Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Oh yeah!

    Does anyone know if these Camelbacks are legal on the track? 

  • Evening all - sorry I have been so absent. Feel I have a damned good excuse in one word... OFSTED! Arghhhh! So rather a stressful week. As a result have eaten rubbish and not run enough so feeling fat and blobby.

    Managed a pb in a very windy Worthing 10 a week last wednesday 50:43 so hoping for a sub 50 at some point in the future! LSR have been 10, 12 and 13 yesterday - but I found yesterday so so so so tough!

    Glad to hear folks' training going well for the long summer events and great result Craig.... and Ben what can I say SB amazing! Love the tutu photo tooimage.

  • Impressive 10k time Bo. I reckon if I raced you over 10k at the moment you'd beat me by about 1km!
    I've just done my longest training run since my half marathon in April - just 14k (I'm supposed to be doing 16k each week at the moment) but I don't want to get injured. It felt good image

  • Morning all!

    Bo - whoop whoop - you've beaten my PB too by 2 seconds - git!!! image

    (LOL - you know I don't really mean it!) Oh btw - nice article in the BUPA magazine - the outlaws saved it for me! Check you out celebrity!)

    Nice LSRs guys - jealous - my turn soon ...

    My trail race was hard, no make that HARD but brilliant.  I pushed myself a bit but it was way too warm for me so I stuck to a quality (for me) tempo pace and enjoyed passing a few folks on the hills which I stubbornly refused to walk.  I finished in about 55 mins (Ben ran to a similar tactic as he wasn't meant to be doing it and tootled home 1st in 34 mins) and I'm happy with that given the course.  Really recommend it if anyone is up in Yorkshire next year (Castle Howard 10k - - stunning scenery. 90% off road, a few cheeky short but steep uphills with plenty of recovery in between.  Just make sure you take note of the fact that it's 10.45k not 10k though - you'll thank me later!  Got a nice racing vest tan too!

    Hi Emma *waves*  - what's your next race?  Know exactly what you mean about 10ks - I've given up getting stressed about them now and I'm just accepting that I'm better at and enjoy longer races much more.  They're just good training as far as  I'm concerned!

    RR - how long are planning to run round in circles for?  image Can't see why you wouldn't be allowed one - but I'm not a track runner so I don't actually know.  

    Was very good last night too - we took the outlaws out for a meal and I didn't overeat! Didn't have any cake either image

    Only did 29.4 of my 30.5 estimated miles last week due to running for a set time at a HR range - was heavy legged on Saturday for some reason so tootled slower than usual - so it is what it is - 32 ish this week including a parkrun on Saturday.


  • Hi SB I would like to do 10 000m in the track (for age). Did it last year in New Yirk and although we weren't allowed to carry or leave bottles lying around they set up a water table in lane 5.

    I stopped every other lap and came 3rd missing out on silver by 7 seconds to the Russian.

    Madness of what!? Well maybe, maybe not. I have asthma and find if really helps if I can sip water. It was in the high 80o ad well, although I don't think I have ever run even a 4K without water (drink loads in normal life too)

    So if the Camelback were admissible and worked, it's look out world in 2013 when I could shave at least a minute off my time I reckon, even allowing for the advantage if short breaks.

    Nice trail running by you! My sis is in York , must do that one!

    And Ben well....
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Deja Vu for me today.  I've got groin strain during warm-up strides - exactly the same circumstances when I suffered it back in January.  I've re-read Sam's advice and will be icing and taking ibuprofen.  The wife is away, so I have freedom to abuse the tea towels image.  It's a low-grade ache at the moment, so I'm hopeful that it will be a small blip in my program.

    I'm kicking myself because I forgot to restart the groin stretches when I had recovered from my op.  I'll adjust future training so that I don't go too fast in the warm-up!


  • Ten, I have the same issue with my groin deep seated strain on each side (from years of footy), got my sorted with a Rugby physio who used friction massage 3 sessions of 15mins (rather painful) but I haven't suffered a reccurance in 5yrs.

    I had a day a spectator yesterday, great to watch the everyone come in a Alresford 10k an dtwo course records to boot.

    Good running BD, there is so much more to come.

    Castle Howard sounds fun and I've always liked a run that's longer than advertised

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Thanks Choisty.  I've made a note of that, just in case it keeps recurring.

