Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Reikki - I finished in a similar time to you on my 20m at Oakley - 3:08 ish. I ran to normal long-run training pace for seventeen miles, then ran at fast pace for the final three miles. 

    This morning I tried my damndest to beat my 5K PB from a fortnight ago, and finished slower by four seconds image Happy to know I can reproduce the same pace - though it hurts! Followed it up with another 6m including 2m @ MP.  Tomorrow is 16m LR. P&D don't make their tapering easy image

    Just two more weeks! image

  • VMLM was fabulous. I've never run through such a wall of noise before. 

    3:58:13 image image  Onwards and upwards! 


    Reiki  - congratulations on your great result! image image A new PB? 

  • Just seeing this now - yes, a PB by almost 3 minutes!

    Well done Ten, you've cracked the sub 4 now, and will soar from here.
  • Well done Ten - a great result for you after the issues you had to deal with through the winter. A mind of steel to get through that lot and then nail the VMLM....

    I haven't been idle either (except not posting) and I am just back from Boston for my second consecutive marathon out there. This time, I learned from my rookie errors of 12 months ago and had a solid training programme behind me from a "pukka" coach.

    Long story short - she whipped me into shape and I ran 3:12:54 and finished 16th/1,110 in my age category (60-64) and in the 1st 4,400 or so from a start number of 12061.

    Now on a break for a week or two from the rigours of running.....

  • Brilliant result Mike! image London qualification too!

  • Thanks Ten - I had a GFA for both and chose Boston.

    Will be back in London in 2015.....


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