Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Legs are a bit tired today. Delayed effects of the 10k I think. Just gonna try a slow 10 miles now and see how I go. Can't go running with the club coz of other commitments.
  • SB -  check your messages please

  • MCS, good to hear your back running! I'm doing the GNR so might say hello if I can find you!

    I managed my last long run today, did 21 @ 8.56 ave pace did feel it towards the end, but I did race a 10k Sunday. Just 2 full weeks to go before Coniston so very close now.

  • I went for 12x400 @ 6:20-6:30 this morning. Hit 10/12 and didn't struggle too much at the end but was 'challenging'. First 10k at the weekend, so excited!!!

    On the upside, I've got a new job!!!

    MCS: love the quote fella.

    Good luck with Coniston folks. Feel a bit left out now. So looking forward to the end of season half, total focus of the year... Then on to Brighton. BTW: Ten, have you had any issues with TL booking?? I had to call them to confirm i had a place, might be worth checking.
  • 7 mile MP run for me tonight, easy session weds, 18 on Friday then taper for coniston - reminds me, i must book a hotel sometime !!

  • Oscarr, good work, hope your 18 goes well. You defo need to book somewhere, sleeping in the car is not an option !

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    I didn't realise you were so close to another marathon Oscarr!  Enjoy the taper - you must be hooked on carbo-loading image 

    FH - good luck to you too.  Nicely paced long run!

    mcs - are you training for another marathon?  If so, have you told your wife? image

    Craig - the improvements in your times are astounding!  What time are you hoping for in the 10k?  I'm also concentrating on 10k to half marathon for the remainder of the year - I want to stop plodding!  What problem did you have with travelodge?  I received email confirmations, and payment has been taken.  I usually confirm close to the arrival date, just to be on the safe side. 

    Today I ran five miles.  3m @ 8:15 pace, with walm-up and cool-down miles @ 10:55 pace.  I'm making progress!

  • Yippee Bo - good news I take it?!

    Still feel like I'm trapped in the early part of my training - just 45 minutes easy (4.62 miles) for me today - still I suppose it's better that I'm keen at this point LOL.  Can't wait to feel like I'm eating miles ...


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Craig - I forgot to say congratulations on getting the new job! image

    SB - didn't you tell me to be patient?  image  

  • LOL - probably image

  • Ten - i wanted to be a doctor once but didn't have the patience !!

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    D'oh! image

  • I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous  image

  • Oscarr: ohhhh lord that's a shocker.

    SB: new job is a v good thing. Working with youth offenders, so gonna be interesting.

    Ten: I'm not sure about a time yet to be honest. Somewhere around 46 would be good, but gonna try to get the experiance for later in the summer.
  • Morning all!

    oscarr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

    Here comes the rain again ... hope my new jacket arrives soon - looks like I'll be needing it at the weekend!

    Bo - cool and good luck with the 10k - I will be taking oscarr's role to cause damage to your kneecaps if you pull off anything below 47! LOL - just kidding - good luck - they've never been my strength! I shall be going considerably slower than that due to the extra 0.45km I have to cover in mine - hee hee


  • Morning all,

    Just heading out for a 7.5 mile run. I start my marathon Plan on Monday for. Chester. I think I'm going to start on the RW advanced plan. Has anyone used this? I'm running the necessary base miles comfortably every week but bit worried about the 6 day a week plan and whether I will lose a bit of interest but gonna try anyway.

    I listened to frank shorter on Marathon Talk last week and with that in mind I'm going to aim for a sub 3:45 and in 6 weeks will revise my target with what my plan has show me. If im faster then good if not then I need to b realistic.

    The main thing I learned from the boot camp and this process is that easy runs should b just that and pace comes from shorter tempo runs. Fingers crossed this will mean an injury free plan for me.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend of running ahead!
  • Sounds good Luke.

    Oscarr, must say your jokes need a little work!

    I need to work on a plan for New York Mara, but will get Coniston banked first and then come up with a sub 3.25 plan.  My biggest problem is cakes, I bloody love em!


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Easy six miles for me this morning.  I'm inching up the speed of recovery runs, while keeping below my recovery heart rate for the entire distance.  I have a day-off running tomorrow (to keep my mileage increase around 10% extra for the week), then a nine mile progression run on Saturday.  For a change, I will increase the incline, rather than pace for the "progression".

    Bo - hope you do well with your race.  Looking forward to seeing how you get on.

    Luke - great target, good luck with the training.

