Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • I miss all the obsessing about the weather image

    Four miles easy this morning.  "Town of Runners" DVD has arrived.

  • Hi All am getting excited for you for Coniston!

    Ankle and foot pretty much back to normal so am hoping to do a Park Run Saturday to see if I get a higher max, will have to welly it, am keen to try the heart rate training but would like to be more confident in the numbers.

    Pilates this morning, off to work now, which will include the launch of my latest athletics project (see what I did there!?)

    BoD I always loved athletics, it just never crossed my mind to do any!
  • RR - did you listen to the recent marathontalk episode about heart rate monitor training?  One suggestion to find your threshold pace was to race a 5k wearing the monitor and looking at the results.  From there the other training paces can be worked out.  Worth a listen if you missed it.

  • Oscar, I'm running Lakeland on Sunday, hope to see you. I'll be in the Overton Harriers vest. Unfortunately that means I'm a club mate of Lee aka Choisty.
  • Sorry Reiki didn't notice you'll be there as well.
  • Oscarr, "no excuses"  i'm not goint to win it !  Well I might get in the top 20 of the Challenge field.  Weather is perfect for me and cant wait to get there now, should be a good day. 

    Piers, will look out for you in your Overton Vest.


  • Piers - great, that makes 3 from this thread plus yourself - the 3 are Funny Hat and me from Reading and Sleepy Bear from Lincoln (ex Marlow) - FH and I are doing the marathon (FH in the Challenge group at 7am to avoid heat) and I'm in the race at 9am - Sleepy is doing the half.  We all intend to meet at the finish.

    Which group are you in and what colours are Overton please?  I'll be in white top, black shorts and a camelbak but just look for the receding hair line!!  FH will probably be carrying an olympic torch and Sleepy will have a mad white dog on her heels!!

    If we do meet you could buy me that pint Choisty owes me .....image

  • I'm in the main marathon. Vest is light blue and it has our club name emblazoned across it. Ive had a few niggles so hoping to finish in under 4 hours. If do I'll definitely buy a round!
  • Oscarr,  not in olympic kit Sunday (see for pics) , will be in a Barnardo's or Teenage Cancer Trust vest, was going to run in RRR vest but went down last night and none in my size.  Both will have my name on the front (Nick). 

    Piers all the best for Sunday, I would love to finish in 4 hours but I think 4.15 - 4.30 is more my time.  So hard to judge, my half PB 1:34 and road marathon 3:42 so I guess 4.15 is do-able, just !

    Be great to catch up with you all Sunday, if I do it under 4.15 I will buy a round.

    Last 4 miles easy for me today and then rest and stretch session Friday befor the 5 hour drive Saturday.


  • I haven't done an off road marathon before but did Marlborough Downs 20 (actually 19 1/2) in 2 hours 40 mins last month so hoping that's a good guide for sub 4 here.

    Marlborough Downs is a tough event but it only has about a third the ascent of the Lakeland Trails.

    4:15 will put you well to the front of the challenge field. You'll be finished before most of the half marathon runners have finished.

    We'll see on Sunday!

  • So far this week you have... run 43.77 miles. Your Training Blog:

    madmark (783 miles this year.......

    Going for the biggest week I can do to see how the body responds........ready for bed yawn!!!!  Oh to be in Coniston on Sunday..............all the best guys excited for you looking forward to the race reports in full detail.

  • Cheers Ten, having tried the Jill test I thought a 5K might give me a better idea.

    Piers I'm not doing Coniston, just excited fit those who are!

    Which now includes you!
  • I may have to leave the car at the hotel with all these rounds people are lining up.....tee hee!!!  That's the advantage of being the last in our little group to finish image

    Started carbo loading with a massive pasta meal tonight - only trouble was i was also lager loading at the same time.... oh well !!!!

  • Cheers MCS will update at somepoint on Sunday.

    Oscarr liking your skills on the balanced diet of those all important carbs and lager , top marks Sir !

