Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • mcs - I've just read your race report. It made me cry - the whole thing is so overwhelming isn't it?! You have done so amazingly well in ridiculous conditions!

    Sam - is it really that bad? I was thinking about attempting it next year - I really want that sub 4:15! My club won the team even at Rye on Sunday - weather was scorching wasn't it!

  • Morning all!

    Twinkle - wow that sounds like an awesome start to your campaign - would love to hear how you get on as you go along if you're happy to post an update or two.  I can already imagine your joy when you cross that line next year being able to look back to now and see where you started! We don't know much but I'm sure there'll be support and advice aplenty should you want it...image

    oscarr - was wondering whether a patio was going to be his next project (Brookside style!!!) Seriously though - mcs - really? Your decision or hers I wonder...

    FH - come on then... more details please, model, colour, picture???? (tuts, naughty FH - as if you can just get away with a mere mention LOL)

    Emma - what doesn't suit one might be another's ideal! I'm all for trying every course once - who knows - you might love it ...

    Summer series 5k for us tonight - on a traffic-free, 4 lap course apparently - should be interesting!  Never run more than 2 laps (off a track of course) for a 5k! Get to wear my new club colours for the first time too - how exciting - though not as exciting as new shoes!  Ben made it through a run this morning without coughing - whooooppeeee - progress - wonder how fast he'll be able to go!  It's been a while since we ran on tarmac...


  • Twinklestar - see you at Brighton!  I'm looking forward to it already!

    SB - for the patio joke, you are awarded an Oscarr!

    I ran steady 10:30 minute miles for three miles yesterday and five miles today.  I went above my recovery heart rate for about a mile today, due to the heat I think.  I'm pretty happy with how things are going so far.


  • Hi Emma

    Glad to hear your club did well at rye - Jeff won the race and we were down there with our shoe stall which was fun!

    I think what I'd say about Edinburgh is that it isn't a pb course. Much is made of the overall elevation drop of a few metres but it's very twisty and can be exposed/windy (or stupidly hot!) and mentally hard to be able to see so far along the route but as SB says, others think differently.

    Am doing rye triathlon this wkd, can exercise my competitive streak without overdoing the running!
  • Wow - How amazing is Jeff?! Fantastic - I shall boast that I have met him! I think we had 3rd placed and then a few chaps won age categories.

    I was reading your article about running for runnings sake which is very much Lee's Philosophy (amazing given that he can run a 2:44 marathon!). Maybe I should run it for the experience of running Edinburgh rather than for a pb - I would be so much calmer before hand wouldn't I?!

    Are you going to be at any other SGP events? Would love to see you - think there is one in Heathfield soonish.

    Good luck with the triathlon - one day I shall complete one! Running a cross country easy pace at the weekend. The Sussex countryside is so beautiful and last week I saw a 1m long grass snake (nearky stepped on it actually) - amazing. Linked to Triathlons (sort of) if I am training with a slightly slower running partner for my long runs as well as doing the last 4/5 miles at target pace as this year - would it be good training to do a pool session before then going out and doing my long run? (there is a tri club with 7am sat morning training you see).

    PS I've been trying to be really good with my exercises - hoping to wear a bikini for the first time in 10yrs this summer and as well as helping prevent injurys they seem to reduce my jelly belly!

    So glad you are back out there competing but missing seeing you in Brum!

  • Sam - great to see that you are back competing after the hip thingy

    Emma - think you were a bit low after Paris but you seem to have got your spirit back which is good news

    FH - come on, do as the lady says and share more about these new boots of yours !!

    Sleepy - still reckon you are on for a 5K pb very soon if you can get the starting pace right - race report from today please

    Started using my rowing machine in the garage yesterday - 4 mile recovery run then 20 mins of reps on the rower (2 mins easy then 2 mins very hard - 5 times) - trying to build up some more strength in the bum and quads


  • SB - thanks for asking, no x ray results yet (was told Monday but still not back)...  However, saw a new podiatrist today who was really helpful - thinks it's the point where the achilles inserts in to the heel bone (very specific pain site) and is amending my orthotics, giving me ultrasound and told me to stretch, stretch, stretch (and ice, ice, ice!).  So I feel hopeful! In 2 more weeks I will get the revised orthotics so won't run until at least then (provided I am pain freee).

    In the meantime have been loving my swimming and cycling - a friend and I considering joining the local tri club and giving it a go this summer...

    Considering entering Brigfhton Mara again for 2013 - do you think this is mad considering my injury?!?! (and the fact that marathon training was to blame...)  Should I stick to half maras?

  • Ok Ok !! The shoes are Adidas Kanadia TR 4 Men's Running Shoes, feel really good and managed to get 20% off at Sweatshop! I normally run in size 9 but had to go half a size up to a 9.5, they fit well! Will be trying them out soon, so further update to follow ! That should get Sleepy off my back !

    I don't know about you guys but I am so looking forward to some cooler weather and I will be out running in the rain Sunday!

  • WW just see how the recovery goes. Fingers crossed.

