Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Choisty is turbo charged!

    SB and Luke I have a really good waterproof jacket with removable arms, can get a bit hot though, think its a Nike jacket.

    Luke I am doing the same as you Sunday, going to push hard and see what time I can get looking for under 42 mins, PB is 42.53.  I have to run home after mine as I need to bank 21 miles for my LSR.  Let us know how you get on Luke.

    SB, all the best to Ben and his run on Saturday and good luck for your long run.

    Must go, at work!!



  • Hi guys.  Thanks again for all your support.

    Sleepy - thanks a lot for the poem - i received another one in a card from a good friend which has the same sentiment - i truly believe in the sentiment and both have been a great comfort to me as it makes the future look brighter

    Only done one run this week, on Monday afternoon with my youngest son (29 yr old and fit) - it was good to get some air on my face.  Plan to do a longish slow one this afternoon on my own.

    Will not be doing Wargrave 10K but still think i will do the Lakeland Trail marathon at Coniston - it will be a good break and i will take it slow

    Good to see so many spring marathoners back into training and racing again.

  • Have you ran it before FH? First time for me.
  • Luke, when I said I am doing the same as you I meant going for it in a 10k, I am doing a different race !!! I am doing Wargrave 10k.

    Not going to look at my watch and just go as fast as I can and see what happens.

    Oscarr, really hope you can do Coniston will be great to buy you a beer at the finish and you Sleepy!


  • Haha. Ok. My watch won't work being in the tunnel and all so suit zipped and out we go.
  • Luke, will catch up Sunday and compare time and performance.


  • FH - will you still be around when i finish at Coniston as your race starts 2 hrs earlier than mine?  Beer sounds good though !! (might make me run a bit faster - carrot and stick en all)

  • Oscarr, of course I will be there, will have camera ready to catch your sprint finish and a cold beer for you!

  • We'll still be there too oscarr - promise I won't drink all of your beer whilst waiting! image

  • SB I have the lightest jacket ever, but it's still too hot to run in - it's a club jacket made by Ron Hill.  Now maybe in January it would be useful.

    I just decided to do the Cookstown half marathon at the end of July, it's a bit of a monster apparently, but they're going to piggyback onto it for the World Police and Fire games road race next year, so I thought it woud be cool to have a jog round.

    MInd you the Omagh half nearly finished my marathon hopes with a Bakers cyst two years ago, and my brother reckons this one is hillier.  

    I think I will have a look in Sam's book for the half mara schedule.

    The good news is that I think my ITB / TfL has calmed down, not that I have run since last Saturday when it hadn't.

    Have fun runs tomorrow all, I'm desd excited to see the times coming out of Bedford etc tomorrow too as everybody likely goes for track qualifying times.


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I was up at 6:30am to do an eight mile progression run (6m @ 10:30 pace; 2m @ 9:30 pace) and complete my scheduled 28 miles for the week. Then I took my son to the Natural History and Science museums.  Walking around the museums was more tiring than the run!

    We popped out to the shop yesterday and narrowly missed getting hit by a falling branch.  I had just said "we'd better be careful, it's pretty dangerous in this weather" when there was a huge gust of wind and I heard a loud crack.  I saw it fall but had no time to react.  Thankfully it missed us by about six feet.  Shopping and me really don't get along.

    No running tomorrow as it's my son's sixth birthday.  I have a hunch I'll be woken up early.....


  • 42:57 for the tunnel 10k today. Absolute disaster with the train meant I didn't get there in time and started at the back with some of the slower runners.very congested so lost quite a bit of time. Warrington 10k a week on Wednesday next for another crack at it but a weekend on the booze in the isle of man before it. Let's call it 'carb loading!' how did the rest go?
  • I've just done (at 7:20) a 12 miler. Completed in 1:43, but it was really hard 'cos the heat seemed to get up really early today. Also been to a children's party, so totally done in now...
  • Bo - that's a good pace for 12 miles.  Did 15 mile LSR @10:00 mpm on Friday then a quickish hilly 6.53 miler with my son this morning @8:25 pace - that's 29 for the week and plan to do about 35 next week with an 18 mile LSR next weekend then taper down a bit for 2 weeks for the Lakeland marathon.

    How did the other racers do this weekend? Ben? FH? Choisty?  Great weather for racing today.

  • I did the Concorde 10K, 51:14 was enough for 2nd for age, I also took the bronze medal in the Business Houses league, and we had team gold, so I won a bottle of wine and 3 medals for a pleasant enough run [I love subways!]


  • Did Wargrave 10k this morning, went off like a rocket and felt it big time at 2k mark! Kept going at more sensible pace and was less than 30 seconds off a PB, did it in 43:20. Happy enough as it was hot going and had a late night entertaining friends. Was at the end of a high mileage week too, clocked 40 miles before today so felt a little tired.

    Doing my last long run Tuesday, will aim to do 21 and then take it easier for the 2 and a bit weeks before Coniston.

    Well done Luke, your PB will come soon.

    R Rabbit, great running, well done. Well done too to Bo and Oscarr.

  • FH - sounds like you're bang on, well done.

  • Nice one FH!

    Coniston is looking good.

