Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • mcs it sounds like you are back!

    Just got back to Euston from Birmingham where almost everyone I was rooting for won or had a giant PB, then here was a little surprise in the 10 000!!!!

    I was do glad I stayed in the posh hotel with gym & pool (as I thought I'd be heavily reliant upon both), but in fact it was the minibar for veggies & chicken etc that proved the real winner, because I had my 1st full gravity run in 2 months, & 2nd, & 3rd,.....

    Many nighles but phew.
  • Hi Everyone...... !!   Its been too long.   How you all doing ?

    Not had time to come on here for ages, been so busy building an extension, well project managing the building of an extension.  I have been getting my hands dirty and taking on lots of jobs to cut costs, getting out the other side now and I am back running!   I had not run since London Marathon and I have been out a few times in the last 2 weeks, missed it BIG TIME !

    I am now training for Abingdon Mara and looking forward to getting fit and racing again.  I know Mike and Oscarr have fond memories of Abingdon, anyone else done it or doing it this year ?

    Will do my best to pop up on here now I have my life back.


  • Welcome FH busy life for me too now having to work for a living back in the world of print........but in training now with 16 weeks to Coniston 14.......happy weekend all.

  • Hi FH - you picked a hot month to tie the laces again, but at least you can acclimatise gently. I now call it "fry-running" as opposed to try running and I saw on a local news bulletin saying that the road surface temperature was 140 degrees F or 40+C so they put sand down to cover the molten tar......wouldn't want to drop a gel on that lot!

    Stay safe everyone -

    Just had a parkrun mis-fire where for some reason I had a strange "knock" behind my left knee for the first 1km which caused me to stop twice to stretch it out. Got going and as I warmed up properly it disappeared, so I pushed through for a 21:04. All ok now and I think it was caused by a new warm up exercise that I won't be repeating......I know, never try anything new before an event!

  • What were you doing Mike?

    hi all, I ran to work today, 9.4 miles @ 10:15 pace. The first couple of miles my right lower leg was stiff & unresponsive, confidence a bit shot no doubt too, & afterwards my left hip was sore again, but all in all I am hopeful as it could have been loads worse.

    Two weeks from now I will be well into WPFG competition, in fact I will [let's say may] have already done 5 000m, 4 x 400m, 10 000m & half marathon - will be taking one event at a time & have entered the 800m & 1500m in case I can't cope with the longer outings.

    I'd be so excited if I felt closer to 100%. As it is I'm pretty excited!

    SB I don't know if you get AW - Ben is on Pg 47 of the latest edition. Standing next to a friend of my brother's at the start of the 10 000m in Brum.
  • Thanks MSC and Mike,!

    It is very hot out there, been going out 1st thing or after 8.30pm, but I still MELT !  As we all know rain is never too far away.



  • Hi all.

    I managed a new 10k PB on Sunday in spite of the heat (though thankfully it wasn't as hot as it could have been). I maintained my target pace on flat/decline sections, but slowed more than I wanted to on the inclines. I just couldn't push it to make up the lost time, although I did manage to put in my fastest time in the final kilometre. It was seriously hard work for a gain of about forty seconds! image Still, it was a "B" race. My "A" race is in seven weeks time, so I've got some work to do to make the kind of improvement I'm looking for.

  • Hi everyone and good to see FH back on here.  Good running everyone.

    Just back from a few holidays.  Didn't run at all for 3 weeks after The Wall but have been back running for the last 2 weeks.

    Did my local Park Run this morning to see if my legs have any speed left in them after all the endurance work of the last few months.  Surprised myself with a PB in 22:28 !!!  Conditions were ideal underfoot, temp, wind etc but i was not expecting to get anywhere near my best time.  Sets me up nicely to start my Abingdon mara 12 week schedule on monday.

    Anyone seen Sleepy??

  • Hi Oscarr - wondererd where you had gone! A new PB - well done. Endurance counts for everything, it's not called the base layer for nothing

    Recently I have paid for and had confirmation of GFA VLM 2014

    Hurdled over the brambles after getting baulked at the start of the latest Newbury parkrun and finished in 20:02.

    02 secs off sub 20 for the second time, how frustrating, but I did have the satisfaction of overtaking 8 runners from the 800 metre mark and I think I dragged 5 of them to PB's - all of them in my slipstream except one chap who nipped past in the last strides and recorded 20:01. I have no sympathy since I did all the hard work....Lol!

