Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • SB, well done on doing your 5k today the weather is rubbish! as for Ben, he is just too quick!  Let us know how he did re - CR and his time.

    Hope our LSR goes better for you tomorrow.

    I may try a light run and see how calf is, at work now and bored!


  • Oh no poor you FH - working on a Saturday - yak! 

    He was 12 seconds too slow LOL - must have been a bad day - he's not often wrong in his estimation of what he's run (even without his watch).  But you know what that means ... he'll have the bit between his teeth next time he runs (though it won't be until August now).  Makes me feel a bit better that he was 'that slow' - and the two ladies right in front of me both have similar PBs and ran a minute slower today too. Hope runBritain gives it a decent weighting then I'll feel better image

    Hope your calf is feeling better!  Can you subtley do some calf raises and toe raises (draw your toes up towards your shins) whilst you're bored? Or is it too sore even for a bit of strengthening?  Sending you healing vibes ...

    Predictor still keeps me sub4 at marathon - breathe - all is well!  I didn't race at all during my last marathon prep - have to keep reminding myself of that.  I did all my training much slower than I am so far this time - my perceptions have obviously just scooted along the "what constitutes quality" continuum!

    BTW - have you seen the 10,000m times coming in from Birmingham - if I come back, I'm coming back as a Ethiopian - totally amazing (27:02!!!!!).  Bet Reiki's having a great time!

  • Thanks for the well wishes re: work, guys.  The OU studying is going well.

    I ran nine miles today, seven at 9:50 pace and the last two miles at 9:06 pace.  I could feel some tightness near the groin during the last two miles and debated slowing down - but the two miles was over by the time my debate was concluded image  I probably should have slowed back down, but I can only feel any form of pain when I stretch.  So I'll just avoid stretching image

    Tomorrow I will just do an easy three miler to conclude the week with 35 miles overall, still on target.

    SB - I ran a course record the first time I ran a new course I made up.  Does that count?  You just reminded me, there's athletics on the box this afternoon - time to put my feet up.

  • SB, been doing loads of stretching, I think I pulled/strained the muscle when I got cramp in bed Sunday night.  On the mend and doing a slow 4 miles if it feels OK with my Sister after work.  Then I will be fixed for Coniston!!

    Shame on Ben, tell him to run faster next time !

    Tenjoso, good 9 today, hows the groin ?



  • Very steady 10 miler today at 9:50 pace after the golf marathon on thursday.  Tested the camelbak again which was good.  That's 20 miles for the week after a heavy one the week before (34 miles and 18 mile LSR) so first week of a 2 week taper.  Not bad considering the week i've had.  The running does give me a good diversion and something else to focus on - really pleased i booked Coniston all those months ago for a completely different reason but strange how these things work out sometimes.

    Right!!  TripAdviser here i come and i will definately book that hotel room tonight !!!

  • FH - groin feels okay, thanks,  now I've rested while watching the olympic trials on TV.  Hope you get fixed in time for Coniston.

    Steady running Oscarr - not long now.



  • Oscarr, good effort on your 10 miles.

    I did a nice and easy 5 with my sister and all seems normal with my calf, which is really good. Will do 8 in the morning and a couple of 4 milers in the week before I drive up to the lakes on Sunday. Hope to get the chance to meet SB and Ben and catch up with Oscarr, my fellow Reading Roadrunner!

    I am booked into a hotel in Ambleside with Mrs FH, we are staying for a few nights which will be great.

    Let me know Oscarr that you got accommodation OK.

  • OK, just booked my hotel - i know the South Lakes as we used to live in Morecambe for 4 yrs and wanted a hotel south of Coniston water to ease the travel to and from the area (don't have to go through Windermere).  So, just booked 2 nights at Whitewater Hotel near Newby Bridge.  Its got a pool etc so can have a nice relax after - oh, and a nice bar as well !!!!!!!

    Plan to register in Coniston on Saturday afternoon when i get to the area.  Hope to see you all at some stage over the weekend.

  • Oscarr, at last, Had a picture of you sleeping in your car! Will catch up with you at the end of the marathon for sure. Have a good week and take care.

  • Ten - definitely counts!  Glad you're feeling mended!

