Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • If I'm reading SB's competition correctly:

    Lots of running + crap marathon time = winner

    Thus...... I pwn.

    PWN (verb) An act of dominating an opponent. image

  • Ahhhh of course (thank goodness for wikipedia) - you're using that "down-with-the-kidz" type lingo again!!!!

    No - lots of running = winner (of which there'll be 3 as decided by how they also do in their marathon of choice).  Most miles per marathon time category..

    I'm about to take away your professor status image

    So far the contestants are:




    Entries close midnight on New Year's Eve - no further entrants will be admitted buyond those fateful bells!


  • You bunch of annoyances you know I can't resist a mileage this year so far is 2955 (according to my Garmin), with the longest month being January...special mention must go to March and September though as both topped 300 too.  Longest week was 97! Not sure I will go that far next year although a 100 mile week might happen.  Looks like I will top 3,000 for the first time this year.

    All I need now is to go back to running 6:43 marathons!

  • Choisty - you must have the biggest improvement record of any sub 2:45 marathoner. 6:43 to 2:43 amazing. Did you hop the first one?

  • hee hee hee image

    Entry list:






  • DS2, took fifteen years and around 30,000 miles, but the journey was fun

    SB, based on that entry list, can we have Ten go straight to doping control?

  • Choisty - even more impressive then! Shows what consistent training can achieve!image

    This thread looks good fun. I will lurk a little longerimage and see if I can work out what's going on!

  • Good luck with that!!!! We're here every day and we rarely know... image

    Join in our little comp if you like - the more the merrier - general idea was formed a page or so ago!

    Choisty - I don't think they've yet invented a test for what he's on!!!!! image

  • I have no idea what the rules of this comp are but count me in anyway!

    DS2 - if you find out what is going on in this forum please keep it quiet or else we all might get sectioned !
  • Yippee - just log your miles next year (ideally on runBritain so we can all spy on you) and do at least one mara next year....Simples image







    (no where are the rest of the usual suspects????? - Shall we just rope them in without their consent I wonder....)


  • I'm in! Put me down for sub 4:00. Gonna have a crack at sub 3:45 though. Is that reasonable????

    Excuses (seems like a week ago): I'm a fat lazy git and can't be bothered to get up and train... Like that one? image

    I'm in for Reading this year, but that other one looks good Ten. Entered a 10k to assess first months training (getting to like them). PB is 45:40something, so sub 45 much needed. Speedwork!!!!

    Lost my thread now, bloody 14 hour days....
  • Oh, just for the record, I really appriciate the sentiment about our little group oscarr!

    And I've run 1195.96 miles so far this year. Need greater consistency over time, rather than the peaks and troughs that appear to have developed.
  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    How are you all?! x

  • What should my Frankfurt target be then?!

    Competition - I'll never get close ... can we do time on feet as I am so bloody slow.image Tee hee!

  • Hey Em  ((( ))) I said hello to you somewhere else but you were off on one about traithlons and ignored me image (s'alrite - I didn't cry for too long?)

    You can't choose your category yet Bo - depends on what time you run next year that way those of us who run slower can stay in the slower categories and our mileages will be more comparable - based on Em's concept - ie time on feet = a rough mileage within certain marathon achievement ranges! If you go quicker - then you'll be comparing mileages with people who also run a similar number of miles per hour.  Ish - you get my drift!

    Hope that made sense - it did as I wrote it!

    As we stand:








  • SORRY SB!!!!!! x

    I am rather giddy about my new challenge!

    Work has been hell recently and I'm half asleeo most of the time x

    I will endeavour to keep a log from 1st Jan! I will also try and post my elf picture after the race at the weekend!

  • Arrrrrhhhhhh, I get it.... After reading it three times just to be sure... *slowly banging head on wall moaning about an unnamed professional group who shall remain nameless*

    Bang, bang bang bang...
  • LOL loopy lous the pair of you ((( ))) but lovin' the excitement Em - I'm feeling the same about my big adventure with oscarr!

    Frankfurt wise - I reckon you should be aiming sub 4:15 - have you told your mum yet? Thought you were grounded when it came to maras???

    Wowsers what a night here - stormy stormy - consequently not the best sleep I've ever had - still only an easy one with Rascal and some yoga to do today.

    This is the 2nd week on the trot that I haven't ached after my once-a-week gym sesh - it's a bit mind bending! Am deffo gonna try and stick to at least one trip there a week - I know I won't do it at home by myself so the commitment to a class/session is essential! 

  • Can't get interested in the Asics voting - probably cos I put so much into this years process that I don't have the energy to start again with a new lot and the last lot were such a good bunch that I feel a real association with.
  • Must admit I'm a bit bored of it already now - I still haven't cast my second vote (aka Ben's vote).  It's tough when we've already been on the journey ourselves...

    We do have a nice little forum-family don't we - at least that's how I regard you lot!

    How's Wales?  Any sign of the little 'un yet? 

  • Sorry guys, seems my posts sometime get sent again when I refresh the page.

    Great to hear from you Bo and Emm.

    Yes, SB, it really is a running family on this forum and one I really enjoy being part of and great we meet up now and again at races.

    No sign of next grandchild yet but reckon she won't go beyond end of next week. Great to spend time with them. Back home today - I have a major document to prepare for an application to the tax man so better get my stronger thinking cap on during the journey!
  • Aye, I feel at home here..although I'm interested in the voting, just have ricky some advice but I can't vote for someone who didn't know championship qualifying was open to him already.

    SB, how can we sort things out with RunBritian, shall we follow each other?

    BoD being up and down with your training is called periodisation and it is what all the pros do..although it's not generally due to the weather or OH!!!

    Last nights session was double hard 5 x 1M @ 5:12 pace with 2:30 jog recovery, only two of us finished the last rep! and I wanted to image

  • Eurrrrggggggggghhhh - go for a run instead - as long as you can outrun him you should be ok! image

  • Choisty - your jog recoveries are probably faster than my sprints.

  • Ten, not last night I was hardly moving I looked like the queen mum in her last few public engagements

  • Choisty - yip - will send you a PM - then you'll have my real name and once a 'Lee' pops up on my runBritain I can then reciprocate the link! image


  • Ooops - can't - you're on private..... image


  • Choisty - yip - will send you a PM - then you'll have my real name and once a 'Lee' pops up on my runBritain I can then reciprocate the link! image


  • Something weird going on... image

  • worries I'm all over the RW for the last year the name is Tolhurst, Lee Tolhurst!!!

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