Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • 1st XC of the Oxford Mail league ticked off today - 5+ miles of rolling countryside with hills; three of them all spiced up with two runs though a mid-calf trough of water.

    We don't have official results yet but I beat my two previous attempts by 4 mins, so I am very pleased with that and we had a full team of senior men for the first time in ages.

    Bonus: one of the ladies had booked a table for 12 in a local pub, so a great way to finish the day......anyone else running on here?

  • Hey Mike - nice work.

    November is countdown month for me:

    16 days til we head to Cyprus

    27 days til I put up the twinkly tree

    No xc for me this year though parkrun was nice and splashy and muddy this week. 

    5 mile poppy run coming up on Sunday, a 10k the weekend after and then it's hollydays whoop whoop image.



  • Hi all

    I've been doing Park Runs every week lately, and venturing further on Sundays usually, plus quite a bit of pool and bike thrown in with Pilates eased off a tad while I deal with core overload [what? I know]

    Tui Na remains awesome.

    I'm not in anywhere near as bad shape as this time last year, so can't wait for the kick off on 1 December [Perivale 5]. I have 9 races booked now between then & VMLM, and there are lots of others I'd like to do.

    Went on a date to Chingford on Friday, and remembered that it's on the edge of Epping Forest, so will be heading up there in the morning with a friend to check out the trails and bridleways.
  • Does anyone have any tips for me on streaming eyes? I can't see a lot when it gets suddenly cold &/or windy.
  • Hi peeps. Just a quick check-in.

    Have had a godawful time of it, not helped by being unable to run for nearly two months in the summer (the least of my problems, but it didn't help). I'm gradually building myself back up physically and mentally, and will be ready to restart marathon training next month (I'm in the VLM). Longest comeback run so far is ten miles. Weekly mileage just under 30 miles.

    Sorry to see you're disappointed with the marathon time Oscarr. Regardless of the result - did you enjoy the training? A race time is great validation of effort, but so many things can go wrong that it's a miracle if we actually achieve what we think we can. As long as you enjoy the training (and I believe that you do), then don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just yet.

    I'll catch up more later, but I've got other priorities. I haven't given up, just trying to roll with the knocks.


    BoDuke wrote (see)
    Remember me? Sorry I've not been around, but I think 2013 has been the worse year I've ever had... Seriously, it's been shocking. 

    I could have saved myself some typing and just cut-and-pasted that into my own post! Sorry you're having problems too, mate. Here's hoping for a significantly better 2014.

  • Ten!

    I was thinking about you yesterday, how spooky is that.

    Will see you ate VMLM if not before!

    Awesome to hear from you.
  • Nice one Reiki. Looking forward to the marathon already, now I'm building up the training again.

  • Me too, I am up to 12 miles...a week!
  • Sorry guys, no sooner do I pick myself up again, my shit year hits a new low. My wife's parents were hit by a car on Saturday. Her father sadly died of a massive brain hemorrhage within two hours, her mother is in hospital with broken limbs. My wife has flown out while I hold the fort at home and try to keep things as normal as possible for the kids. Coping with no immediate prospect of income is difficult, to say the least.

    I actually need the running for the sake of my own sanity, but it's difficult to juggle all the shit that's flying around. 

  • Ten  - now that really does make a bad situation a whole lot worse.

    You have my sympathies and moral support - sorry I can't offer much more in a practical sense.....

    Take care; stay strong


  • Thanks Mike. 

    I did an 11m run on Friday while the kids were at school, since there's no way I can do an outdoor run when they are at home. Shorter runs are on the treadmill, before they wake up in the morning. I've managed to squeeze in 28m this week.

    I'm gradually adjusting to doing all of the domestic chores, school runs, etc. As the routine kicks in, I'll hopefully be able to focus on moving forward. The kids are coping pretty well. My 7 year old son won his cross-country trial in school and is representing them in an inter-schools competition next week. I'm going to run my long run on the same day and use him as my inspiration to train well.

  • Ten I'm so sorry to hear about this awful shock and loss.

    Running will definitely help keep you sane and grounded.

    Sorry I didn't pop over sooner, have had a mad week, fell bad even saying that now.

    I went to the Running Show at Sandown Park today and did the 10K, bit of a technical one with long slow drags and hairpin squiggles, very pleasant though I must say, if slightly long.

    I was pleased enough with 51:19, given that on Weds and Thurs I had such apparently neural pain around my left heel / foot that I wasn't holding out much hope.

    Once again Tui Na rocks.
  • 30-20-10s on the Alter G this morning followed by a wicked Tui Na session.

    I then went to Sainsburys at Camden Town out of misplaced laziness and ended up with 5 bags plus rucksack packed with all manner of oats & heavy stuff.

