Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Thanks Reiki - not as impressive as you but I had such fun and the photos weren't all awful! I was worried report was too long and  I would bore people - but Oscar knows what is likely to happen if he asks me for a report!

    Will see if I can post some later - going to visit Dad as ambulance called for him for second time in two weeks (hasn't had an abulance called for him apart from once 30 years ago after a head on car collision). It's all been rather stressful on the family front this week or so. image

  • I loved the bike bit - especially the down hill bits where I got on the 'drops' (check me out pretending I know what I am on about) and pushed a high gear. Wowee! Zoom zoom!

    Go on Reiki you can do a tri! What about a try a tri? image

  • Awesome 10 mile xc race this morning in 1:38. Sleepy supporting on the final hill.  the sea views in the second half were simply stunning and the weather was good - on a bright day there are no better places to be. 3 mile fancy dress beach run tomorrow for a bit of fun then rest on Friday before the highlight of the week which is the Cape Wrath marathon.  It's all on Tarmac or hard surfaces so ok for road shoes and the challenge will be the hills and the wind but as its out band back chances are we will be blown along on one of the legs, lets hope it's the homeward leg.

    team building challenge tonight in the village hall and BBQ thtroll morrow night.

    folks - if you want something different with a few family members or friends then consider this trip for the future.

  • Been a bit out of the loop & life getting in the way.

    Nice running Oscarr - good luck on the big one and Emma well done on your debut tri. It seems as if you exceeded your expectations - brilliant!

    Ten - I gave up on P& D mesocycle 5 as I couldn't see why I needed to get back up to 30+ m/wk just yet.

    My next two races are 10k's and (probably) Choisty's 5 miler so last night I went out for a blast and ran 10k in 42:46 min just to wake the legs up. Blew HR training out of the water just for once and thoroughly enjoyed myself........

    Recovery run tonight, then a 10 miler on Friday as I can't run again this w/e

    Good luck to all the racers at the w/e 

  • Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    Ten - I gave up on P& D mesocycle 5 as I couldn't see why I needed to get back up to 30+ m/wk just yet.

    I'm pretty sure that the idea of Mesocycle 5 is to ensure that people do not rush back into heavy training too soon and thus avoid injury. Doing less is no problem! If you read around the forums, there are countless examples of people rushing back into races or big mileage soon after their marathon. I've already seen one who was running long runs a couple of days after his marathon, and has recently had an entire week off from running after it has all caught up with him.

    For me it has worked out well, because it brings me nicely to where I want to be to start training for summer 10K races.

    Emma - really well done in the Triathlon! 

    Oscarr - what did you dress up as?

  • Ten - went as one of the Blues Brothers in dark suit (£25 from charity shop), white shirt, black tie plus a BB hat and shades set - never run in a suit before!!

    BBQ at the village hall tonight, rest day tomorrow and pasta party tomorow night.

    Mr Sleepy just off to do his second session of the day!!

  • Folks - sorry for the repeated post at 15:09 yesterday, I must have hit the wrong button !  Sleepy and I are resting and consuming lots of chocolate - I am told its what you do now to carb load !!!! 

  • Well done Emma, how hard was it? should I give it a go? what are your training tips?

    Oscarr, it sounds like runners nirvana, I am so jealous, enjoy the rest day and the marathon

    I would like to echo the point about resting/changing training after the marathon, I have now had a new lease of life as my new training cycle starts, I have been going short sharp reps x 2 a week e.g. 8 x 400m hills (a full 10s quicker than during marathon training) with no run longer than an hour (2 x 1hr runs a week) and loads of watch free easy running...nice totalling no more than 50M p/w. 

    I have also started racing track again my first steeplehase on Monday in 11:12 very slow, but a marker to progress from, hurdling technique was fine as was stamina (could of completed another 3,000m at the same pace) just absolute speed missing, but I should start reaping the benefits of the chance in regieme in 6 weeks or so...ready for the BMAF's although I would like to see incremetal improvements before that.

    Have fun all the racers this weekend, I will be 3000m steeplecahse on Saturday (with possibly 400m hurdles, pole vault, 1500m, 3000m, 800m, 110m hurdles and a relay depending on the strength of the team we put out!) then Sunday 10k on the road to end the hampshire road race league season, all still to play for as I could scrape a top 10 finish and as a team we might, just might get 2nd in div 1...

  • I've just agreed to run The Ridgeway Relay Stage 5 Swyncombe to S. Stoke on Sunday 16th June - really looking forward to that......just over 10 miles, a few hills at the start, a bit of tricky navigation and then a finish along the Thames and a handover outside a pub.

    If you know where Wallingford is, then this section runs from the NE, then 3 miles W towards Wallingford along Grimms Dyke and then S(ish) right by the river.

    The total event is 89 miles and we have 8 runners - there is a possibility that we may have 2 teams out. Two of the sections must be run by ladies......variety is the spice of life as they say.

  • Should have added: final stage is in Marlborough - anyone interested for another time, here is the link

    Happy running over the w/e - lot's going on!

  • Mike that sounds like a lovely run.

    Choisty I am the only person on our track team tomorrow, as has happend before when I actually did run 400, 800, 1500 and 3 000m

    Couldn't do the relays obviously!

    I think there was a limit on the number of events they would let me enter though!

