Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Mike you are an inspiration meeting those targets, hope you had a lovely birthday celebration.

    SB you are a testament to the method & should run seminars yourself, a weekend would be ideal to get to grips with the basics and kick start a new approach.

    Cycled my way through the GNR broadcast on Sunday, got up to 100.3 Km in 3.5 hours, and then yesterday the cycling shorts I ordered with extra bum incorporated arrived yesterday.

    Still, I think I have an incentive to do 100 K in less time.

    Yesterday I just did pilates and a bit of XT & rowing during the session with the kids, stood on the Powerplate for a bit, did a load of calf raises / stretches & the same again tonight as I have an incipient sore heel situation that is scaring me slightly.
  • Awesome time that Mike WELL DONE. respect. Got a 10k by torchlight in Chatsworth Park tonight at 9pm, never done a 10k race so should be interesting to pace anything under 48mins would be nice..........the other half and a work colleque are doing it. The local Hospice in Chesterfield organises events to raise funds so have to see how well its sorted out.  Enjoy the weekend all.image

  • wondering how it went mcs.

    Hi all!

    I had a year's best PR last Saturday, 24:29 & then a lovely glidey run to work, same as I'd done on Weds when it had been a hard slog by comparison [let's not exaggerate], & HR was close to 20 points lower the 2nd time as well.

    Am nearly at the end of a very long stretch of 13 straight 10 hour shifts at work, Saturday is the grand fnale with a comp for different youth groups involving inflatables galore & yes this is classed as work.

    Then on Sunday will have to jog round the Ealing half to keep a iwnning edge going for Wednesday next & the famed 10K in Battersea Park where I like to win for age.
  • RR - well done on PB.....

    Off within the hour for my annual HM race with my son in Luxembourg alongside the beautiful river Moselle.

    Happy running everyone 

  • Hope it went well Mike.

    I gave Ealing half a miss today due to infernal sore throat and Eurosport showing the Berlin marathon.
  • Hi folks,

    Remember me? Sorry I've not been around, but I think 2013 has been the worse year I've ever had... Seriously, it's been shocking.

    I was hoping to get some running encouragement going on if that's OK? Between March and August thinks were on their way to improving after having a bad back... Then some poo came along and out pay to Abingdon and any plans of proper running.

    But, but I've got a place at London next year with a charity and a place for The Wall... And I got out and did 8 this morning!
  • Hi folks, sorry not to have posted for a while but I've been away and struggling a bit with the running.

    great to read about some great running by Mike, Reiki, sleepy and mcs. Nice to see you back running after all your troubles, Bo - will be a great shame to miss you at Abingdon but there will be another opportunity I am sure. Funny Hat will be abo so looking forward to that.

    best iof luck with your prep for Cyprus, Sleepy - Ben is certainly running well at the moment and you seem to have taken over the local park run!

    I am still training for Abo but only just ! Still have not done any paces above half pace and have cut back and spaced out the long runs.  however, I am still having to put in the odd extra rest day each week to keep the

  • Illness at bay so I must still have some of the virus left which is annoying as it has been going on for months now. I reckon any thought of a PB at abo is gone so targets will be around 4:05 to 4:10 although happy to beat Cape Wrath time of 4:22. This will probably be my last marathon.  May take up a bike next.


  • Hey up all!

    Hope mcs didn't get lost in the dark... image Come out, come out wherever you are.

    Hope you're feeling better reiki - liking the sound of glidey running - gonna get me some of that image

    Mike are you still away I wonder - that sounds like a nice adventure - looking forward to hearing about that one.

    Bo - always here for you dude! 

    oscarr - glad it's not just me being a bit tired - I'm now dropping my plan to 2 weeks build, 1 week rest week.  Could just be the last 3 weekends of double racing but am not sleeping as well as I was when I was doing more zone 2 work so gonna moderate and let the race fitness sink in.  My new philosophy - Zone 2 and 3 only during the week saving zone 4 & 5 for parkruns/racing at the weekend.  Hope you perk up soon.  Do try to remember that we do this for fun and you'll still get a medal and goodies.  Anyone who does marathons is awesome full stop.  Doesn't matter how long it takes!  Besides Bo needs a Wall coach... image




  • Wise words as always


  • Indeed SB. Missed the inspiration! I SO need a coach, it's actually silly.

    Oscarr: marathon = awesome therefore you awesome... Not quite Yeats, but there you go.

    mcs: I'm up your way in November for a week. Fancy a run down the Monsel trail?
  • Sleepy et al.....

    Yep I'm back after a great w/e in Luxembourg's bright autumn weather.

