Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Wow just checked out the results page for Rosie runner super woman.......only came 24th in her category in a stonking does she do it a natural.
    Cheers Ten my schedule for the week ahead is 6 miles slow tomorrow.7 miles steady THursday, rest Friday, 3 miles Saturday easy,  supposed to be 18 according to the RW Ultimate Schedule sub four..... but going to cut that to about 14 on Sam Murphys recommendation depending on how I feel..........seems abit low that mileage having hit 50 last week, highest mileage I have ever done. Whats the highest mileage anyone has ever done?

    Nel McAndrew was doing 80 miles a week before VLM but she didn't do that many long runs over 20.

  • Thanks everyone - rest assured i am able to look back on the weekend with great pride at another one done and i really enjoyed the trip, the course, the weather, the bloke i helped on the run, the comfortable run for most of it and of course finishing at my home footy stadium.  I will be doing more marathons and as you know had already entered the Lakeland trails one on 1st July which i am already looking forward to (no time, just enjoy the scenery).

    The thing i will be thinking about over the next few days and weeks is what approach i take to target times for future marathons and then what adjustments i make to my training.  I will be doing some of the local 5k/10k/10mile races over the next few months as usual to keep the speed in the legs.  i need to figure out a way of combining this with more endurance but that's for another day.

    Rosie is truly amazing - i don't think she will mind me sharing part of her text which read that she ran it at MP + 30 secs to finish in 3:40 and is now ready for Edi !!! Don't forget she did Paris and London recently as well.  truly amazing and very well done.

    mcs - how to get to listen to Marathon Talk?

    Sleepy/Ten and Emma - i think i need to employ you all as my sports psychologists and really appreciate your posts - those that know me well know that i strive to do my very best at whatever i do and sometimes that leads to disappointments along the way but its all part of the learning process, even at my age !!!

    MWW/AC8 - thanks.

  • Luke Ellis and Rachel Hodge - sorry, forgot to thank you both for your posts

  • Oscarr -  - click on "audio archive" at the top of the page, then the show you want to listen to, then "listen now" to stream the show via your computer.  Or right-click "direct download" and save-as   to download the mp3 file.

    You have a lot of catching-up to do image   I transfer the files to my mp3 player to listen on the treadmill.  I'm up to December 2011 now!

  • Oscarr, sorry I missed wishing you luck, only just had a chance to look at the last 50 posts ! Now I have caught up gutted for you that your race didn't go as planned, I hope you get a chance in the future to run a sub 4 hour marathon.

    Will have to catch up with you before the Lakeland Trails Marathon and grab a beer with you at the end of the race !

    Sleepy, great time by your O/H, in fact bloody awesome!

    I had a post London Marathon cold so only ran once in the 8 days after, back fit and running now. Just got a new 10k PB in our local club run (Shinfield) in a gun time of 43:06, no chip timing, watch was 42:53.

    Hope to get on here a bit more now, take care all.

  • FH - thanks and that was a brilliant time at Shinfield - how much did you knock off your PB?

  • Oscarr , that was only my 2nd 10k the 1st being Woodcote in Jan which was 49 mins.

    You at the track Wednesday ?

  • Marathon talk is brilliant. Everyone should be listening to it. I can't wait for Wednesdays!

    Love it!
  • Well done on your marathon Oscar, many people would not have carried on. I know the frustrations involved in not getting the marathon time you know you can achieve, so I think taking time to reflect and not make too many rash decisions is in order. Being able to do 23 miles at a PB pace has got to give you a lot of confidence that it IS doable.

  • Well done oscarr for looking on the bright and positive side. My OH is out of the door training for the Half though not really following the schedule I printed for her due to the pleurisy she has had she is still out every other day. Struggling abit work wise here as times are tough, so no races planned due to cash flow after Edi with the exception of the GNR in Sept.

    If you are struggling with marathon talk download call me later Oscarr as in the office on my own all week.

    What's your next race KR?

