Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • When is the wall then guys must be close now......?

    Congrats to Mike. Honorary Bath Half Man.....well done.

    Time for more work. Cycling a bit and running a little too though not got sorted properly yet. Big play at Nottingham next weekend then life is mine again.

    Stay fit guys, friend of ours just been admitted to hospital 40 with heart issues, overweight though.

    Happy running walking etc.....image

  • Choisty - that's the way i ran all my races up in Cape Wrath and ended up with very good times and most importantly had a ball in every race - dosen't half put a smile on your face!!  Mind you, i did get accused of stalking two dutch girls as i reeled them in during the last stages of each race!!

    Sleepy - 2 weeks today i start my journey to Carlilse for The Wall - up to mums then meet you guys on the Friday - it's getting close!!

    mcs - The Wall is 22/23 June so two weeks on Saturday.

  • I'm reminded of using races during marathon training - progression runs over both the half and the 20 mile distance were quite a hoot towards the end - very frustrating at the start though, especially Brighton.

    I had the ultimate Tui Na yesterday, it was so intense I came out mashed, but must say that right foot/leg/shin moveable feast is much improved, and I'm having another dose tomorrow afternoon in case I can do Concorde.

    This seems mad to me, but I am assured that doubt is eating my mind. Well I can asssure you that I am not going to hobble round the 5.

    Meanwhile my left hip is quite sore also, due to the stair negotiations mainy Iguess.

    I did a pilates class yesterday, but that was that.
  • Reiki - what is Tui Na - is it some form of massage? Sounds tough whatever it is!

  • Yo oscarr - miles away yet!  Still have to ring the lady about the dogs - am hoping to drop them off en route but will confirm probably next week.

    Nice day for a 10 miler - am feeling a bit jaded but that's probably just the madness of the tapir! image I'll be fine once I get going. My average pace has increased every run for the last 5 runs so the rest is doing me good.

    Enjoy Friday all image


  • Emma, yes, it's a Chinese therapy, and - ta da - it is with the utmost astonishment that I can report a humongous improvement since yesterday, - I am even having a glimmer of hope despite myself, and am going back tomorrow afternoon for what I'm reliably informed is a pre race tune up like the elite athletes have.

    At the very least, collapsiness has gone, pain has gone.
  • Whoop Whoop - That's great news reiki imageimage


  • SB I still doubt I could jog the length of the kitchen, it's just such a contrast from the never to the soon!
  • You'll be back on top form before you know it reiki image

  • 83:40 for me last night.  Pb of 82.22 stands from the one and only other road 10miler I've done and that was back in 2004 or 5 - can't remember which but I'm happy with that - still reckon I can go quicker than I did bcak then even tho I'm marginally older image

    Mile splits : 8:26 / 8:04 / 8:04 / 8:04 / 8:15 / 8:15 / 8:20 / 8:38 / 8:37 / 8:06

    Ran comfortably - average HR was 179 which felt sustainable (96%) and probably suggests that my max is actually higher but there you go - will have to wait for my next 5k to see if I can beast myself  properly.  Max HR looks like a blip as it's showing 219 so I won't use that one image 

    The course was 2 laps of Holme Pierrepont, the National Watersports centre - you'd have loved it Em - loads of triathletes (I presume) swimming in the lake.  Pretty flat course with a couple of small rises and whilst a little breezy there were plenty of folks to hide behind.  Lovely Tshirt (ladies got pink / men got white) and a bottle of beer at the finish.

    And now for 3 days of laziness - no surprises that little jaunt put me back into the red zone of my training load but handily it says I'll be ready to train again on Tuesday as planned image

  • SB that's marvellous running - I reckon your max is indeed higher, and I couldn't help noticing that your comfortable running by feel produces a similar profile to mine in terms of clustered miles at what translates to meaningful significant paces.
  • Choisty - jogged round a 10k in 38 mins made me laugh!

    I raced my socks off today at Wargrave 10km, climbs, wind and all and came home in a surprising PB of 40:34 and 2nd V60; 57/481 I think.

    The course is a bit twisty, starts and ends with three sides of a grass playing field; then through a dodgy housing estate (only dodgy because of the state of the road surface...); then uphill for over a mile and through undulating lanes back down to the finish.

    My splits (per the on-course km markers) mins & equivalent pace min/m

    Time Pace

    4:03 6:17

    3:52 6:30

    4:10 6:50

    4:26 7:10 uphill

    4:02 6:29

    4:06 6:33

    4:03 6:35

    3:47 6:09

    8:00 6:27 (from 9km marker to finish)

    Overall pace 6:32 min/m 

    Best of all though, for the first time ever I beat a local rival (same age group and member of the "other" Newbury club) by 6 secs. At our last 10k race three weeks ago he beat me by about 3 mins and he is a 19:2x 5k parkrunner....happy bunny this afternoon. 


  • Great running Sleepy and Mike, well done to both of you.

    Just got out of bed after an afternoon nap which was very welcome after only 2 hrs kip last night and four trail 5 mile laps in Wasing Park at the Endure 24 event.  Did my laps at 4pm, 9:30pm, 2:30am and 8am all around 41 mins (39:30 to 42:11).  Best result was the pitch black lap (dense and dark forest trails) which was only a minute slower than the daytime ones - great fun to run in complete darkness with two torches as your friends!!

    Will stretch things out til about 9pm then crash for 12 hours.