    Finally, at some point on my 10 m Sunday evening lap pf Highclere Estate, I passed the 3,000 mile mark since I picked up running almost 3 ago to the day.

    Next off to Northern Ireland (wife territory) for a short break and have already got a pass for the Lisburn parkrun, so that should be fun.

    Happy running in the cooler conditions folks.....

  • Nice running M and hi to Oscarr......been doing well with running this last three weeks back to three runs a week and a bike ride. My young brother is turning into a speed merchant and out gunning his older bro now. He did a 5.50 mile last week. Needless to say I was no where near him. we did a hilly 5 miler this morning in 38 mins which I was dead chuffed with. Happy runnning all.image

  • Hi Mike and mcs - great running

  • Hi all!

    Mike I'm off to Norn Irn tomorrow, & I'm from Lisburn, well Lambeg just outside!

    The Waterworks PR in Belfast is great - will be there on Saturday with my brother, not running myself though as I have 7 events in 5 days in WPFG, & will be heading for the track afterwards for the 1500m I think it is that day.

    I did a PR on Saturday just to see if I at least could, what with the 5 000m being my first event & all. Not great in 25:58 but took it steady with effort rather than flat out, & the games are by age so will need to pace myself through to maximize bling potential.

    Am not 100% but will not run in pain ever again trust me!

    Well done Oscarr on that PB, was wondering if your hols would ever end.

    Fido you must stop putting yourself down. I mean Ten.

    mcs it's great to see you enjoying your running & with such good company too.
  • Hi all - sorry been awol - been reglossing the woodwork (yawn!!!) It's never ending!

    Am running like a bag of spanners at the moment but have started my Cyprus training and doing Body Pump and Pilates at the local gym so hopeful of swift progress

    Impressed with the speedies! What have you guys been feeding yourselves??? image Can I have some please.

    If you're forum has gone mad - try bookmarking the below - it takes you back to the old style bookmark list (if you have this thread bookmarked of course!)

    Have a great time reiki!



  • Hi SB, good to see your alive !!

    Great running Oscarr and Mike.

    Not so good for me, done too much too soon and I am now paying the price!!  Calf strain, Abingdon is a NO NO now.  Got to rest up and then take it easy and get fit for 2014.

    Take care all.


  • FH - lessons are there to be learned so here's to a speedy recovery and a great 2014 for you.

  • Tut Tut FH image   Hope you mend soon and that the strain is mild.  2014 sounds like a sensible aim!

    I'm quite happy with the concept of just pootling round my races for the rest of the year - already feel like this year has been an epic achievement so don't feel any desperate need to achieve anything else... Am sure that'll change as I rebuild!

    Am surprisingly unachy after my 3 gym sessions this week - though I definitely felt my lack of recent resistance training earlier in the week!  If you've not tried Body Pump at your place oscarr - do it - it's much easier coordination wise than step - usually lots of squats, lunges and assorted upper body work (all to a count of 8 overall and I know you can count that high image).

    Got a 5 miler next weekend - Ben won a microwave last year - wonder what'll be on this year's list - we're reliably informed it's unlikely to be another microwave.  Don't think I have a 5 miler listed on po10 - I do vaguely remember doing one in a Scottish forest a few years back but twas before the advent of RB! So start, enjoy, finish and automatic pb kind of day out for me - yipppppeeeee



  • Not tried Body Pump but they do it at my place - may give it a miss as i have a nice routine now with a good Tuesday morning spinning class (followed by exercises) which definately helps my running.

    Good luck with the 5 miler.  I had a pretty hard week last week with lots of pacey stuff which was a bit of a shock to the system after all the long slow endurance stuff.  Finished the week yesterday with a 14 mile progressive run - 7 miles at base pace then accelerate over the second 7 to finish with the last mile at half mara pace - found that a tough run.

    Rest day today then spinning tomorrow. 

    My build up races for Abo include Englefield 10K (nr Reading) then Maidenhead half.

  • Had a great weekend ploughing up and down the Snowdonian mountains last Friday, Sat and Sun had a great time and ran down Yr Aran and Snowdon......I was the oldest among the four of us  chaps and still managed to get the king of the mountains jumper a la Tour de Wales style!! We stayed dry till Sunday and then got very wet. Great campsite at the bottom of the Watkin path, camp fire's allowed so was great fun.