    FH great pb well done.
  • Oscarr> Don't get down on yourself re the marathon - you did everything right, just didn't work out. Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gabresalassie have all had well known disappointments at the distance. Next time mate! It will feel so much sweeter!

  • Better to lead a life of 'Oh wells' than 'What ifs'!


  • Got a league half marathon this Sunday mcs, but not expecting too much as I've not done many longer runs since Paris - it's more of a turn up & support the Club kind of race for me. They also do a good t-shirt and I have done this race about 8 or 9 times now, so some goood memories of past races.

  • FH - can't make tonight but will be there soon

    KR - i think it shows a bit of experience and the fact that overall i enjoyed the day that i am very calm about taking my time to consider how to approach future marathons which i will certainly do cos i am absolutely fascinated by the challenge of the unknowns which you do not get in any other shorter distance - they are more an experience than a race

    mcs - sounds like Mrs mcs is a toughy and i wish her and you all the best for the final stages of your training - you must be tapering now

    AC8 - thanks

    Sleepy - you brighten our days image



  • Where's BoDuke disappeared to? 

  • mcs/Ten/Luke - just registered for marathontalk and listened to Tony's marathon prayer - very good.  Thanks.

  • Hi all

    Oscarr - well done on getting through the tough last few miles, that takes guts and it sounds like it wasn't the easiest course.  It's all been said on here already but you just have to pick yourself up for the next one.....It's such a lot of pressure training for a marathon isn't it, when you have to gear everything towards what happens on just one day - but in reality I think completing the training in itself deserves a medal!

    I'm a bit down in the dumps here hence not been on much.  On Monday I decided not to do the 10k but to do a gentle 5 mile from home in case I was tempted to push too much in the 10k.  I'd been pain free from the heel for 4-5 days so thought I'd be ok to build up.  Run was fine but later Mon afternoon VERY painful heel and carried on yesterday.  Physio has suggested getting an x ray to rule out stress fracture/heel spurs....So called GP and ended up getting someone who has personal (bitter) experience of Plantar Fascitis - which apart from one big difference (no pain first thing in the morning) is what my symptoms point towards).  He told me I need to get used to the idea I may never run again and my body is just not up to it. Bear in mind this was just a telecon!  Anyway was v. upset but he is referring for x ray anyway.  He used to do marathon running but now just bikes and the occassional 5k run is his max.

    On the upside the pain is gone again today.  But at very least I think I need a big chunk of time (months?) off running to let it subside.  Devastating when I was on such a high post mara PB.  Am stretching and icing like mad and keeping sane by cycling and swimming!

    So Reiki - tell me all about aqua jogging as I think I'm at the stage where that might be a good option for me......

    ps good 10 miles races:  Well my fave is Buntingford year end 10 (usual between Xmas and New Year), great atmosphere and mostly pretty country lane scenery.  Have also done Dorking 10 (a while ago!), regularly do Fred Hughes 10 in St Albans (country lanes again, nice)...have also done Welwyn Garden 10 and Stortford 10!  Love the distance!




  • Cheers Oscarr.....Have you listened to Tonys Trials re the London Marathon and the toilets I was killing myself laughing running the other Sunday and also his description of running in the Manchester Marathon from last Wednesday's programme re seeing someone toileting near the end. Such a character.......he is obviously a very good runner himself.

    Ran a steady five.28 miles this am in sunshine, quite warm had a sweat on!!!  Ankle issue giving me a bit of pain so dropping the mileage a touch this week.

    WW get well soon.......I am looking forward to cycling after the marathon so see you on the bike. YOu can do intervals, hill work, long rides just the same as running there are plenty of websites discussing this, probably something on the Triathlon page of RWorld.  Keep smiling.

  • Thanks mcs....might need to look into that road bike!  What sort of price would you say I need to pay for an ok entry level (second hand!) road bike?

    Must say for biking it's finding decent routes that aren't too choca with traffic that's a challenge...  Did a 17 mile ride this morning, not that inspiring but at least got me out in the fresh air!!!!

