Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • You and your family are in my thoughts, Oscarr.

  • My condolences too Oscar.

  • Thanks everyone.

    Sleepy - you are wiser than your years by far, Ben is a very lucky man and i hope he knows that.

  • Oscarr, really sorry to hear your sad news, how are you doing? Let me know if you want to catch up before Coniston for a chat?

    I did my longest run since London today, 20.5 miles in the pouring rain in tad over 3 hours. Could of done another 6 so happy with today LSR.

  • Sleepy, ment to say well done on your 5k and Bens time was awesome!

  • Morning all

    oscarr - I tell him most days!!! image (thank you), 

    Easy half hour for me today before I deviate slightly from my plan to do my 2400m (x 5) test tomorrow.  Good effort FH - it was yakky yesterday!

    Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow.
    I am the diamond glints on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awaken in the morning's hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
     am the soft stars that shine at night.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry;
    I am not there, I did not die.

    (Mary Elizabeth Frye, 1932)


  • Oscarr: I am so sorry for your loss. You are such an inspiration with your dignity, humour and honesty.  I hope that you and your family are as well as you can be...

    My sincerest and lasting condolences. And I need to say sorry to her for not posting very often....

  • thankyou so much imageimage

  • Oscarr, I am so sorry to hear your sad news,as BoD has said you are such an inspiration, my sincerest condolences to you and your family.

  • Oscarr, I am so sorry for your loss.

    Your empathy, humour and generosity of spirit shine even through this virtual world. Your wife must have been a very lovely and loved lady and I hope that will give you some comfort at this difficult time.

    Thank you for your bravery and I hope we can offer a tiny piece of support for you as you have for us so much during our little running trials and tribulations.

    Thinking of you and your family.

  • Oscarr, I can only echo what the others have said, I have been inspired by you two special people.  I feel blessed.


  • Sorry to hear of your loss Oscar, thoughts are with you at ths difficult time.

  • So if your running this week, my guess is you will get wet! I love the rain and I am looking forward to my 10 miles off road tomorrow . Then I have to say good bye to my 20 year old son who is off to camp America for 2 months plus 1 month back packing.

    Have a great week running all.

  • Thanks for that FH!! image  I feel some quality time on the treadmill coming on! And there was me thinking autumn marathons are best cos you get to do your miles in 'good' weather LOL.

    I'm having a day off training today so that I keep my weekly mileage increases below 10%. Does anyone do the '20% mileage drop every 4th week' thing.  I used to do it and it seems to keep cropping up though it never seems to appear in schedules. I'm also becoming intrigued by the 3 week cycle thinking ie easy/medium/hard weeks followed by a complete week off - think it's a triathlete thing.  Anyone know more?

    Did my fitness test yesterday - was a weird one, better than the last, very similar to the time before. (The last one was a bit of an anomaly due to having bought a 2nd hand treadmill that needed recalibrating as I found out!!  It has been now!)  Didn't have the ability/motivation to do the last segment (2400m at 180bpm) even though I've managed it before - may be down to the fact that I haven't been doing as much 'top end' training as I was at the start of the year so it seemed too alien.  The higher end of tempo felt reasonably comfy though (approx half marathon pace) hurrah!




  • Sincere condolences Oscarr...........thoughts are with you this week.

  • Race Number: 7536
    Category: Over 50 Male
    Full Time: 04:08:31
    10k split: 00:55:35
    Half marathon: 01:57:59
    30k split: 02:49:51
    Overall finish position: 3260
    Category finish position: 253
    <br id="ecxFontBreak" />
    Did I blow it or what!!!!

  • The heat would def account for 10 mins minimum. Better luck next time mcs! Haha.
  • Sounds like a tough test SB - I doubt I could push 1.5 miles at 180bpm as a first rep, never mind a last one!

    Training is going well at the moment.  Today I ran five miles, three of which were at 8:34 pace.  A couple of days ago I ran quarter-mile intervals at 7:30 pace.  Total mileage will hopefully be 28 for the week over 5 days.  I'm gradually increasing my weekly mileage and plan to progress to running six days per week.  I haven't totally decided, but I'll probably flatten out somewhere around 35-40 miles per week.


  • Oscarr, I am so sorry to hear of your loss...words fail me...

  • Hi all - just back from a very, very windy Worthing 10k.

    Amazingly a pb @ 50:43! So without the wind (not mine from the sea!) sub 50 should be possible?

  • Sleepy, I do that 4 th week drop in training and I try not to go over 10 % but not always able to stick to it. I tell myself it's only numbers and it's what works best for yoh that matters.

    MCS, I think you did great in the heat, your head can be held high Sir as you did great!

    Did a quick 9 today as was pushed for time, will try and fit in a 5 and an 8 before my last LSR of about 21/22 on Sunday prior to Coniston Marathon. Sunday's run includes a local 10k (Wargrave) will do 16 miles before and take it easy in the race.

  • Emma, great time with the wind, well done.

  • Morning!

    Whoop whoop Emma - let the post-marathon PBs roll!  You can look forward to a few more over the next few monthsimageimageimage

    Ten - 35-40 is my kinda mileage too - might occasionally go up to 50 but I think that's enough for me!  Glad you're back out n aboot.