  • Sounds like a good weekend all round - well done all image

    Are you sitting comfortably ... Ben scorched his 5000m (on the track at Alexander Stadium) in ... 14:33 (yip you read that right!!!!) LOL - PB by 20 seconds and only enough for 2nd place!!! 

    Week 3 completed for me - 28.65 miles - onwards and upwards to week 4 (30.5 miles) with some good tempo sessions mixed in including a trail race (10.45km) on Sunday at Castle Howard near York.  Note to self - must remember that I have to get up the next day and carry on training so mustn't get carried away and be unable to walk the next day. How does everyone else cope with the times when a schedule says 'race' but you know if you do you won't be able to carry on - am tempted to take the first half easy and then run hard for the second half but maybe not quite full 10k pace - thoughts?

    Thanks for the info on waterproofs guys - will have a look over the next couple of weeks.  Even if we only wear them half a dozen times a year we can justify the expense cos we'll just have them forever and not have to replace them! She says ... LOL


  • Sleepy - Ben continues to improve which is brilliant; hearty congrats.  My rain top is a very lightweight Ron Hill one which is very good - extremely light and because its yellow with reflective strips i use it a lot on winter runs in addition to rainy ones.  I would race the whole thing to get max benefit and take a rest day the next day and an easy run the day after - you still get your volume in for the week but means that the next hard session after a sunday race is weds (sun - race; mon-rest: tues-easy; weds-hard etc)

  • Morning oscarr - ahhhh good advice - I will see if I can rejig my programme - but I'm still not sure - must be a confidence thing.  There have been 10ks in the past when I'm fine the next day (and relatively close to my PB) and those when I've needed 3 or 4 days to recover.   Dilemmas, dilemmas but I think you're probably right and it's just me wibbling! image

  • I know what ya mean SB i feel fine after my 10k yesterday but sometimes Incan b absolutely broken the next day. Think it will b a 5 miler for me

    Tonight at an easy pace.
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    There is some superb running going on from everybody!  Hope you don't mind me plodding along at the back.

    During my session this morning I really did not want to do my fourth and final half-mile rep.  After the third rep I gradually talked myself round to starting the fourth one and allowing myself to slow down if necessary.  It hurt from halfway through, but I kept going without slowing.  I'm very happy to have completed it and I want to do it again now image

  • 18.8 miles for me last week.......getting going again. Ran to work three miles this am with no3 on her bike managed a 7.22 and a 7.46 need to get stronger in the legs and get the speed up abit if I can. Going to attempt a 10k time trial with my younger brother who did a 43 minute one the other day on his own so he is going to pace me I reckon.  Going to take it easih in June and then start on a 12 week schedule for the GNR in September to see if I can get a PB in that.
    SB Ben is doing awesome he needs to go full time I reckon. -3 on Run Britain last week handicap amazing!!! Keep on running.
    All the best to the Lakes Marathoners.......not long now......envy envy.

  • Hey mcs - welcome back - was missing ya - thought you were serious for a minute there about not being a marathoner!!!

    How're your legs doing LE2 - on a relative scale?

    Oh how I know that thought process Ten - it's never as bad as you think is it? image

    Happy day in my world - just managed to scoop a half price Montane Velo H20 jacket (ok ok it's a bike jacket really but it's super lightweight and way better than anything else I've got for waterproofyness and it''ll keep my bum dry too) - lovely present from Ben as he's abandoning me for a week as of Monday. Quick fill the freezer with ice cream and the fridge with cake - yummy-Hayley-feast. (Just kidding - I'm actually being good just now - have re-read Anita Bean's nutrition book and have a chart all worked out for myself which I can review monthly based on weight loss/gain!  Fantastic book btw if anyone wants further guidance on sports nutrition - I followed it for my last marathon too and can vouch for its efficacy).

  • oops forgot to mention ... my Langdale number arrived today!  How impressed am I - never had a race pack 3 months early before.  I'm gonna put it on the fridge to keep me motivated!  Am slightly amused though by the advice notes - one bit advises not to get obsessed with your time and then later it mentions that the prize presentation is at the 4hr after start point! image

    Luckily, on last years results I'm hoping to be up around half -two-thirds of the field mark so I won't be the only one still out on the course - phew!


  • Sleepy - what's the olympic qualifying time for 5000 metres??

  • Morning oscarr - 14:20 for the trials!  Ben was trying for it - he knows he wouldn't get beyond the trials but how cool would that have been?  Annoyingly we know of someone who has been selected for the trials who is slower than Ben (and has never run that time) but that's the way it goes I guess - it may be because he's 10 years younger!

    Campsite booked, Rascal booked into kennels for the weekend (as Ben is away racing too) - roll on Langdale ... image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Wow Oscarr - I didn't realise you had improved that much!!!!! image

    SB - Hopefully being overlooked for a slower runner will motivate Ben to even better performances.  I've heard a couple of interviews with past great runners who were overlooked for national squads or Olympics, who then went on to outstanding levels.  I'm pretty sure Steve Jones was one.  I suppose it could be worse - imagine trying to make it into the Kenyan olympic team!

    Six miles easy for me this morning before taking my son to school.  My heart rate is gradually dropping, so I'm very gradually increasing the speed of these runs.  I'm getting into the ballpark for a sub-4:00 marathon next spring.  Slowly slowly catchy monkey.

  •  Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

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