    Mcs - well done mate great run in challenging conditions. As for not doing another I think I agree with Oscarr. Haha

    I'm starting my 16 week plan for Cheater in a few weeks and woudnt mind a bit of help. Does anyone run based on heart rate? If you do how many sessions a week do you do at different levels steady / anaerobic etc... Ive only ever ran to pace before but someone recommended this approach.

    Interestingly a guy from my running club just completed a 1:27 half and when I asked him his secret he said cadence. He ignores pace and heart rate and runs to a cadence of 90. He said this is going to be his basis for smashing a sub 1:25 half.

    Any thoughts

    Cheers guys.
  • Morning!

    Yayyy Jeff! And definite yayy for Emma slinkin' around and another yayy for it being a bit cooler! 

    Though last night it wasn't... managed to run my third fastest 5k time (23:47 for the second time LOL).  Oh come on - I deserve points for consistency surely!  What can I say - first time on a new course - good recce if nothing else and maybe I'll be quicker on the next event in the series later in the summer (end of July sometime).  It was the strangest course I've ever run on - kind of a B shape - the first lap was a short lap round one half of the B followed by 3 laps of the full shape.  Ben lapped me on my 2nd big lap (no pudding for him ... just kidding!). 

    I set off ok - and spent the race chasing 3 ladies who all ran long 22s so I'll be looking out for them next time so I can try and keep up with them for a bit longer each time.  I knew I wasn't on for a PB as my breathing wasn't my 'race breathing' which I seem to have developed when I'm running flat-out but I just couldn't get myself to go any faster. It was a bizarre mix of muggy but quite a strong breeze too though!

    Luckily we all finished just before the lightning and rain and I'm pretty happy overall!  I've been 'demoted' back to senior status for the purpose of this series and was 4th senior lady (2nd club counter).  Ben ran 15.12 (17 seconds shy of the course record (for now!!)) so I guess he's over the worst of his cold!

    I have mostly tempo/hill sessions rather than speed in the diary for the rest of the summer so I just have to focus on 5k not being my priority this year - I've designated 2014 as the year when I will get my parkrun total to 50 and follow a specific 5k plan so for now ... they are good hard sessions which make me run faster than I would if I was out by myself image

    WW - that's sounding a bit more positive!  I'll keep everything crossed - let us know if the new orthotics help... How funny that you've been looking at your local tri club - I found ours' website yesterday and discovered they have a whole series (about 12) of local training duathlons and do track sessions to boot.  Still no way you'll get me swimming but it's now on my new year's list to join them and do the series next year!  As for Brighton - entirely up to you - why not see how you feel in a couple of weeks?  How would you feel if you entered and then couldn't do it - do you have the shrugability gene that would allow you to just walk away and just refocus on something else if it turns out to be a bad idea?  Why not enter a half for now to give yourself something to look forward to and then think about a mara after that?

    FH - LOL - you're forgiven - much better information - you know how nosey we are!

    oscarr - liking your cross training!  I've just doctored my plan for the autumn (post-mara) to start riding my bike regularly again ready for next year - for the same reasons! 

    Running club for me tonight - normally 10k ish on mixed terrain - and tonight they're meeting just down the road from here so I'll be trying to keep track of where we go as it'll possibly be a good route for me to use regularly.

    Happy Thursday everyone image



  • Hey Luke! I run by heart rate.  This is the programme I'm doing which tells you which heart rate to do each sesh at:

    I think there's something similar tucked away in the garmin progs on here somewhere too!

    I've been using a pulse monitor since they first appeared in the early 90s and I'm deffo a big believer - esp when the weather like recently pops up - I was straight above my 'easy' zone though I felt like I was crawling - I have no other way of knowing for sure what effect such conditions, dehydration, fatigue, etc are having on me!

    Cadence is an interesting one - I used to time trial (cycling) based on cadence but I'm not sure I'd be able to keep count whilst running (I used to have a cateye on my handlebars showing me whilst I rode you see...)

    Let us know how you get on ..

  • Great running SB!  I thought tempo/hill counted as speedwork?

    I've started using a heart rate monitor and running to planned pace.  My intention is to run at a planned recovery pace (say 10:30 miles) and finish the session below my recovery heart rate ceiling.  When I can do this, I consider increasing the pace for future sessions.  This stops me from training too hard on easy days, but should also stop me from stagnating.

    I wear the HRM on hard sessions too.  It's great to be able to compare sessions and I run specific "benchmark" sessions on a treadmill occasionally to see if I'm improving.  image


  • Yes, would be sensible to delay entry but entries close in a week and I'm not around after today! 


    My friend is running to get a sub 4 - thought I could pace her round and it wouldn't be a 'race' for me (as pace would be over a min/mile slower than marathon race pace)....


    Tough one though as would still have to do training!

    SB well done on 5k - I'm never brave enough to enter short races like that... (am useless at speed).

    I never use a HRM - always focused on paces and following a training schdule which is probably not good!

  • Thanks SB thats great. I will incorporate that training plan with the 1 I have from runners world.

    I ran 4:23 in October at Liverpool but have improved since them and I'm hoping to knock significant time off this. My preperation was very poor.