    My daughter-in-law is now well versed in runner's dietary needs and we were plied with steaming bowls of rice and pasta at the appropriate times before the race.

    We even had porridge while watching the early morning Berlin marathon.....and you can't get more motivation than a world record.

    So how did we get on?

    Neil took a brave decision and ran without any watches at all. The only clue he had on timing was a shout from me just after the 10k mark when he was on 46 mins. He was really pleased with himself to get home in 1:39:xx just shy of his PB.

    After my recent spate of PB's at 5k; 5m and 10k I was confident of my speed but not sure of my endurance so I set off 30 secs slower than my 10k pace.

    This felt comfortable through the wind to about the 16k mark (new best time for 10m in 1:08:37) and then a decision had to be made. The wind was getting more tiresome and there were larger gaps between groups of runners. Stick or twist?

    Stick in behind people and run at less than optimum pace if they slowed or twist and push my own pace?

    To reach my target, I calculated that I had to run a 20 minute closing 5k so I really pressed, despite having a fleeting thought flash through my mind that any result from here was going to be a course PB.

    My closing mile was the fastest of all in 6:25 (they were all under 7:00) and I crossed the line in 1:28:58 for a new PB. Exhausted but happy....

    The goodie bag contained a bottle of sparkling wine each and they didn't last through the evening, so all in all a great w/e and some fun-time with my beautiful grandaughters aged 2ish & 4ish.

    Decided not to rush back to running and haven't even looked at my trainers this week - maybe at the week end.

    Spent the week checking my running logs and the build up to past marathons - what could I change?

    Found a few interesting things to work on, for instance I noticed that my pre-marathon races went from long to short - should it be the other way round?

    What would happen if I pushed my average weekly mileage up in October, Nov & December rather than starting in January?

    I don't know but it could be fun finding out!

  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Mike - how jealous am I - sub90!!!!!!!!  Awesome! imageimageimageimage 

    Pre-mara races - I would say that's a logical conclusion - it's what most programmes I've seen seem to recommend but shall look forward to your experiments. Will no doubt be another variable to add to the everyone's different list.

    Couldn't imagine running a ½ without a watch - that is very brave indeed.  Might try a 10k one day.  I did a parkrun blind once - felt weird! image


  • Hi all

    Awesome Mike, that is impressive running. I started at the beginning of December last year building up for VLM, that aspect worked for me, allowed more time to squeeze the gamut in.

    Bo you have come to the right place, you know it!

    Oscarr I was wondering about you and your Abo plans. I think you may surprise yourself.

    I'm gutted not to be running York the same day, especially after they went and put me in Pen ONE!!!! Will be running Cabbage Patch instead, the only race I've ever run without a watch [massive PB]

    On Saturday I tried not looking at my watch during Park Run, it's hilly & the laps are of uneven length in terms of where the miles punctuate the hills, so pointless studying it really...came in at 25:05 so er, I'm slightly out!

    Despite feeling somewhat rough I did hurl myself round Battersea park on Weds for 49:55 & FV55 victory, plus we came 3rd in the overall womens team competition, very pleasing.

    My left knee suddenly started playing up on Friday, but got stuck in around the kneecap & loosened up some of the attachments a bit, so did 12.5 today, slowly in glorius sunshine, the first 3 or 4 on my own in the park, then a lovely run up along the canal with a friend.
  • Reiki - sounds like you are having a great time and congrats on the win

    I am well and truly in my taper now and this time it's a sever one so half the miles last week and this week will be less than 20 and may not run at all nexweek before the race.  Still fighting the odd illness days.

  • Oscarr I would still have a couple of little short outings in the week itself, used to park myself all week but I think I went stale.

    Hope you are feeling good today image
  • Well, I did the Great Eastern yesterday after having most of the week off work with a viral infection (oh and no training). Got in @ 2:04 and it was a long, wet, bloody slog to the end. Man that medal required a lot of work.

    Over 20 minutes off my half PB, but I don't care really...

    Good luck on Sunday Oscarr!
  • Thanks guys.  Did a couple of very short runs this week to keep legs loose. Card loading but not to excess.  Legs good for Sunday.

    still suffering from illness that comes up once a week for couple days of flu symptoms then goes. Means I doubt very much that PB is on the cards.

    targets, for what they are worth, are;

    Gold - 4.05 new pb

    silver  - 4.10 second fastest to date

    no bronze, but platinum is that elusive sub 4.

    no-one to distract me now so should have a quiet time at home before the race. 

  • Just go for it Oscarr - no mind games just go with the flow and smile as you say "Hey, I can do this....".

