Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • next year then !! 

  • i'm helping out our running club on 8/9 June by making up an 8 person team for the Endure 24 at Wasing park near Aldermaston.  Starts at midday sat for 24 hrs - as many of the woodland 5 mile circuit as the team can do - estimate is that i will do 4 laps making 20 miles in total with about 3 hours kip inbetween each one - should be fun !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • 5 mile recovery run in the pouring rain - ran too quick though - there is a strange spring in my step at the moment !!

  • I didn't know about that event .....and it is only a few miles from where I live.

    I hope the weather is decent for you and 4 x 5m should be a doddle for you know I would have thought.....

  • Don't you be getting carried away young oscarrybobs!   We still have a month to go! Enjoy the spring - look forward to the summer image

  • It's going to be a great summer...

  • Part one of my B2B done today - 4 hrs and 21 miles - big pig out and go again tomorrow with 5 hrs and 27 miles  - report to follow tomorrow afternoon

  • Wow Oscarr - do you realise that would get you a Comrades medal with another 10miles on top?

    Just had an email today from the Bath HM 2014 Race Director:

    based on my submitted HM and Boston Mara times for 2013, I have been offered a free GFA place in next year's Bath HM. Now that is a result and an honour......

    Woo hoo - better blow the cobwebs off the training manual

  • Not long now Oscarr/SB!!!!! 

    Mike - congratulations! 

    I have officially taken up my place for next years VLM (or VMLM, or whatever image), so everything is going to plan. I start my 10K training from the end of next week and am currently laying the foundations for that.



  • Ten - great news and sounds like you've got a good plan.

    Just back from my last training run for The Wall - officially in taper now - whoooooppppeeeeeeee !!!

    28 miles in 5hrs @10:44 and HR 71% - cheated a bit by stopping the clock half way when i stopped for half an hour for tea and cakes with a friend in Maidenhead, all part of making the run an adventure.

    So, this week (mon to sat) has been 5 runs, 73 miles and a 9hr B2B of 21 and 28 miles.  AN ULTRA IN TRAINING - this is insane.  It blows my mind that i have been able to build up to this sort of mileage which i thought beforehand was way beyond me and i still can't quite believe it.

    Weeks of heavy miles and today's ultra have left my quads a bit tender so rest day tomorrow.

    Sleepy - how did your 4hr go today? What plans for your 5hr tomorrow?

  • Mike - nice one!  Elite entry eh!  image

    oscarr - did 16.88 today in just under 4 hours and will do around 21 tomorrow.  All in zone 2 still.  The shift is still very evident - the number of miles with 12 minutes at the beginning is on the increase now too (wasn't far off an 11 this morning - bet it won't be long now...).  Legs totally fine as you'd expect - very funny feeling knowing that that will be the last time I do that circuit this year (I'll use it again next year for mara training though as it's one of my staples). Looking forward to ticking off tomorrow's circuit too!

    Ben is now looking to do some sub 70% training given the mounting evidence (and his own reading about increased capillarisation) that it makes a difference! He should know by now that I'm always right hahahahahaha.


  • That is some awesome mileage Oscarr/SB! Amazing what is possible when following a good plan. Enjoy the tapering.

  • Forgot to congrat mike on his elite entry - awesome stuff!

  • TICK....ALL DONE What a glorious day for my farewell tour (well.. for this year) imageimageimage

    It occurred to me whilst out plodding that I should work out the shift that I've noticed so here are some stats for you...

    I have done 3 x 4hr runs and 3 x 5hr runs at the peak of the programme.

    4hr wise - I have reduced my average speed in zone 2 from 14:24 to 13:58.  The first time I did 4hrs 7 of my miles were 14:30+.  The last time only 4 of them were slower than 14:30.  My fastest mile has gone from 12:39 to 12:11.

    5hr wise - average speed has reduced from 15:43 to 13:47.  The first time all 20 miles were slower than 14:30. The 2nd time, 10 miles were and the last time only 3 were slower. Fastest mile has gone from 12:58 (2nd outing) to 12:11 again!

    Conclusion = this heart rate lark is working!!!!!!!! image

    If you add in my dog walking miles (ave = 20 a week) - max mileage over the campaign has gone from 49 to 69.2 (conveniently the length of the wall!)

    My  intent is now to eat more lard during my 3 week taper so I have even more to burn image


  • MMmmmm bread and dripping! That should be lardy enough for you! image

    That's a serious amount of training completed - try to stay sane during the taper. Can't wait to see how you both get on.

  • Those are indeed impressive stats SB, especially over the 5 hours, and the mileage is astronomical, proof of the adaptations and yes Comrades sprang to mind for me too, but I would LOVE to do the Wall.

    Mike they will be offering you appearance money next.

    Ten It seems we have to upload our GFA applcations for VLM 2014, anfnot til 24th. Uploading and I don't go too well, as you'll recall with my comedy Asics 26,2 application, so I may require talking through this.

    I thought of you guys a lot a I did a weekend back to back myself - 3 hours bike after a pilates class yesterday, and 3 hours Aqua Jog this morning.

    A breakthrough Tui Na session on Friday means I do have SOME hope of doing the Concorde 5 next Sunday. The Tui Na guy is very confident. He reckons it has been and indeed is nerve compression, and I should have some sort of award for undergoing the treatment on Friday I tell you, and I am good with pain.

    However I am not going to run in pain at all ever.

    Just catching up with the Eddie Izzard marathon shows here, yowsers.
  • Well done guys on some incredible ultra training - tapering downhill from here.

    I had back to back tiling (kitchen) for Mrd S this w/e but did leave the laptop on with the live broadcast from Comrades running. Al I can say is wow....!

