sneezy with sore throat! Boo - go away bugs.

  • Wowsers Mike - hope we can come back that strong after CW! 

    Emma - if it makes you feel any better - after my epic day yesterday I ended up not going out for my run (will reschedule it for the weekend).  For those who don't know I recycled my purse accidentally along with a bag of clothing and then waited several hours for the lovely collection man to come and open the door of the clothing bank to retrieve it.  Totally my own fault for rushing around and so very grateful for the helpline number on the door! Whooooopsie

    Today's a rest day - completely agree reiki - the concept of running for hours every day is a lovely one until you've been doing for a while and are a bit tired LOL.  Bet I'll be raring to go again by Saturday though...


  • Sleepy - think we have both got to the same "tired" place - after the exploits over the last 5 or 6 weeks of very high mileage I have also felt the need for a restful week this week - it was always planned to be a cut-back week ahead of CW but I have cut right back to make sure i don't overtrain; will be doing two 4 mile recovery runs plus my spinning on Tuesday making 12 miles in total as I will not run at all this weekend wiht the travel - plan is to move into zone 3 training for most of the runs next week which will be a 50+ mile week ending wiht the marathon.

    See you there !!!!!

  • SB & Oscarr, I can sympathise completely it reminds me of marathon training 80-120M weeks, constant tiredness...but it is worth the sacrfise now to have a good time on the wall, keep your spirits high.

    And when it is over you can look forward to sessions like 25 x 200m which I ran yesterday on the track, so different from marathon training.  All in 34s each apart from the last one which was 29.99 image

  • Even for me the contrast yesterday was much enjoyed when I got back to 30/20/10s which I love, it seems like you haven't done a lot when the whole thing takes an hour, although actually I prefer the long slow runs.

    Tui Na this morning has sorted my shin.  I nearly revealed my ignorance by asking him to do my hamstrings on the other side, only to be pre-empted with the information that everything was now flowing to my right side and I should be fine for Sunday.

    It never ceases to astonish me that things I'd definitely have considered show stoppers before just aren't with Tui Na.  

  • Yea gads Choisty - I'll take the 4 or 5 hour plod thanks!!!!!! image  As soon as I get up t'north I will be all systems go again!  Durness always has that effect on me.  I'll come home super keen I can guarantee. 

    oscarr - I haven't done any where near as much as you so you have every right to have a  good break!  I'll do 3½ on Saturday / 2 hours on Sunday then I have an hour planned every day Tuesday-Thursday and 40 mins on Friday.  Thursday will include the beach run, dogs permitting.  If Lucky isn't coping very well (though I suspect he will be as soon as he sees the beach and has worn himself out) I will dogsit and Ben will run with you!  Either way you just need to enjoy yourself. Wonder what colour the hoodies are this year!  I need a new one - I wore last year's one loads - but it had to go after I spilled bleach on it!  So I have to start and finish the marathon come hell or high water to justify a new one!



  • I'm a sucker for event merchandise

  • Me too, I only used to go to the InterCounties for the hoodie. 

    I can recommend Oakley 20 as the best in the South!

  • Now watching Diamond League from Doha on the red.

  • Hmmmm - monsoon anyone!  8 miles into a 13 mile jog/walk .... NICE image

    LOLOLOL - still on the plus side - breaking news in HR training land - most of my miles in zone 2 have been starting with a 13 (even an odd 12) instead of a 14 in the last couple of weeks.  Snuck a mile or so of MP in after my drowning, to warm up before the hypothermia set in, too just for good measure.

    Anyway it's "Toodle ooo" for now folks - heading off to meet oscarrypops 2moro and I can't get the forum on my phone without major drama.  So - hope you all have a fabby week - will look forward to catching up when we get back and since I'm treating myself to 4 whole days of recovery I shall be needing something to do image

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