    Some folk there were doing the solo event and clocking up in excess of 100 miles - awesome!! (or insane???)

  • Go Mike - nice time!!!!! I'm hoping to be fast as you when I grow up imageimageimage

    hahaha oscarr - I have a job for you that should help keep you busy for a bit... have you built your mandatory kit pile?  Mine's done and ready - if not - you need to go shopping!  I have all items specified for the first aid kit but it doesn't say if we have to carry one each of we're ok to have one between two for the pairs.  Did you say you'd emailed them? 

  • Insane - my brother was out for months after he did a 24 hour race on the track, although he did think it would have been preferable to have been out in nature. Of course those 100+ guys probably train for it heh heh!

    Consistency in such varied conditions is mega impressive Oscarr, and I have to laugh because I ended up walking my 5 miler today, came last but with time to spare before the official cut off - 1:11:13!!!

    Average HR was 121 which is in my 50 - 55% range.

    Only one other girl from my club showed, so we didn't ahve a team anyway.

    Oh my days!

    Mike that is a marvellous result in every way, be proud.
  • Sleepy - emailed what?  Built the kit list in my mind but not put it together yet and may need to go shopping (Body Glide ordered from Amazon and will trial it this week).  Do you think my new friend would feel part of it if she got involved in putting the kit together !!!!! (no need to answer that - shaking heads and using terms like "insane, mad, bonkers, screw-loose" make regular appearances)

    Think I should go ahead and get my own first aid kit so there is no risk of upsets at the start and gives us spares - you'll need plenty of tape to keep my mouth shut (and yours near the end!!)

  • reiki - you finished that's all that mattered.  Hope your foot isn't too sore.  Be kind to it and yourself image

    oscarr - LOL - there'll be no need to tape my mouth this time as I will be claiming that piggy back once I get tired / bored / hungry so you won't need to talk me into any particular pace. Though I may swear at you on the first day if you get carried away - our mantra: energy conservation, energy conservation, energy conservation - repeat after me image We'll have an extra, more comprehensive kit in the van too so we'll be able to top up at half way if needed.  Should be getting the 2nd email from them soon with more instructions...

    2 weeks to go...




  • You guys are simply amazing (bit bonkers too!)image

  • I was telling my Mum about SB and Oscarr and how I'd 'met you' on the forum due to Paris and that I'd then actually met SB (and that she was as lovely in real life as on the forum). I told her about the Wall and as a result she is so relieved that I am trying triathlons that she is offereing to help me buy a wet suit for my birthday!

    I did another tri yesterday and chuffed with the results (4th out of 18 in my category).image

  • hahahahhahaha - glad you're profitting from oscarr's bonkers plan Em - all I'm gonna be getting is a pair of sore legs image

    You're doing so well - you're obviously a bit of a natural triathlete! We'll be watching you on tv next image

    I'm really looking forwward to running tomorrow - getting itchy feet...

  • Wow Emma!!
  • Energy conservation...ok, I get it!!

    emma, really impressed with your tri journey and like the photos on FB

  • Can't stop eating... and sleeping... only 5 runs left...

    Here's a bit of interesting reading sent by a finnish friend - a guy way ahead of his time - "Walking, running and calisthenics were the main elements of his harsh training regimen"


  • Congratulations Emma! Sounds like you've found your niche. image

    Nearly time Sleepy/Oscarr!!!!!!  So exciting for you both!

    I'm currently taking advantage of the dry trails and am discovering hidden gems in my own area! This morning, for example, I discovered a nature trail that I didn't even know existed within about 2.5 miles from my home. I feel like a kid again just following my own nose. Thank goodness for my garmin's breadcrumb trail mapping feature, though, otherwise I would have gotten hopelessly lost coming home again image  Was it left or right at this fork in the path?? Had I followed my own instinct I would have been five or six miles away by the time I should be getting the kids up ready for school image

    Loving these early morning trail runs.

  • Getting excited now - one week tomorrow and we travel to Carlisle - will start to look at the weather forecasts after the weekend - 23 easy miles this week then two 4 milers next week just to keep the legs moving a bit - eating anything that comes near!!  Sleeping a lot as well as the adrenalin from training dissipates.  No more gardening to protect my back - there's always a silver lining to tapering!!  Black tie dance on saturday night so i will have to be very restrained.

  • 4 miles easy tonight and it felt like a marathon!  This is what they call the madness of tapering!

  • Oh yes, that was bang on target Oscarr.
  • Glad it's not just me - going out for a 90 minute plod at some point today - but struggling to get out the door!  Not helped by the sporadic monsoons - might be visiting the treader instead!

    Anyone racing this weekend? 

  • Did my 9 miler first thing in the sunshine - raining now.  Long range forecast shows 15 degrees, showery but most importantly, a westerly wind to help us along.

  • Hi all.

    Another 3 hours in the pool this morning, had Tui Na yesterday, and foot is at a new level of recovery a a result, however it was pointed out to me, and is really obvious now I know, that my right calf is half the size it was!

    It has lost the extra big tender bulgy bit that has always been so hyper sensitiive, so I'm wondreing if it could be a combination of all the treatments draining something and disuse, rather than straight atrophy? I mean I've been doing bike, XT, pilates etc

    Could I have been protecting it so much it vanished?

    At the same time was wondering if I could get the left like this, it's much less squeamish.
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