    FH - Ben says image.  Will be good to meet up - we'll be hovering at the finish - you should be in first, hopefully followed by me (depending on which start I get) and then we'll be yelling for oscarr!  Ben will be spottable by the small bundle of white fur that'll be bouncing around nearby trying to say hello to everyone - she loves races!  I'll be wearing bright green - similar to your colours but without the blue!

    oscarr - that sounds lovely - good choice!

    Just waiting for the rain to ease off then I'm away out the door!

    Any views on Dwain Chambers' little outburst on tv last night - not behaviour becoming an olympic athlete I feel - not sure I'd want him on the squad if that's how he's going to represent the nation (regardless of his past which I wish they'd stop going on about - he's won the right to be there now and that should be the end of it!)



  • SB - I wonder how many more athletes will now take drugs as a result of Chambers (and others) effectively getting away with it in public?  Given that there are four years between Olympics, a two year ban for cheating seems inadequate.  If he goes to the Olympics, I hope he loses for the good of the sport.

    I ran my three miles easy this morning, drug free and without pain.  Thirty-five miles banked this week as planned.

  • I know what you mean Ten - it's all a bit bonkers if you ask me! Nice week!!

    11.30 miles this morning - 10:03 min/miles - 31.8 miles this week! Tickety boo image

    Very excited for next weekend now - it may be my slowest half to date but it's likely to be one of the most spectacular and breathtaking too so I'll be more than happy just to cross that start and finish line.  7 sleeps to go ...


  • S B, good run for you today you must be we pleased with that. Will

    Let you know (and Ben) what top I will be wearing later in the week, I am number 12, got it by special request!! All the other numbers in the Challenge Marathon start at 500 so I should be easy to spot.

    I did 7 this morning at 8:24 pace, achilles a bit sore but I will be OK come Sunday.

    Glad Oscarr is sorted with a hotel, good choice to get one with a bar and swimming pool!!

  • FH - I was allocated the number 01 in my first half marathon a few years ago.  A day before the race I contracted chest infection and was unable to run, so I blew my one and only chance to wear the coveted number!  

  • Ten, gutted for you on the number 1 you missed out on.

  • My favourite race number was 321 (I still have it in my treasure box - it was a real temptation to add some commas and 'GO' at the end).

    Loved today's run - had to keep reining myself in and keep it easy peasy - I do love my LSRs - can't beat a bit of an adventure and exploration!

    FH - I'll tell Ben to keep an eye out for you - if you're in with the challenge crew you're gonna be one of the faster ones and in at the front I'm sure.

    Did you see Jo Pavey's finish in the 5,000?  What a goddess! image

    ps think I've worked out why I'm not eating enough - forgot to add my dog walking calories to my basal metabolic needs - oops.  Lost 1.5kg last week and that's too much in one week for my liking!  Had a great 4.5 mile walk this afternoon so allowed myself one of Ben's stashed donuts (he hasn't noticed yet! image) - if it wasn't for one massively overgrown section - I would have found my perfect easy run route just a few miles drive away!

    edited for lazy Sunday spelling!


  • Update: Ran a new 5k parkrun pb yesterday 24:35 in windy conditions, just ran 12k this afternoon. I'm probably faster and fitter than I've ever been - but next week my training schedule is 20km at virtually my marathon pace *gulp*.
    Was supposed to have had 4 runs of 16km in the past month, but longest run was a 14km last. Have a "My Asics" plan. Plan to do a bit less than the plan, but hope to catch up to it to make up for a few weeks lost, rather than catch up straight away.
    Just 4 weeks until my 2nd ever Half marathon image

  • AC8 , looking good, keep up the training and you will do well with your next half in 4 weeks. Hope you have a good weeks training. Whats your PB and what sort of time do you want to do it in ?

  • AC8 - I bow in awe - good on you - it was a hideous day yesterday! image

    How exciting - will look forward to hearing how you get on.  I had a look at the "my asics" site - I really liked the look of their programmes but I'd already chosen my schedule at the time.  It's a lovely looking site isn't it?  Are you also storing your training data on there?  Is it easy enough to do?  I've registered but not actually tried yet ...

    Sounds like a sensible plan to "make up" the training but please be sensible and don't overdo it just because you feel like you "should" be at a certain mileage.  Came across a great quote the other day about it being better to be on the start line 3% undertrained than 3% overtrained - wish I could find it again! 