    4 x 10k's (everyone a fraction faster) + a bit

    Best of luck!


  • Hope all running well all the best for marathon runners today. Nice run for me at Coniston with daughter and son in law last Saturday, a bit slower by about thirty seconds than last year but not bad. Great weather and didn't really race the first half as ran ith family and chatted with a few other runners.  did five in the week and then the fell race route this am in forty mins so ticking along.

    go Bo good to see you back running. SB wise as ever and mike the pro. Go Oscarr enjoy today. Marathon running doesn't get easier just longer as the days mount!

    work poo business being sold at month end more interesting times ahead I fear.


  • Willing Oscarr round this morning while I did 3 houor on the bike & tracked my sister in the York marathon, a frustrating experience as the system kept crashing so all I know is she got to halfway in 1:54ish - awaiting news from everywhere including Cabbage Patch [which I forgot to enter!]

    So from the two places at once dilemma I ended up nowhere, did the Met League XC very slowly yesterday in trainers due to fear for a total weekly mileage under 5.

    Bo nice one, we have all been there.

    Mike you are the same as my brother. My own personal formula is 8 x 5Ks at identical pace + a bit of a sprint to make up for overruning the distance.

    mcs you are getting practice in with all this life stuff. I remember how well you handled it all last time.
  • Slowest marathon of my 14 done and just made it home inside the cut- off time in 4:41.  This compares to 4:05 last year at the same race. Legs seized at 19 miles so hobbled home after that. First 19 was slow and steady so an accumulation of the years efforts I feel.

    I am not prepared to invest any more effort into long distance stuff cos this has happened too many times.  I must so thick that it takes 14 races to prove to myself that my physiology just does not fit anything above half marathon at any decent pace.

    Not sure I want to do any more running full stop right now but probably not the right time to make that decision.  Everything else in my life has gone belly up right now and this is just added to the list.  Think I will buy a boat and sale the world!


  • Big hugs Oscarr.

    I remain confident that you would crack 4 hours if everything were optimal, you have the speed, and you did both the Cyprus challenge and the Wall, so for me it's the viral legacy that has made this one tough, plus when things are hard in life it all seems a bit pointless.

    What about a longboat & do the canals? You could laugh at the runners, & we could meet you en route.
  • Sorry to hear that Oscarr - on all fronts not just the race!

    For a man who ran a successful ultra in the summer which would have defeated me, I think you are a tad unkind to yourself, and carrying a virus into a marathon wouldn't have made your task any easier.

    The distance is cruel if you are under the weather and the elites bail out at the drop of a hat - you didn't, so you're a tough old cookie (bollocks - just realised you are younger than I am).....

    You'll bounce back we all do........until then, have a glass of something strong

  • Oscarr awesome effort considering the way you have felt from my reading on here. You have had a tough year of running and training and to get round as you did is awesome well done. You cant sale round the world you have to sail but hey you could follow the sales too!!image Have a week off and then go again. You love it really, like me I have not cracked the four hours yet and I don't know when I will have the time to train again for such an effort. Life is getting in the way but don't despair I am sure a new challenge will spring up soon. All the best.

    Mike wise words from a very good runner. Respect.

  • Oscarr I thought of you when I entered the Perivale 5 earlier, 1st December, would be great to see you there again.
  • Reik - that's very kind of you but I won't be able to make it but thanks for the thought



    Numpty - you can't expect to kick ass when you're not 100% nevermind 80% or less! 

    Don't make any rash decisions - why not take til the end of the year off - run when you feel like it as far or as little as you fancy on that given day.  A good rest is all you need!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((MASSIVE HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))  Don't give up hope.  You have all of us and it's nearly mince pie season.  2 reasons right  there why life is ok and ok will do for now.

    So anyone gonna enter Target 26.2 this year? I can't decide... image

  • I don't know if I CAN - would need to work out how to upload a photo of me rather than of some random bloke.

    Sam is doing it again, so definitely worth a shot, although I very much doubt I'd be one of these who could run London as well.
  • I've decided not to - plenty of local stuff to do to keep me out of mischief! Don't fancy all the travelling to/fro in the midst of winter.  Nor the whole forum lottery. 

    Countdown to Cyprus has commenced - 17 days to go and only 28 days til the cheery tree goes up to brighten up the dark days.

    Shorts have officially been packed already - today's parkrun was the first sub 10 degrees run of the season.  Capris at the ready til it drops to 5 then I have a lovely new pair of tights that Ben grabbed in a clearance sale - they're ace - have shimmery, almost insecty metallic flashes around the knees. Total shiny kit syndrome fulfillment image


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