Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • I'll have a punt on Oscarr's time - I'll go for 3:58.  Any other offers...

    WW - by any chance are you doing the swim and bike parts of a hardcore triathlon plan?  By the time you're back running you'll be doing an Ironman/lady at this rate image

    What's the pacing plan oscarr?  Have you got a negative split for just under 4 hours that I could borrow?

    Lovely jaunt in the sunshine today and have spent the last couple of hours doing battle with overgrown shrubs - very much loving the branch croppers my M-i-L got me for Christmas - chop, chop - very satisfying and gotta be good for the biceps!

  • I walked 1.5 miles in thirty minutes this evening, and I didn't even walm-up or cool-down!

    I think I've earned my pizza. Or should I say pizzas? It would be criminal not to take advantage of the BOGOF, or the stuffed crust, or the chips. I did read somewhere that you should eat what you want in the week after the marathon, because your body knows what it wants for recovery. Or maybe I dreamt that last bit - probably while hallucinating at mile 18.

    Anyhoo... delivery is imminent.
  • Enjoy Ten - you've earmed it! Quite right - you eat anything you feel like! 

    oscarr - put that slice back -!  Thank you young man - now just you wait til Sunday!  Bring home the sub4 and I'll buy you the pizza myself! image

  • I'll go for 3:56 on oscarr's time.

    AC3: Paris is a first come first served thing with increasing costs, like Brighton and berlin. Not sure about NY though...
  • Ten: Eat what ever you want... Pizza, chips nuggets full English....
  • SB - Ironman now there's a thought....  My friend said she needed to put me in a straight jacket after the marathon to stop me entering more races.  Now I'm injured and she despairs as I've entered a 40m bike race in 2 weeks instead to keep me going.

    Liking the sound of the branch cutters, should add those to my routine perhaps.....!!!

     I'm on week 2 of marathon recovery (or is it week 3?!?!) so eating needing to be curbed now....

  • mcs - i'm just loving the beer and pizza and feast but as i am a good boy (!?!?) i will have to do as Sleepy says and put it all down and wait a while - there you go Ten, its all yours..

    Sleepy/Bo - if i get anything with a 3 at the start i promise to leave Bo's knee caps alone and buy Sleepy all the chocolate she can eat (tee hee) - as for pacing plan, here it is at moment (pending final day conditions etc);

    Asked myself the question Sam asked Bo - what time would you absolutely be chuffed to get (not the dream but the time i would say it had all been worthwhile) and the answer is 3:59 (remember my current PB is 4:10) - also, liked the philosophy of not putting yourself under pressure by going off too slowly behind target - also, believe strongly that negative split is the best way to enjoy races and get good times - so;

    start to 10 miles - 9:07 (3:59 pace)

    11 to 20 miles - 8:45 to 9:00 (depends how i feel but need lot of energy for final 10K)

    20 to 26.2 - slowly increase or hold on depending what's in the tank

    The start pace of 9:07 is slower start than any other marathon, fits well with my training and cos i've stayed clear of illness for at least 4 weeks am confident i will have lot left at 10 miles.

    How does this sound?? 

  • Oscarr: leave my knee caps alone. What did they ever do to you???? image but in all honesty I think that plan sounds spot on. You can increase at any point, but don't have to. Going too quick at the start is a total no no, but you will still be on target.

    Go kick proverbial butt!
  • Good one Oscarr need to stay at 9s for the first 10 miles without fail. What's the course like? Going to go 9.30 for 10s this weekend then try to come back nearer to 9 min miles, to feel the pace as tend to run too quick. Up early to run tomorrow prior to work. It's mile 20 to 26.2 that are my concern. Helped me to read someone's mantra," leave nothing on the race track give it everything." think I will need that.
    3.55.22 go oscarr.
    Whatever you can do will be great! No pressure.
  • Looks perfect oscarr - I shall look forward to my chocolate feast LOL

    Goes without saying - your best on the day will be good enough but if you feel there is a chance - take it, take it, take it!

    Ben says good luck too!

    And from me to everyone out there this weekend.

    mcs - my approach is ... just relax - I reckon the worry build-up is what causes the wall to appear.  You can't hit it if it ain't there - stay at a comfortable pace and focus on feeling comfy! It's that tricky reining yourself in at the start that's important!

    WW - nice work on the bike race - if you decide to do any duathlons - let me know - I'm thinking of doing 1 or 2 next year!

    Night Night everybody x

  • Good luck Oscarr image I wish you a good run - 3hrs 59:59 image

    52mins for 10k would do me. The thing that could screw it up for me is starting off too fast. *telling myself not too fast - like lines at school* image I think I'd still be on target for getting into the shape I need for an October marathon if I do that time...

    I'll check out Paris and NY marathons on google etc. Thanks for your responses.

  • Good luck Oscarr, on pacing Steve's words of wisdom to me were stay on pace to half way, then and only then wind it up, as 10 is a bit short and can be misleading...I really think the man is a genius as he sorted my pacing out.

    On food I haven't stopped since the marathon, including a 1,062 calorie sub for lunch today! But beer is soooooo good I missed it.