    Got the health program on BBC1 at the moment which should motivate me to get out of bed in the am at 5.50 and go running. 


    Good to see SB back in training too...........what plans you guys got for next year? I won a contract for Bowel Cancer Research to print a 50000 door drop questionnaire thing as we were the best price and they have made me an offer for next I really want to train hard all I want to raise 2k when I said I wouldn't do it again........questions questions..................image

  • Morning guys - fair do oscarr - think I might do a spinning class or 2 over the winter but they're at odd times at our place - we'll see... Tough run - I bet - I did 10k at half mara heart rate last week and my pace was no where near where it "should" be but then it was really hot too.  Am sure it will improve! Think I'm still a bit tired but my enthusiasm is returning.

    6k with 1k at 5k HR today, 11k with 2k at 10kHR 2moro, then 13.1 miles with 11k at HMHR on Thursday. 

    mcs - that sounds awesome - very jealous (about Wales that is).  Congrats on the work - not sure I'd want to try raising that amount... sounds a lot image


  • MSC,  what was the offer ??

    SB and Oscarr you two are too fit, stop all this working out and running and eat loads of cake !

    Calf feeling better, did visit physio and it looks better than I thought.  I should be OK to cycle and do some stretching in a couple of weeks and then get back to running if all goes well.  I might still do Abingdon but with less running in my training and replace missing runs with cycling or a swim.

    Catch up soon

  • Hi all

    FH I was out from early May & had 7 weeks of no running, followed by 3 on the anti gravity only & 3 very gentle weeks before heading to Belfast for WPFG.

    Speaking of which, I ended up doing 6 events, and my lower leg injury stood up fine. My opposite hip was very sore after the hilly half on Sunday, but I had Tui Na both Monday & Tuesday mornings on my way to the track, and thus managed the 10 000, the 800m, & the 10K cross country.

    All in all it was a fabulous experience, I was consistent throughout, and seldom off the podium having just entered the age group. Had a dramatic sprint & PB in the 800m, otherwise it was steady steady with no heroics, e.g. 25:12 for the 10 000m.

    I won 5 x gold medals [individual 800m, 1 500m, XC, & road race , + team gold in the XC]; plus 3 x silver [individual 5 000m & 10 000m + team silver in the half].

    I didn't have a chance in the 5 or 10 as there was a Mexican woman on another level who thankfully limited herself to doing the Mo.

    Feeling tired today and hip is sore. I'm off to York tomorrow for my sister's 40th bash, might neeed to give the Park Run a miss.

    mcs I think you do.

    SB I hope I get to do an event with you soon.
  • FH - that's two of us battling calf strain then image Mine came out of the blue and thankfully is mild, though I made the mistake of going out for a test run on Tuesday which aggravated it and set me back.  This morning I did another test run, but on the treadmill so that I could jump off at the first hint of pain - instead of having to limp home. It went well this time and I did four miles with some strides and some inclines. I followed this with some stretching and using the roller.  All being well I'm going to do a parkrun tomorrow.

    SB - microwave sounds good. The best cooking utensil I ever win is a wooden spoon.

    Runners world forum and notifications are up the spout (again). It's a struggle to find my own threads image

  • reikirabbit wrote (see)
    no heroics, e.g. 25:12 for the 10 000m.

    SB I hope I get to do an event with you soon.

    Wowsers reiki - not going sub 30 you won't - best I warn Ben... Would be fab to have a run sometime - not going to do all that many events next year - mostly parkruns, then a local 10k, promised I'd do the GNR with a friend and then Kielder.  Looks like you'll have to come to Cyprus image

    My formatting has gone mad so you'll have to excuse however this message appears...

    Ten - I will let you know what we get this year - sounds like a few of the local fasties are planning to run so it could get interesting up the front.  I'll be happy to get the training effect...

    This week's mantra: every step makes you stronger!



  • I meant 5 000!!

    Says it all really.

    Cyprus is not impossible, will take a look.

    Just watching the Worlds here from my very olde worlde bed in the B&B in York.

    Have found a gym for a spin on a bike, no ParkRun, way too sore, it's almost like the legacy of effort i coming out now, nothing too savage but running is a big no.