  • Oscarr download episode 47 from the audio archive or iTunes. Its by professor Tim Noakes and is about central governor theory. It's brilliant

    All - has anyone read Born To Run I'm about 200 pages in now. It's really good.
  • Hi Luke,

    Read it a while back, great read and some interesting stuff in there too !  Must read it again, I think its one of those books that needs to read twice.

    Oscarr, catch you soon.




  • Read it great read keep going Luke.

  • WW - wait til you get xray results and a proper diagnosis cos doctors tend to air on the pessimistic side to begin with which may have been the scenario he/she painted on the phone - i've heard the guy who has got world records for number of marathons done extol the virtues of aqua running as a good cross trainer and it really can keep your cardio fitness levels up and some strength in the upper legs; try it with a float around the middle and run for a few minutes cos apparently its really hard work

    mcs - listened to Tony trials about the Manch marathon this morning and his account of the ginger bread man is funny - did like his marathon prayer though, so many truths in it

    Luke - will have a listen to no 47 soon 

  • Reckon Bo is hiding in case i come for his knee caps with a shotgun !!!!!!!!

  • Will check out 47 too. Was it just leg fatigue that did for u in the last three miles oscarr? You were on course for a time you wanted up to 22 was it. My legs are my weakness along with a long back and my heart rate can be low but the legs pack up around 21 miles. Should have done some weight training did Lee and Colin do any gym work in pre.Paris build up?
  • mcs - Cheetahs seem to do okay with spindly legs and a long back image

    Today I was scheduled to run 3 miles easy, so I ran 4 miles at the "upper end" of easy image  Felt good afterwards.

    I want to push on a little, because I have some enforced rest looming following some minor surgery I have booked next week.  Begins with "V" and ends with ouch image.  No running for at least a week, depending on which scare stories I care to read.  I had hoped to get the job done soon after the marathon, and I guess this is relatively soon.

    Anyway, I hope to get up to about nine miles before I have to do the John Wayne strut.

  • Ten - you really are tempting me big time to revert to the school of hard jokes with that last post - i did it many years ago and all i can say is get lots and lots of very tight fitting undies cos you'll need them for at least a week - tee hee!!! - and you thought the last few miles of a marathon was tough ????

    mcs - i was still on for a PB at mile marker 23 and had enough energy but he legs just gave way on a small up and down section at that point which was tough then to get going again but fast walk and jog was OK

    Just listened to Tim Noakes on 47 - food for thought but the one thing that bugs me right now is that even he says do NOT run the distance in training BUT how else are you going to train your mind that you CAN do 26.2 without doing it ?????

  • But Oscar you CAN do've done it 10 times!! The route at Sunderland was hard in those last 3 miles. I think I know the up a d down section you mean. Just after the turn around point? Up the tree lined street before coming back downhill and joining the sea front road again? That was hard. I walked there. And then there was the long slow hill up to the 25 mile mark. That was tough too. It was a hard route. I think sometimes we over analyze too much. I also think the out and back nature of that last bit was hard. I never do well on out and back routes. It could be something just as simple as that.

    You must not beat yourself up about it. Draw a line and move on. Oh and don't forget you are awesome!!!
  • Rachel - my thought on Tim Noakes above was about doing the race distance in training - he talks about the "central governor" being the mind controlling the body and i was just musing that he also says don't do the full distance in training so it was just a question that maybe the mind needs convincing in training as well as in a race - probably confusing things here, sorry!

    Yes, that was the up and down bit where i had to stop - the up was OK but half way down the down bit was where my legs just said "no more".  Don't worry, i've already moved on.

  • Cheers Ten having a real lol this am at your post. My mind won't let me do that op never mind the body!

    the c is for cheetah from now on thanks for that will now try to run on all fours!!

    Oscarr the same thing happened to me in my first gnr a big big guy stopped in front of me I slammed into the back of him and it brought me to a stop couldn't get going for a couple of mins and bang there goes the time.
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