    What's up with BD's knees?
  • Choisty: Oh yes, the tale of oscarr, sub 4:00 marathons and my knees... There was a sweepstake on my Paris time and our friend through in the promise of extreme physical harm if I came in sub 4:00 on first attempt...

    On the food front, I had 5 sandwichs and two shreaded wheat for breakfast yesterday... But no lunch.
  • He turns green when he's angry too LOL!  Oh no - my mistake - that's just his club colours image

    Morning every one!

    Just the 5 sandwiches Bo?  Think you need to get one of Choisty's subs : 5-in-1!

    'Nother mystery club run for me tonight - looking forward to it already!

    Anyone seen Emma / Rosie - they're upto mischief if they're this quiet?  Bet Emma's still plotting a bit of zoominess this weekend...

  • Everyone, thanks for all your input and support - these forum threads over the last few months have been fantastic and not just for all the great advice and tips but also the community and family feel it has generated.

    I will take on board all your help.  One of the things i have come to realise in this campaign more and more is the impact and power of mental preparation - on a lot of training runs i can psyche myself up for whatever session i am about to do but if i don't prepare mentaly then it dosen't go well.  So for the last week or so i have been telling myself that i can do this well, that there is no reason why any wall will get in the way and even if a bad patch occurs i will welcome it and bash through with a Bo "av-it".  Grrrrrrrrrr...........

    mcs - course looks good with wide roads, only 1500 competitors and a total elevation gain of only 125 metres so no heartache hills

    need to get a fleece from charity shop cos forecast is 2 degree morning with frost !!!

  • Good luck Oscarr.

    Cant see it being a problem. Nailed on sub 4

  • Oscarr - it definitely helps to know that a bad patch will probably occur and that it can be overcome by focussing on the positive. You have done the real hard work already and the race is merely the sprinkles on the icing on the cake.
  • I am planning to do my long run Sunday this weekend so send me a txt if you remember with your time on Oscarr as may have to run in the pm with any family I can drag out with them. All the very best........enjoy the icing as Ten says.
  • Shredded wheat & sandwiches for breakfast BD? That's like having your breakfast before bedtime so you can get up early and out of the door!  Ahh food & beer, now your talking. I've been eating pretty much anything (within reason) since Paris and not put on any weight which is weird as I'm not doing as much weekly mileage anymore - probably only about 30 miles a week. Has anyone ballooned since their marathon?
  • Duathlons cycling and running where are these guys? Fancy one as love biking but hate swimming personally. I have tried and did a few kilometres on the odd occasions but don't love it. Done coast to coast bike ride and various rides in the summer round here. SB let me know where you are doing one. Food ah KR I am dreaming about it as up to 43 miles a week,a lot for me. Waking up wanting to eat scrambled egg, toast, porridge anything in the fridge really.
  • Anyone else's screen totally different ??

  • yes Oscarr - I'm using Chrome.  some things seem a bit bjorked at the moment... but for the first time I can actually format my entry

    1. and do bullets
    2. and smiley's image image image
    3. and quote....
    Surrey Runner wrote (see)
    Did a session on the cross trainer last night and was fine. Going running with club tonight. Doing a 10k race on Monday.

    oscarr wrote (see)

    Anyone else's screen totally different ??

    but it seems flakey with latest post, again image

  • LOL - don't know how I ended up with two quotes image

  • I like the new format as my spacehopper is talking. I have manged to put weight on but only in the US so I might just need a big poo
  • Good Luck Oscarr imageimage

    Not sure about new formatimage

  • What's happened? New format started by the kooks of it. time to run to work, youngest daughters teachers are running or jogging to the next school with an Olympic torch, I have been asked by the kids to capture pics for them as they don't believe their teachers will run! Oscarr are you having race dreams yet?
  • Morning all!

    Haven't decided which duathlon to do first mcs but here are a few that I know of:

    <edited as linky's didn't work properly>  Looks like there are 2 or 3 up your way mcs!

    NoFuss also run a fantastic winter series for beginners that I did last year but they're all up in the Highlands. If you're up there - totally recommend them and not just cos I managed a hat-trick of spot prizes! image

    Getting excited for oscarr and everyone else racing this weekend.  I had a sore throat by yesterday lunchtime but it's so much better today that I'll swap my yoga for a run and make up the miles!

    I like the new format - think it looks much cleaner! 

    Have a great weekend all - will look forward to hearing the news as soon as it's available! 

  • Morning everyone - yes, mcs, couldn't sleep last night thinking about the race; its a good sign cos it was all positive - i travel tomorrow morning early and back Monday so will be without email from Sat morn to Mon night - will post report Monday

    Sleepy/mcs - will text result sunday and no probs if you want to post it here for me

    Ten/MWW/Choisty/Kevster - thanks for the support

    New format is clearer i think

  • oops slight lie - I did them the year before - must stop time travelling!!!

    Yes please oscarr - I will be itching to find out!  Have you seen a weather forecast - looks pretty reasonable if just a bit chilly - perfect conditions by my liking - how are they for you?

    Hope you're feasting merrily...


  • weather looks good if a little cold but compared to recent weather it's perfect! carbo loading is well under way just started day2 of 3 !!! (what a good boy i am image)

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