    And as I can't rely on my left leg not collapsing despite massive improvements after a very painful intervention behind the knee, I can probably only do the javelin!
  • Choisty - you are right, this week is runners heaven - can't believe that I am so confident of doing the marathon tomorrow as a training run after all the fast pace runs this week giving a total of 58 hard miles - all this super slow LSR work over the last two months is paying off.

    mike - I did that section of the ridgeway in training a couple weeks ago - from Nuffield to Goring along Grims Dyke, Wallingforto and s.stoke.  You need to be very careful along Grims Dyke cos the path is strewn with tree roots and other tripping hazards and that's where I tripped and fell badly.  Wallingford to s.stoke has a mix of good surface and bad.  Better that you are prepared for this than it be a surprise on the day. There is some good scenery along the way as well so not all bad!

  • Ah thanks Oscarr - good to have local knowledge.

    I was going to do a practice run so as not to get lost on the I definitely will have to have a look!

    Good luck on the mara.......

  • Go go go oscarr and sleepy! image X

  • What Emma said!!

    What a great marathon - Sleepy and I ran together all the way in a massive negative split in 4:22 - treated it as strong steady run rather than all out - both finished strongly with no ill effects.  For me, that's 58 miles of racing in 6 days and I cannot believe I have done it - convinced it's all down to the high volume and very slow training LSRs.

    ceilidh and meal tonight to finish the week - think I will sit in the corner and drink vast quantities of ale!!!!!!

    Sleepy feels the run strangely easy and doesn't feel like she's run a marathon - she will tell more next week when back home and logged in.

    happy running to everyone this weekend.

  • Congratulations Oscarr/Sleepy image - particularly well done off the back of a heavy week of running!

  • My heroes!!!

    I knew you'd find it easy, and what a gift to be able to run together image
  • Wow - that equals my pb!!!!!!!!imageimageimage

  • I've completed my five week post-marathon recovery program (where did that time go?!!). I'm now back to 35m in a week, and my pace is already at the fast end of training paces for a 3:45 marathon next spring (I'm running strictly according to heart rate). It will be interesting to see how this develops now that I can begin speedwork and train for some 10k races.

  • Nice Ten, I didn't make it to 5 weeks before sidelining myself quite decisively, 3 hour Aqua Jog this morning keeps the fitness going though, and hones that mental toughness.

    Following a killer treatment on my right calf yesterday, the leg feels a lot more stable, thankfully, no hopping or skipping though so I think I'll have to cancel the TRX training again on Weds, and definitely no running yet, will carry on with bike and pool and hope to resume pilates this week too.
  • Jeez Reikki - you're not wrong about mental toughness! Three hours aqua jogging would drive me insane! Hope you get back to the running soon.

  • Well done to the Marathoners nice easy run out there!!! Respect. Not managing to fit much running in due to working too much and other kitchen......full on acting role etc etc..... anyway did a nice hilly five miler on Sunday but took me 50 mins at least............good to see you are all buzzing along.

    Tenjiso what plan are you following with the heart rate training? Might give this a go as need to get up early am and run as got a half or two later in the year.

    Have a good week all.image


  • mcs - I've been following the P&D advanced marathoning training plan. For the recovery program I took their advice and switched from running at prescribed paces to running to heart rate. The reason being that the program would tailor itself to me own recovery capability. I'm well pleased I followed the advice!

    I'm going to follow another P&D plan for my 10K training, taken from "Road Racing for Serious Runners". I haven't yet decided whether I'll be following pace guidleines or heart rate ranges (or a mixture). I have a few weeks to experiment and decide before I start the plan.

    Today I ran eight miles at the proposed "long run" heart rate range. Next week I'll do the same at the proposed training pace for comparison. I'm a little confused as to whether I should train at paces based on my current 10K pace, or my target 10K pace. So I've got more reading to do.

  • Yo dudes/dudettes - how are we all doing today?

    Finally home....epic journey but worth it!  Could quite happily run again today - weird eh!  Beginning to understand Rosie's mindset!!!! ROFL 

    Can't emphasize how well oscarr did - smashed all my course times from previous years and still had the energy to be calculating speed effects on average pace after 25 miles leading to a comedy moment which I'm still chuckling about.... The last mile is a gradual uphill which I had been dreading all run - just as we rounded the worst bend I heard "we just need to run a blah blah blah" to which I replied "the only bleeping thing we need to do is put one foot in front of the other" LOL.  That was the only ½ mile of the run where I was grumpy despite being drenched from mile 1.  Took a gel in the last 3 miles which made me feel psychologically better I'm sure and deffo must have aided my recovery cos I was up and at it and off walking back to the campsite straight away.

    2 big weeks to go then it's taper time whoop whooop


  • Great to have you back sleepy! x

  • Hi Em ((( )))) Good be back!

    Using my birthday spa voucher 2moro to go and float in a bath of chocolate!!!!! I kid you not imageimageimage

  • !!!!!!!!! Only you sleepy! xxxxxx

  • That last mile really was a comedy moment - here's me thinking i could "help" by calculating and telling Sleepy all we had to do (pace wise) to meet her target and all i got back was "...k that!!"  Amazing what 25 miles does to a lady's demeanour!!

    An amazing run considering we chatted the whole way round and even found time for some "beat you to the 30 mph sign" games in mile 24.  No stiffness since and the legs feel really good - have been resting and will start running again tomorrow.

  • Oscarr - that has really made me giggle - especially as Sleepy is usually the bouciest most positive person in the world!image

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