    I'm still catching up with marathon talk episodes (I started from the beginning), so I haven't heard the Frank Shorter interview yet.  This morning I was listening to episode 117, which has a great interview with Kathrine Switzer.  I hadn't heard of her before, but all women runners who compete should be aware of the contribution that she made.  Just at the end of the interview as I was nearing the end of my morning run, I was struck by something she said and I quote:

    "It was the running every day that gave me a sense of empowerment. It gave me a victory under my belt every day that nobody could take away from me." 

  • Ten - love the quote - never thought that way but it's right, once you've done the run and got the benefit then nobody can take it away from you

    Luke - i have used the RW Ultimate schedules in the past - for me, they are a bit too heavy with not enough light weeks and too many long runs close together but find that the mix of runs is great - at my age i need more recovery from hard weeks so have adjusted these schedules accordingly taking onboard Sam's advice - however, i reckon with your youth and general fitness they should be good for you but you may wish to think if you need to adjust them

    Rest day today - need it as well - think recent events have caught up with me as i slept for 12 hours solid last night !! 


  • Thanks guys. Just completed 7.67 miles at 7:22 pace. Enjoyed it. Nice day out there and just a bit of rain coming now.

    Ten great interview that but I think this frank shorter 1 is great aswell. Last week there was a brilliant 'training talk' on heart rate. Summat to look forward to any way.

    Cheers Oscarr. I think I may find the same as you and might tailor the plan SB style. image
  • Luke, thats a great pace, 3.45 mara should be no problem.

    Oscarr, top sleeping!  With 12 hours you could be a professional sleeper!



  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    The heart rate training talk will be of particular interest for sure.

    I'm currently reading Brad Hudson's book "Run Faster from 5K to the Marathon", which is all about being your own coach and tailoring plans to suit your own ability/lifestyle.  I'm making some adjustments to my own routines to add more hill work and moderate running (hence the progressions).  There's a lot to take in, but it's an interesting read.

    If I slept for 12 hours I would get a thumping migraine!

  • I love sleep image


  • Great running Luke sub 3.45 is on I reckon. Oh to be younger again!!! Hudsons book and training is basically less is more isn't it, I am sure there was an article in RW mag last year about that.  Ran 6 miles hilly this morning with daughter who missed Edinburgh we had a great run did 5 miles in 40 mins then just over 8 for the last mile. Reckon I need to do a 10k with my bro he ran a 6.10 mile last night on his own, he will be going faster soon as he gets 33 he has room for improvement.......  I am going to do more hill work and cycling this month to get some better leg strength. All the best to all running n racing this weekend.

  • Hello all

    Not had much time to pop in here..good to see some serious training going on!

    I am still struggling to fit in trianing with lloking after my middle daughter and work. Managed a 5 mile run yesterday and a swim this morning though!



  • Hi all 

    I did my first run longer than 10K since VLM - 11 miles in over 2 hours!

    SB - that's a cracking time by your Ben, would have liked to have seen him in Birmingham next weekend. 

    I agree with Oscarr about the race, then I usually brdige the following day with Aqua Jogging, then have an east day on the bike before running again.  But I am older too!

    I ended up getting another jacket after all our talk - its a bright yellow Asics one, I like it.

    BoD - congrats on the job!  It's sounding like what I do, if so we are blessed.  It will have its moments but you won't get bored. 

    Ten - good running I like your approach, it's going to work!

    LE2 - what pace.

    About HR, I have been meaning to strat working with this for a while now, I am wondering if the Marathon Talk podcast is a place to start, or can anyone point me in the direction of good advice on it?  I don't like the rude age based formulae, as my RHR is petty low.  

    And my Garmin has a HR attachment but I couldn't even get it to work.

    Are there any that don't have the strap, or is that a silly question?

    Any tips appreciated.

    Just popped in to say GOOD LUCK all for teh weekend!!

    I entered the Harlow 10 this afternoon after managing to scam the day off.

  • RR: cool. What do you do? I've been working with over 18s for about 6 years now, so needing a change. Telling the kids I was in a magazine because of my running might have impressed them! Prob only be for a couple of years, on secondment, but who knows with the current situation???

    Missed my tempo run this morning cos I was feeling very lazy. Tempted to do it tomorrow, but is this too close to my race at the weekend??? Oh decisions, miss having someone telling me what to do...
  • I'm back running again! Did a comfortable 5m at lunchtime and managed a round of golf in the rain after work. I'm wondering whether to do a 10m run at the weekend as per the plan, or to ease myself back into the running plan.
    Bo> If you're running on Saturday, probably not worth the tempo run tomorrow - but if its on Sunday you'll have recovered from a run tomorrow won't you? 

  • Hay AC8! Glad to see you back into it. Might be worth having a go, but keeping the pace down. Building endurence and all that. Running on Sunday, so that's what I was thinking. Might reduced the total mileage tomorrow to aid recovery...
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