    FH - I know what you mean - you're right it is only numbers but my second favourite hobby is playing with my programme!  One day I will come up with a perfect-for-me periodised year long schedule that is both maintainable and optimal - or maybe I will just keep tinkering LOL.  Did you get the final details email for the Lakes?  If not, check the website - it's been updated.

    How's the recovery going mcs?  What have you been up to?  Changed your mind about running another one yet?

    The national ladder on runBritain has done its weekly update... and tadaaa I am finally inside the top 10,000 ladies (9842th) - whoop whoop!  Next mission - top 1000 VW (though maybe not the 35s might be able to make it during my visit to VW40 - fingers crossed)

  • Right, the sheen has finally come of the Paris medal and I am back full training.  Raced (poorly) last night Yateley 10km in 36:46 (12th) ran with the lead group for first km and in reality I soul dbe able to hodl them for 6-8km and then be part of the shake-up.  Still today is a new beginning, targets are a fast 5km sub-17 for the 2nd time and national standard of 16:45, lose 2-3kg that I have pilled on after Paris and get rid of the niggles (Hip, plantar facitis, back, neck and knee).

    Well run Emma, cracking result and sub-50 is now yours on a wind free day.

  • Go Emma!

    I'm back in training and got my first ever 10k next weekend... Mad, I know.

    Got 8 done this morning in 1:08. So motivated again! Roll on September/October for the halfs.
  • Hello all

    Emma - congratulations on the 10K...great timeimage

    BoD - great to see the motivation back..hope the 10k goes well.

    SB - congratulations on the Run Britian position!

    Choisty - good luck with the new targets...too fast for me!

    So far this week, I have only managed to run Monday (4 miles). A week off from work and all has gone pear shaped! Was planning to run before OH went to work, but was exhausted after a bad night. My son is out until late afternoon and my older daughter is revising but did say she would keep an eye on my middle daughter who is still very poorly if I want to go out......have you seen the weather...gail force winds and driving rain...I think I might try again in the morning!

  • You're still getting faster Craig!  Great stuff!  And Emma too.... must have an eye on sub-4 marathon next year.

    SB - Well done with the ranking and good luck with the target.  I'm not so much getting out-and-about unfortunately.  I'm confined to the treadmill because I've nobody to watch over my son while the wife is away.  I'll schedule a few longer runs during the day when he's back at school, so I'll be able to get outside again.  In any case, I'm really enjoying the running at the moment and have to be disciplined to stay easy on the easy days.

    FH - good luck for Coniston.

    MCS - wait until you run on another hot day and you will realise what an achievement it is to run a marathon in the heat.  

    Choisty - I wish I could run a 10k that fast.  I look forward to my post-op improvements you promised meimage

    MWW - that weather is good preparation for the marathon, if your luck is anything like mine!

    I booked another 10k yesterday, so now have one at the end of July and one at the start of September.  I can't book my half-marathons yet, but I'm dying to get entered image  

  • EmmaC well done sub 50 is so close! Well done SB I can't get in on there as have forgotten my password and am not getting replies to my reset efforts.

    I'm doing the Concorde 10K on Sunday, this will be the 4th of 4, and am hoping to be sufficiently over the VLM legacy now to get going a bit further. Definitely going in the right direction re absence of pain though!

    It's funny how marathons take us, always different every time, I seem to have picked up a bit of pace but would struggle over 10 miles I reckon, and the pace has only been noticeable off road as strength on hills when I never run hills.

    I'm reading Keep on Running by Phil Hewitt, some of which is si depressingly familiar if you've done marathons you are going to nod along with a grim smile!

    Just finished day 2 of 3 on half term sports camp and we had to move indoors this afternoon. Good fun.

    Best of luck to all for the weekend 10Ks etc, and mcs I know how you feel I really do, I find it difficult to revise my opinion even in the face of logic.

    You did well!!
  • Hmmmm - well that was an interesting run/swim last night LOL.  Made Milton Keynes/Manchester all the more impressive.  We got caught out in one of the torrential downpours just a mile or so from the finish -  was yakkybut funny at the same time! Went out in my winter jacket which kept the worst of it off but had to take it off for most of the run cos I was toasting!  Any recommendations for a summer but waterproof jacket? Am thinking one of the mountain marathon type ones might be a good investment ...

    Yoga for me today and no racing this weekend though will be off to Birmingham to watch Ben run on Saturday afternoon though I can't remember what distance he's doing now (ooops - bad wife LOL).  My long run steps up a little on Sunday - hurrah - looking forward to that nice feeling when you settle into an easy rhythm - hopefully with a little less water.

    Whoop whoop for the 10k virgin - enjoy Bo - which one is it?  Is it a fast one?

    Ten - be patient padawan image

    reiki - oooh not heard of that one - toodleooo off to visit amazon right now!

    Happy running everyone - looking forward to hearing all about it later...

  • SB I got soaked last night as well. It was hammering it down from the minute I left the house to when ingot back.

    Not sure on jackets I'm thinking about investing as well as me light weight 'water resistant' jacket was about as good as a chocolate tea pot.

    Liverpool Tunnel 10k for me this weekend and a new tactic. I'm going to go out hard and see how long I can hold on for. Hoping for as close to 40 mins as poss but think 39:XX might still b a stretch too far. Especially with the hill on the exit.

    I think Choistys times are a dream for most of us!
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