    My current PB's are 5k 19:17 5m 33 mins 10k 42:12 (set last year got a PB attempt at lpool 10k a week on sunday) HM 1:37:14 (Having played 90mins football the day before)

    Hoping to go around 3:30 and I'm going to train to this pace but incorporate the HR training to test if I am capable. Think I should be though.

  • Nice PB's Luke!  Looks like you'll knock some hefty time off your marathon.

    My stitches were removed this morning and I ran four miles shortly afterwards, with two miles at 8:34 pace to stretch the legs.  All seems to be going well, so I'm ready to start eight weeks preparation for my 10k race.  

  • I hope so. What's the target for your 10k?
  • Hello all

    Apologies for not being around, my daughter has been in hospital and no chance to run or lurke!

    Hope you are all doing okay? Will try to catch up soon.

  • Congrats on the marathon mcs.
    FYI - I'm back running again, did a steady 5m yesterday at just under 10m mile pace. I've lost 2 weeks of my training plan and will be looking to get back into it ASAP (still don't want to get injured again!) 
    Looking forward to some rain and cooler weather!
    Thanks for the comments re massage etc everyone. I've not sorted that out yet, but am going to make sure I stretch. image

  • Ten - It does you're right but it's the difference between go-as-fast-as-you-can speed work and keep the pace going for longer distances (pure speed vs endurance speed) - there is some shorter stuff in my prog but I've swapped some of those sesh's for club runs.  I can't remember exactly how Sam explained it but it's along the lines above (think 1 minute efforts vs 10 minute ones)

    WW - get yourself along to a parkrun - they take all the fear out of it!  Then it's just a half hour tempo sesh (if you include a warm up). You're probably quicker than you think... Did you enter Brighton in the end?

    Luke - the race time predictor... he say yayyyyyy - deffo - go for it!! Which mara are you doing?

  • Thanks SB I'm doing Chester 7th October.

    AC ease ya self back in mate. Don't wanna b injured again.
  • I'm doing Chester too - my 1st marathon image

  • We've got Loadsa time then AC. My plan doesn't start till the 16th June.
  • Hi all

    It was a scorcher at BUPA 10 000 last week and my new Tfl niggle was in the background, not painful but kind of limiting, had massage and an osteopath treatment very ouchy those.  The pack is mayhem throughout pretty much where I am in it!  

    It was very fun and I did way overrun by diving about due to feeling lively at the start, and it being a matter of pride to go under 50 mins of course.

    Missed by over a minute but again, like VLM, was encouraged that I didn't just give up and drift in an excuse laden sulk about all the usual obstacles to my supremacy.  

    It was hot!

    mcs - wonderful report and fab result!  I love the epic stories and that we all get it.  

    SB I must check out my RunBritain score, keep forgetting about that, I think it's over 17 though!

    LE2 - cadence is important but it's not enough, well I always do what they call 90 [I count 180 so I don't bash down on one foot to the beat as it were], or 3 steps every second, and am not that fast.

    Might do Orion 5 tomorrow for the first time as I have another day off, working long on Sunday.


  • Thanks for clarifying SB.  

    I ran seven miles this morning at easy pace, so I've done a total of 24 miles this week.  I'm getting back into the swing of it now and have only missed just over a weeks training due to the op.  I'm happy with that.

    Eight weeks to go to the 10k race, and only 45 weeks to Brighton image

    I'm planning to increase my number of running days and overall mileage to be in better shape for next year's marathon.  I want to knock a big chunk off my marathon time!  In the meantime, I'll be gunning for 10k to half marathon PB's.

  • That's rapid recovery Tenjiso!

    I love that, 45 weeks to Brighton!

    Did the Orion Forest 5 today, and it was fabulous, absolutely gorgeous.

  • My running is also coming back - did a comfortable 10k today (my plan says I should be running 10m) and decided to walk once I had the slightest bit of pain. I hope I can make up the lost training over the next few months before October - but might just adjust my target time - to get around in under 4.30 rather than really pushing hard for sub 4 hours given the likelihood of further injuries if I keep pushing too much.
    Still - its enjoyable to be running again - much better than just sitting around being injured!

  • Sam, Sleepy, mcs, Bo, Emma, Rosie and all - i shared with you some time ago my wife's situation - she passed away yesterday, a very lovely women who touched many lifes in a positive way and she is now at peace - she always enjoyed hearing the updates from all your marathon journeys so thankyou for being part of her life

  • Many condolences Oscarr. My thoughts are with you and your family.
  • oscarr - I'm so, so sorry for your loss ... Her dignity touched us all and I'm sure she will be looking down and keeping an eye on you.

    I'm finding the early stages of my plan quite strange - only did 60 mins today. I'm trying to convince myself that transitioning from one programme to another allows some time for consolidation of previous racing and training without overdoing it and it won't be long til I'm back to regular 2+ hour runs.

    reiki - doesn't matter what your score is - just focus on watching it improve.  I love the fact that you don't necessarily have to run faster to improve!

    LE2/AC8 - hurray for Chester!  Only a couple of weeks behind mine then (22nd Sept - Langdale) - plenty of time to build up AC8!

  • Oscar I so sorry for your loss


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