  • Morning guys

    RR - what's that - about 25 laps?  That's not as dizzy-making as I first worried.  Go get that Russian ... image

    Choisty - the organiser kindly told everyone in the joining instructions beforehand - it's funny how that extra bit can seem a long way.

    Happy bunny this morning - my "non-racing" gained me another 0.2 on my handicap which in turn gained me 700 places on the Ladies' ladder and 100 or so on the FV35s - climby climby catch monkey.  Have discovered I only need to get to a 13.5 handicap or thereabouts to make it into the top 1000 FV40 - so I have 8 months to improve by 1 point - game on!

    Wonder how Bo's legs are this morning?  I'll forgive him his speediness if he has the decency to be a bit stiff-legged image

  • SB: I'm not too stiff, but did decide to bail on this morning's planned session... image the end of the race hurt like hell though, to the point i was asking myself why i was putting myself through this!!! BTW, I've got no idea what you are talking about... Is it Run Britian?

    RR: 25 laps??? Thought I was going crazy after 12.

    Ten: I've got a pack you can have, might need a new bladder. PM me.
  • It"s after about 17 that you really have had enough!  I've only  done it twice, once to check that my ttime would be close to 10K on the road, and then the actual race.

    BoD Wise to bail, although my legs would be dodgy tomorrow rather than today.

    SB - climb on, I seem to be stuck.  They even say I need to do a marathon slower than I already have to improve my score!  

    Morning all!

  • I'll let you off then Bo image.  Yip - run Britain - I keep looking you up so I can "follow" you but you don't seem to be on it yet - register and "add your performances" (top buttons) - it's free and quite addictive!  If you're on Power of 10 (where you seem to appear automatically if you've had a top ten finish) you automatically get registered so check first.

    RR - I went through phases like that - you seem to get extra points just for taking part regularly from what I can tell - as you gather performances it seems to get a much better picture of what you are capable of and then you get scary-but-not-too-much-quicker targets.  So are you aiming for a particular lap time?  The only lap time I know is 2 minutes for 8 min miles ish

    Just had a really good sesh - 10 minutes easy followed by 6 sets of 3 minutes Tempo + 2 minutes easy but not full recovery.  I seem to need  a bit longer than usual (or I'm being lazy) to get going at the start of sessions at the moment - seem to be locked into a walk,jog, jog a bit faster, eventually build up my speed to where I would normally be pattern - I guess it's no bad thing and I'm sure I'll be taking even longer in a month or so time.   Anyone else find that as they go through the mara build up?

    Thoughts to oscarr this morning - hope his guardian angel is settling in ok (((HUGS)))

    P.S - More boring but exciting to me stats that make me feel a bit better about my 10k-inability - 29th out 132 females and 4th in my age group - so I can't have run that badly after all. Myabe I'll have a little selection of tangfastics as a reward - hurrah image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    My problem with RunBritain is that I don't race often enough - and when I do, the race doesn't appear in their list, so my rankings just go into perpetual decline.  Hence it's not so addictive for me image


  • Oh no Ten - that's not much fun - did you know you can submit results if they don't appear - if you go to the results tab at the top - check the list and if the race is not there scroll to the end (or press the end button on your keyboard if you don't have all day). There's a link at the bottom to submit the website url for the race  results page that's missing.  I've done it half a dozen times - they're pretty good at getting the results up and even say thank you by email (occasionally) image

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    SB - Thanks for that.  I've just submitted a few missing ones for 2011 and 2010 to see what happens.

  • SB under 2 mins is enough!

    I am one of those who takes over a mile (Usually about 6) to get going , si I warm up for yonks before races.

    Even had a little jog before VLM!!
  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    SB - apparently all three races I submitted did not have UKA race licenses image

  • Ten/SB: I just had the same thing. My race at te weekend don't count... Bum and bum...
  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see

    Thoughts to oscarr this morning - hope his guardian angel is settling in ok (((HUGS)))

    Thanks Sleepy and everyone.  Its been quite an emotional 2 weeks.  The funeral was yesterday and this morning i placed her urn in a plot at a woodland burial ground where over the years she will be part of creating a new native woodland which is what she would have wanted.  Its only a 5 mile run away which is nice.