    Of course I now have to cook as well.

    Talk about creating problems for yourself.
  • Long time no post in this forum for me. Just read the past couple of pages. Some sad and tough stuff has happened to people here, which puts running into perspective.

    FYI I am trying to get my running back on track, after a summer working away from home, house move and new job I neglected my running somewhat and gained a few kilos. Then I got my London marathon entry response back. I'm in! Cue need to turn things around.

    I have started cyclin to work 5 miles x 2 each working day. Joined my local running club Reigate Priory Athletic club, run a few parkruns, done a few long runs on Sunday mornings, and today re-engaged with the forum that gave me such inspiration for my 1st marathon last year.

    i am planning to get fitter and faster than I ever was before, and to see a substantial reduction on my marathon time, but I know it is not going to be easy.


    i am also looking to set up a new junior parkrun in Reigate, but have been too busy with work to do much about that.

    All the best for everyone here image

  • Hello AC8, sounds like you have been mega busy - the marathon will be a breeze compared.

    Do you have a plan?

    I've had an infernal sore throat this week, it set in almost as soon as I finished Perivale 5 [40:04], the race was packed this year and I way overran the course trying to get sub 40, average was 07:52 miling, and it all felt very good and possible.

    Until I saw that the whole thing was won by an FV55 in exactly 10 mins less than it took me! Hurrah!

    ParkRun ths morning - 25:06 not too bad given the state of the lungs, again all very doable.

    Oh! I found a new thing called Speedflex, what a laugh, they have a wall display that tells you your heart rate and percentage effort in very big numbers, and training zones are red for maximal, amber for still happening, green for not a lot, and then blue is chilled.

    Well I was only in red 4% of the time [compared with 96.5% by someone else], and I ony burned 221 calories against 720!

    Noticed that my HR, & zone colour dropped like a stone in the 5 sec rest breaks & between sets, whereas others stayed red.

    Which is gooooood.
  • Cheers guys. It is a real struggle trying to keep running, but the last thing I want to do is let something positive slide. A tough run like today's does help to clear the mind!

    I can only run outdoors while the kids are at school, until the wife returns - hopefully at Christmas. If the worst comes to the worst I'll be getting up really early to do my long runs on the treadmill while the kids are asleep (or late at night). I've always believed that you have to make time for exercise, and right now is proof for me that there is no room for excuses. Others manage through tough times, so I'll muddle through somehow.

    This morning is the start of my 18 week training for the VLM - an 8m run with the middle 4m @ Threshold pace. Very uncomfortable at times, but feels great to have gotten through that session. My average LT pace was 7:59 @ 86%HRR (avg. 162bpm). All being well, I'll run 9m GA on Wednesday, and 12m MLR on Friday, plus a 4m recovery run on the weekend. Finger's crossed!

  • I have been "following" a training plan I downloaded from the internet Called Virtual Coach. I am scheduled for 4 runs per week. A weekend long run, a track session, and a couple of recovery runs are what is in the plan generally.

    what I've been doing is: long run (tick!), track session (tick) although not always the track session I am supposed to do, because it's whatever is on at he club that night, a midweek run, either hills or something similar with the running club and usually a parkrun at the weekend. I am also cycling a fair bit too - 50 mins per day 4 to 5 times per week. I am missing out on recovery runs. :/ I find it hard to make the time, and hope that I will be Ok without them somehow. 

    I can't find my Heart Rate Monitor since moving house. I was without my Garmin at all until Saturday, when I bought a new USB cable for it. Guess I need a new Heart strap and band to get more insight into my training. I am probably about 1 minute slower than I was at my peak, just over a year ago when measured over 5k, and weigh about 3 kilos heavier. 

    The plan is to keep up with the training and cycling and for everything to magically come together for me image

  • Good work you two, it will all come good with this attitude.

    I did an Alter G session this morning - rolling hills for an hour, quite fun, then I did a solo Speedflex on theay home - awesome, so relaxing. I had my own series of circuits to do, sometimes with extra jumpy abouty stuff between machines to get the heart rate up.

    The trainer today understood that not being in the red the whole time is actually a sign of fitness rather than the opposite, also told me that they have my max HR set at 164, so the percentages would be even lower if using the true max.
  • New Garmin HRM strap ordered on Amazon image 
    Ran into work today - about 5 miles steady jog - that classes as a recovery run after last night's track session 5 x 5mile repeats, with a fast mile at the end.
    I was doing just over 1km each 5min and then did 4 laps in 7.40 ish. image

    Another running club session tomorrow night - hills in Reigate (where I now work), and a couple of runs at the weekend are planned. I'm happy with the way things are going - but it is cold!