    I can confirm I will be wearing a Green Barnardo's top with NICK in red on front and back, can't be too many in my kit !


  • weather still looks good - will be setting off early sat morning for drive up there - FH, when do you plan to leave?

  • Oscarr: can see that, you, whole pile of pasta, beer in hand thinking about PBing at the weekend. Nice.

    Good luck for the weekend folks. Weather looks brilliant, an hoping for cold and overcast for you (not gonna make me popular with the holiday makers...)

    I'm back on the wagon, got a sandwich run in this morning, hard but good. Unlike last nights first attempt... I really can't cope with heat, any tips?
  • Cheers Bo, I hate the heat!  I tend to run early in the day or late and run through the woods to get some shade.  I also take plenty of water with me.

    Oscarr, I will leave at 7.30am, via Costa in Caversham for a take-out coffee,  not sure where I will stop on the way up yet, any ideas ?


  • Ta FH. Really jealous now.

    Thinking about Abibgdon next year, by this sounds like a good crack too.
  • FH - i stop at the services on the M6 toll road around Birmingham - a good service station and about 2 hours into the journey although not quite half way - reckon i will leave at about the same time as you

    Bo - i have entered Abingdon this year (Oct) for the first time - it's always full very early (entry opens around Feb) so you need to keep your eye on that and put a reminder on the calendar cos it fills up in a few weeks - its a very flat, fast course and popular with folk chasing a PB so a good one if that's what you are after.

  • Thanks Oscarr: that's exactly what I'm looking for. Tempted to throw in the lakes too...
  • I missed Aningdon entry this year, am hoping for next year!

    BoD you won't like my tip but it worked a treat for New York last year - Hot Bikram Yoga for a week or two beforehand (but difficult to predict around here though!)
  • Sooooo glad I made the effort to reshuffle my schedule for this week!  Today was my first outdoor run since the MK marathon!  

    It was overcast and there was light rain for a few miles with around 18mph wind.  The 10m route has an long slope of between 1% and 3% for a couple of miles (downward on the way out, and upward on return).  Although I wore my Garmin, I decided to run to how I felt and just enjoy the run.  As expected I ran a positive split.  Five miles out in 44:06 and back in 45:17, finishing in 1:29:23 (avg. pace 8:56).  Felt great at the end.

    Given that my best ten mile race time was 01:31:39, I am well happy with this!  Also, my target marathon pace for next year is around nine minute miling, so I feel well on course for that.

    Rest day tomorrow, then a hard session on Sunday to complete the week.

    Good luck to all those going to Coniston!  Hope you all have a fantastic day and I'm looking forward to post race reports.

  • Wow, Ten! Go fella, massive increase in pace there. Good work Sir!!!
  • Ten - great 10 miler that, well done - will report Coniston after the weekend

  • Cheers Ten, echo Bo and Oscarr, great running.

    Oscarr, might bump into you at services, if not will see you Sunday for that beer !


  • Good luck to everyone running this weekend! My running this week has been OK - hard to run when it is really hot as I found on Thursday midday. Planned to run 12k but felt like I was treading water / running through treacle and only did 8k. I'm planning a 16-20k run on Sunday after taking the kids to Legoland tomorrow. Not sure if being on my feet all day running after the kids counts as marathon training though image

  • Apologies for the double post. Other notable running related news - bought my wife a ladies Garmin 110 watch with HRM. Will stop her using mine, and enable me to use a HRM when I want to avoid wearing 2 watches at once (Polar HRM+Garmin).

  • Cheers AC8. What's the Garmin 110 like ? My sister is after her first watch .

  • Fh gArmin 110 is the one I have and I love it for it simplicity
  • FH> I like the Garmin 110 - for simplicity too - gives me each 1km split time, average pace per km that I'm running, total time elapsed - while running. Then get to download the route I ran and all the stats, including calories burnt on the computer when I'm finished. Its on a special offer at Sweatshop at the moment for £90 base model and £120 with HRM. The ladies model is grey with a pink line on it - very fetching if you're into that kind of thing! 

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