    The poem Sleepy posted is one of two which were read at the funeral and the other contained a similar sentiment.  After the cremation we held a Memorial Celebration where we rejoiced her memory.  The tributes were very comforting and very genuine.

    I'm through the shock phase and able to talk about things without breaking down.  I have a simple balance scale in my head - on the one side is the pain and on the other the warm, happy memories; as each day passes the pain gets less and the memories get warmer.  I produced a 60 photo collage for yesterday which was extremely therapeutic and helped enormously with the happy memories.  She wanted me to live on and that's what i will do and with her spirit with me.

    I will book my hotel for Coniston tomorrow and am looking forward to the marathon as the break will be good for me.  It will be good to see the folk from this forum there as well.

    I hope you don't mind me sharing things like this on the forum - for me, this is real life and why not share these things? - rather selfishly, every time i share it gets better.

    Keep smiling...image.

  • Both image and image reading that Oscarr... Thoughts are with you.

  • Share away oscarr image

    That sounds like a beautiful resting place and a very therapeutic place to run to.  It's totally natural to miss her but your collage sounds like a fantastic idea to help you focus on your gratitude for the time you had together.No one can ever take your memories away.

    What time is your start at Coniston? I guess I won't know whether I'm in the first or second wave of half runners until I register...  There's a chance we'll finish at a similar time?

    Boo boys - sorry your races don't count - the delights of UKA politics I guess - I have a few missing too. Can you do any of the parkruns?  They count!



  • Sleepy - i'm in the 9:00am Trail Marathon start - if yours is 10:30 then you will finish about 12:15 and i will finish at 13:30 ish - Funny Hat has gone for the earlier start of 07:00 to avoid the heat (i prefer my lie-ins!!) so he will finish around 11:15. Means the 3 of us could be finishing in one hour gaps.  Reckon i will certainly see you before i start (just) cos you need to be there early to register  (i will register the day before)

  • My Garmin has broken!!!!!!!

    *panics, runs round like a headless chicken, sends request for repair, thinks 'what's the bloody point now' and returns to bed, depressed*

  • LOL Bo - you are allowed to run without one you know! image

    * shakes head in wonder - the youth of today - tut tut * image LOL

    oscarr - I think we are planning to get there on the Saturday too so we will text you when we arrive - we're staying with one of Ben's mates so I'm not sure where exactly ... I may well register on Saturday too to get it out of the way!

    Just 40 minutes easy for me today.

  • Oscarr I love that you shared with us, and you really helped me.

    SB my 5K PB was at HAckney Marshes PR, and I couldn't get it accepted on RB!

    Which Garmin is it BoD?  I am now fully au fait with soft and hard resets, mind you I must point out that one one of my previous model's complete seizure occasions, I ran a massive, and I mean over 4 minute, 10 mile PB, and about 7 mins off my best that year!  I remember being alongside this quite runnery looking bloke at 7 miles and actually asking him if the marker was right!

    All I'm off to Brum for the weekend, but will be following you, wish I was running with you.


  • Morning RR - when was that? (your PB I mean) Have you tried to add it since they added the parkrun option on the drop down list?  If not - they seem to have a section now. (It was added a couple of months or so ago... )


  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Oscarr - very sad and yet uplifting at the same time - you always give me plenty to think about.  I wish I knew the right things to say, but I'll leave that to Sleepy who always seems to eloquently express my unspoken thoughts.

  • TenjisoTenjiso ✭✭✭

    Bo - the garmin can't handle the new speed you are running!  

    SB - I'm hoping to get along to a few parkruns later in the year when my wife is back home.  Shame that runners are penalised for not running in the UKA's own events.  I guess it's just a way for them to "encourage" races to register with them - and presumably pay a fee?  I've got my cynical hat on right now image

  • SB: noooo, I'm addicted to it. Need it... Now!!!

    RR: it's the 610. Tried all of the suggestions on web and had an e-mail from them. But she just doesn't want to play. That's a really funny story too!
  • Ten - don't worry - I have similar rants about cross country events not being included and that parkruns not counting as PB runs on Power of 10! (And as for being eloquent - I just read your mind and stole your thoughts that's all! image)

    Completely bizarre and unrelated recommendation should you wish to spend less time cleaning and more time training - the new Cilit Bang Active foam stuff for the bathroom is utter genius! 

    Right - butt - in gear... watch out world, here I come!

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