  • Hi AC8 & everyone - track marathon eh?!image

    This month has sped by.

    I'm stll doing the Speedflex, and am up to speed on my schedule so far [Week 4 down apart from slow 12 tomorrow], but my left knee is a bit sore.

    I got this fab little Japanese massage machine for Christmas, awesome, although they must be very calm in Japan as I couldn't endure Level 10 which is only halfway along the intensity range.
  • Have a Happy Christmas everyone.

    My wife won't be home until February, but I'm doing my best to make it a good one for the nippers under the circumstances.

    My running schedule is "interesting" at the moment. With the kids at home I'm having to do most of my running on the treadmill. Nonetheless, I still think I can continue with the P&D training plan with a bit of effort and a flexible plan. I'm just starting week three of marathon training and am still on target for the VMLM.

    Hope you are all making progress towards your 2014 goals.

  • Ten I'm still on target, was on the treadie yesterday myself!

    Off for another Speedflex this morning before work, and am supposed to be doing a bike session tomorrow, steady 6 on Boxing Day [which fits the weather better, although actually my mate wants to go to the lido!]

    Buntingford on Sunday.

    Have a fab Christmas all who celebrate.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    (belated)Happy New Year image 

    Thread seems to be dying image - just wondering how things are going with everyone?

    SB - Congrats to Ben! I saw the elite VMLM line up - brilliant!

    Reiki - hope the training is going well. Have you booked any other races in the marathon run-up? I'm in Silverstone HM to test myself, and I'm considering the Oakley 20 for a catered training run.

    AC8 - Hope your Garmin replacement worked out okay.

    My wife is still away, but she is now due back next month image. It has taken some effort to juggle things around and keep up with the running. The P&D plan isn't the easiest to keep up with at the best of times. Thankfully, my mum watches the nippers for me on Sanday morning so I can go out for my long run. My other runs are a mixture of outdoor (during school time) and treadmill (when the kids are at home). Thankfully, I have kept up with the plan so far.

    This week is a recovery week in the schedule. Next week is up to fifty miles with a long run of 18 miles, and two midweek runs of 10m (LT) and 11m - with a couple of short 4m-5m recovery runs. I really enjoy the P&D program, which is why I'm doing it again.

    Anyway... I may be talking to myself here image Good luck with whatever you are doing everyone.

  • Just popped by to say hello - Ten I hope your schedule is still going to plan, family reunited etc

    I'm doing Finchley 20 tomorrow - had a shock to my cal from an OSIM machine yesterday, it's still really stiff. The *shock* persisted after it was switched off, there seemed no way to *earth* myself
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Hi Reikki! Just noticed your update by pure chance (no RW email updates as usual). I have no idea what the OSIM machine is, but it certainly sounds painful. Hope you had a great run at Finchley today to loosen up the calf.

    The wife arrived back home a few weeks ago, and so I was at last able to start some serious job-hunting. I had my first interview last Thursday and landed the job - starting on Tuesday. Hopefully 2014 is going to rapidly put 2013 in the shade! 

    I'm still on course for the VMLM. I ran Silverstone HM last week in a new PB of 1:45:51, and today ran 18m with 14m at marathon pace. I was aiming for 8:45 MP, and averaged 8:41. So far so good. I'm looking forward to a couple of 5K parkruns and 20m "race" (I'll be running-through the latter) at Oakley - if it isn't cancelled again (snowed-off last year).

    The marathon is coming round so quickly now! image 

  • Ten - awesome news on how you're going - was tempted by Oakley - love that one.

    You are going to show me how it's done at VMLM.

    Congrats on the job as well. That's some conversion rate!

    I'm just back from an 8 mile progression run, was supposed t get to 8:00 miling by the end, got to 8:10 & was happy with that, having brought the session forward due to a course tomorrow, & after Finchley [a glorious day out, played it easy, each of the 4 laps 1 min quicker than the one before, for 3:06ish]
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Thanks Reikki, I'm sure I'll be eating your dust at VMLM. Great pacing at Finchley!

    My head is swimming after the first day at work image - so much to take in. I'll be up at 5am tomorrow to make sure I get my 11m midweek run completed. Looking forward to a parkrun this weekend to try to hit my Jantastic target (marathontalk).

    Enjoy your course!

  • I always get up at 5!

    The course was tedious with danger thrown in - take a bunch of football coaches & gve them games to illustrate coaching techniques, & before you know it, you're in a human chain of sideways sprinting as competitiveness takes hold.


    Your midweek runs are long - I only have an easy 6 today.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    New 5K (parkrun) PB this week: 22:11 (was 23:04). Blew away my own expectations! image

    The midweek long runs are a P&D speciality I think image


  • Whoop whoop!!!!
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