    The winner went through in just over 5:30:xx for 58 miles and the female winner was only about 45 mins + behind! Then I saw the cutoffs with the revolver firing on the finish line and a 59 yr old who just completed his 40th consecutive Comrades.


    The only running for me this w/e was a cheeky little parkrun where I ran the last 1.3 miles into a very strong NW wind and missed my PB by 2 seconds. When I checked a non-wind affected equivalent run, I reckon it cost me about 14 secs minimum. So definitely a PB effort worth sub 20 mins even if the clock does n't show it.

    Next time.......

  • Thanks all!

    Plans for my taper include my latest task - sanding and painting all the woodwork in the hall/stairwells. JOY!  All my mental fortitude will be needed - though not as much as for a 3 hour aqua jog!  Wowsers reiki!  So glad you're starting to get somewhere with your foot though.

    Awesome Mike - you're flying at the mo - long may it continue!  We've just got a parkrun in Newark which is much closer than the next closest (Nottingham) and I hear rumours of one soon at Clumber too.  Am planning to go visit one of them in July after my post-Wall rest.

    Topsy turvy week for me culminating in a cheeky 10 mile change-of-scenery race on Friday night - which I obviously won't be racing too hard though I have 3 days rest following it so I plan to run comfortably hard just to see what happens.  Haven't run a road 10m since 2004 or 5 can't remember which and that was the only one I've ever done so am intrigued by the novelty of the distance.

    Enjoy the sun everone - I have well and truly got an ultra-tan now - just my calves (between socks and capris) and arms (upto my sleeves) ooops - might have to try and even it out a bit so I can run in shorts and vest on Friday image


  • SB I always have an ultra tan!

    And 10 is one of my fave distances, much preferable to 10k I reckon.
  • You folks are amazing!

    So is the theory sleepy that HR training in zone 2 will enable your body to build more capiliaries and therefore transport the blood better?

    I still keep hearing really negative things about HR training which makes me feel like I shouldn't try it. image

    I've got a little run, little cycle and one swim set beofre my mini taper for the tri on Sunday!image

  • Looking cool Sleepy

  • Yo Em - it depends on what you're trying to achieve... Training below 70%(and it has to be below for the chemical conditions to be right in your body) stimulates  3 main physiological responses: 1) production of more capillaries, 2) production of more fat burning enzymes 3) production of more mitochondria - the end combined result is that you can take in and utilise more o2 making you more efficient and keeping your glycogen stores intact for when you most need them (ie as fatigue kicks in).

    Most people who slag HR training off have usually tried it and not gotten instant results therefore conclude it doesn't work.  The reason I've probably seen a decent shift in such a short time is volume.  The HADD plan (there's a thread on here which is deffo worth a read) quotes 50miles a week before you start to see the real benefit (I think that's where I read it anyway).  You will still get the benefits below this mileage - it will just take longer.  I have every faith in it having used it in the past (when I was cycling) and seeing the massive difference but it IS a long term strategy.  It's not for everyone but I'm happy to follow in Mike's footsteps and see if I end up as speedy as him!

    Either way Em - bet you'll have a fab time this weekend and that's what's really important image

  • John L Parker Jr. says it takes five weeks for the benefits to really kick in. This was almost exactly how long it took before I really saw a change (following his 10k beginners plan).  I swear I would not be running now had I not discovered HRM training. Prior to that, I was definitely overtraining and making piss-poor progress to boot. I still remember how great it felt to complete genuine recovery runs at a faster pace than I had been running full-on previously.

    I'm still learning so much by observing my heart rate regularly.

  • Well i am a convert to the benefits of long slow miles in zone 2 as well (with a mix of other paces done during the week).  One thing i have noticed is that as i have progressed through this ultra plan is the reduced amount of fuel i need during the long runs - on most of them now i only have a couple of bite size mars and a piece of country slice cake but no gels.  This tells me my body has been burning fat not glycogen so don't need as much carb intake on the run.

  • I find myself wanting to know my HR is on the bike and in the pool.
  • It'll be lower reiki cos you're not weight bearing.  Somewhere in my murky mind lies a figure of 10 beats lower.

    I can testify to oscarr and his lack of food - he only had 2 gels and half a mars bar during cape wrath! I spose that equates to my 3 gels (but then I had a 4th just cos it was in my hand "just in case" if I hadn't been carrying it I suspect I would have been perfectly ok). 

    Nother stat - my polar fit test score (done monthly) has jumped from 40 to 42 today. Oh and to boot - I can now do my 5 hour sesh and stay in the yellow zone of my training load graph. whoop whoop - I do believe that I am adapting!  Happy happy - enhciladas to celebrate image


  • SB I know it would come in lower, I'm just wondering if it would qualify for your low zone equivalent.

    That's amazing about Oscarr, we're the carb guzzlers, or were.
  • Thanks guys - think this will be really useful particularly when I start my merathon training. ALso next season I am hoping to start longer distance tris so would be ideal then. SB I think you are right - thinking about who's made negitive commens that would fit.

    Going to re read posts and look at the thread you suggested. My milage is very low at the moment as juggling swimming and cycling as well. LOVING the cycling image

  • Has everyone got sunshine today? Only 90 minutes to do today - still makes me chuckle that soon I'll be back to considering 2 hours to be a long run! Shall risk looking a bit odd and get my shoulders out I think - see if I can start to even out my lobster lines image

    Not sure reiki - depends on how hard you're working??? 50 - 70% would cover zones 1 & 2 which are the fat burny ones.  Most of my easy bike riding seems to sit quite merrily in zone 2.

    Em - I think the country slices must be the magic ingredient!  I'm still loving my little 100 cals of choc every half hour - really look forward to them. image




  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    I find myself wanting to know my HR is on the bike and in the pool.

    You must be a glutton for punishment if you want to do additional max heart rate tests! image

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