    Also saw a graph that mapped marathon finishing times against weekly hours spent training - really annoyed with myself now as I can't find it again!  Anyone know where it is?  I recall that you run sub 3 you're likely to need to be training for 10 hours a week ...


  • Thanks for your comments SleepyB. I didn't run my regular run at Reading - which was cancelled. Went to Newbury with my wife (I've got her into running the parkruns - and she's improved her PB from 44mins last year to 38 mins now with a new PB by 1 minute for her yesterday) - she had the Garmin watch and there were no distance markers. With wind behind, I covered more than half the distance in 12mins, (previous PB was a shade over 25 mins), I had to work really hard to keep going and slowed down a lot with wind against and slightly uphill for the final 2kms. I felt close to being sick - but a new PB by 30 seconds was the result - so worth the effort.
    It took a lot out for me - so my long run today was compromised.
    Re the MyAsics website - I like it too. I fixed the plan slightly to get me to a plan for a 4 hour marathon. I said I could do 5k in 24.30 when I was a minute behind that - even with that its pretty intensive for me to get up to that level of fitness.
    If I could just lose 10kilos I'm sure running without so much baggage around my belly I'd find the whole running challenge a lot easier!

  • Wooowwww.... Loads of stuff going on that I didn't know about. No e-mail notice (that and a massive hangover...) Training has gone a little wrong... Indisapline is setting in, must get back on wagon...
  • AC8, re the extra few pounds in weight you mentioned..... I was told by a running coach that 1 pound in weight lost = 3 seconds improvement per mile in a marathon, so 10 pounds would mean a 13 minute improvement!  I found that to be the case when I lost a few extra pounds.  I would think it would be the same for a half too.

    Bo, you need to get back into it for sure, you can DO IT !

    SB, getting close now, really looking forward to it now, bring on Sunday !


  • Anthony Collins 8 wrote (see)

    Plan to do a bit less than the plan

    That's an intruiging idea.  A recursive plan that implodes on itself!  Well done with the PB and good luck with the marathon training.

    I've reshuffled my schedule to give myself an extra day recovery before my next hard session.  Six miles at 9:40 pace, all within my recovery heart rate.  I'm gradually getting faster image  I think I'm going to try some one mile intervals tomorrow at projected 10k pace, depending on whether I feel any pain.




  • I'm trying to digest all the stats...

    I need to run ten hours a weeks, lose a pound a week, keep myself within plus or minus 3% of optimum training, while allowing for wind resistance and garmin standard deviation to knock at least half an hour off my marathon time in six months.

    Simples image

  • Ten - you've obviously got it sussed imageimage

    AC8 - just keep at it - it'll happen!  When your mileage gets to full tilt it's hard to eat enough to put weight on I find - ahhh the joys of running - now where did I leave that chocolate eclair?

    Easy 40 minutes done - lower heart rate, slightly further and faster than last week. I shall take that as a sign ...

    Get that horse out of the stable Bo - when's your next race?

    FH - Us too - I watched the route slide show again last night - it just looks so fab - wish I was doing the full mara now!



  • Week One 12 week schedule leading to GNR so I am back on the trails, roads paths etc. Had to have a nice 4.7 miler this morning to work as the sun was shining....then got to work jumped in the shower and then discovered no towel here!!! Paper towels are not nice!!!!image 

    All the best to those heading to the Lakes this weekend very jealous indeed. Coniston is awesome well the Lakes is allround. Hope the weather is kind to you guys.

  • One can payback the loan of gold, but one lies forever in debt to those who are kind.

  • Sleepy - thanks for the link to the Lakeland Trails thread - just flicked through it and consensus seems to be that you need to add between 40 to 60 mins to your flat road marathon time to get an expected one for this event.  When i did Snowdon in 4:38 i had done London earlier that year in 4:10 and it felt at least a 30 mins slower course due to hills and wind. So adding a bit more for the trails aspect then 40 to 60 sounds reasonable.  I am not going to worry about time at all on this one but reckon 5 hrs is a good shot.

    The other consensus from the thread is that it is a run with stunning scenery, great camerarderie and atmosphere, a great underfoot challenge and just a brilliant event - bring it on!!!

    FH - getting more excited ??


  • You guys are making me jealous too!  Taking longer to get around will give you the opportunity to savour the scenery.  Hope you all have a great day.

    mcs - LOL @ paper towels.  Better than toilet rolls though image


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