    Hope those calf muscles are receiving much strectching - I actually used the stick to excellent effect in Belfast. Had no choice but to get stuck in.
  • Congrats Reiki nice week by the sound of it.

    Managed a nine mile this am steady at one hour and 17 mins the longest for a couple of weeks. Need to up the long miles over the next few weeks.  London was the offer from the charity by the way for getting the print done cheaper than the other quotes......very tempted cant think why.....image

  • Well done RR - real bling! Competitive gold medals are something to treasure.

    Today I ran parkrun No 47 so nearing the 50T - pathetic that I am motivated by this but I think it is all to do with rolling out of bed early on a Saturday and running in all weathers....

    Today I really enjoyed the challenge as in the first 600m I was in an absurd 3rd position and my watch was showing 5:50 min/m pace....then reality struck home and I eased off a tad to 10th at the first right turn. From this point on, I was being challenged by a chap who I now know is 20-24 yrs old....

    First he would get ahead then I countered and it went on like this until the end when he drew ahead for a new (for him) PB of 19:39. I was home in 19:44 but at the 3k mark I was 12 secs up on my PB pace until the fast start and week's training caught up with me on the Newbury finishing slope.

    Pleased enough with that as it is my second sub 20 in five parkruns and I am happy that the first one wasn't a fluke!

    Now to lengthen the runs again as I have a HM at the end of September - round 4 with my son, so meeting a bunch of guys at 8:00am tomorrow for a 10-12 miler off road.

  • Oooh Mike - getting close!  Those shirts are amazingly motivating eh! Sounds like an awesome run.  I had a similar chase and push game with a friend in our local 5 miler.  What a difference a few degrees make - felt much more like running and back to normalish speed. Really enjoyed it which is best of all and we had a fab 3 way sprint for the line to tie - 39.39 image

    Good enough to get me 1st local lady prize (4th F40) so generally a happy bunny. New course record for Ben and a hoover as 1st prize!  Hoping this useful prize lark catches on - I don't like dusting image

    Rest week ahead for me - the start now of my 3 weeks training, 1 week rest pattern (well except for a local 10k next Friday night hee hee).  Rest = half volume, all zone 2 + I'll still go to the gym. So a bit of a rest anyhoo

    Right - another day, another race for Ben - better finish my coffee and get ready...  Have a lovely Sunday all...

  • RR - Congratulations! Five gold medals is brilliant. Though, you seemed a bit blase about your assault on the 10000m world record image 

    I'm kicking myself in spite of a 5k PB at parkrun yesterday. First kick is because it aggravated my calf. Second kick is because I trusted my garmin too much.  I set out to run 7:22 pace to try to come in around 22:50, or at least go sub-23 if I faded. My mile splits were 7:21/7:23/7:21 and my pace over the last 0.1m was 6:46. Perfect. If it hadn't been for the fact that the garmin measured 3.16m and so I crossed the line in 23:04. D'oh. PB by three seconds. The last time I ran this, the garmin measured spot on 3.11m, so I trusted it to get it right again. Lesson learned - I'll aim for km splits next time and use the lap button manually like I do in races.

    I came second in my age group out of 22, which is my best performance to date. The guy that came first is a sub-20 minute runner (no it wasn't Mike image), so I'm a mighty long way off from beating him! I'm planning another parkrun in a fortnight, and a 10k race in September.

    My calf doesn't feel too bad today, but I've shelved my ten mile run.

  • Well done Ten - a PB is still worth having and an easy push to a whole new primary number 22!

    Just back from a highly entertaining 12m run with 4 other guys - loved it, discovered some cool pathways (literally, in the shade) and the banter was hilarious.

    The best one must be running alongside a guy who ran the Thames Path Ultra (100m) in a Batman costume.....last w/e he had a few beers at a BBQ and thought he'd show off his latest creation.

    So as you do, he went down to his local pub dressed as a Dalek!

    We're meeting again next Sunday......I'll be in my running kit!

  • Sounds like it's congrats all round for great times, medals, prizes, VLM places, PBs and even a Dalek thrown in for good measure! Oh, and FH may make Abo after all.

    Don't know if i mentioned, but Craig (aka BoDuke) and his family are staying with me the night before Abingdon marathon as i only live 30 mins from there.  Should be fun.

    Still getting used to the increase in pacey stuff and running all the way on long runs!!

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