Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Speedy times there....Choisty excellent speed.
    Just put a bird feeder on the office window to feed the birds, loads of them tucking now. Hoare frost and freezing fog means its still minus four or so here in Bakewell. to run home tonight too, lovely......

  • I already know what Ten looks like 'cos I met the superstar on the rainest day I've ever expreainced.

    Pleased to see that RRR and Finest Smoked Back have got there 26.2 places...

  • Kind hint... cos it's nearly Christmas - have a peek on his runBritain profile image

    Reiki - go get em girl....

    Your figures:  Based on your half: recovery -10.15-11.30 / base  9.18-10.14  / MP 8.46 / HMP  8.27  / 10K 8.03

    Based on your mara : recovery  10.52-12.12  /  base  9.54 -10.51  / MP  9.20  / HMP  9.02  / 10K  8.36

    I have conclusive proof that a mince a day is good for you - my body fat has officially been overtaken by my lean muscle mass (29.5% vs 30%) - whoop whoop - weight and visceral fat are showing a very slight drop but have been pretty much stable for the last 9 weeks.  (overall body fat down 3%, muscle mass up  2.3%).  He worked me hard today - plyometricy type stuff - evil but obviously worth it!  So it must all be down to the mince pies as far as I'm concerned image imageimage

    Yay for Sarah and Baconchops and the rest... Sarah - just you remember - my horsey is watching you - you may not always recognise me - but if you hear a neigh as you pass a field - it may be one of many outfits image


  • SB

    Thanks for that ! I'm well confused, thought the marathon time was comparatively better, big difference there.

    One thing I'd like some input on I'd the impact of the extra you run on the marathon, like I have never come in under 27, and my pace last year was under 9.

    Doesn't seem to happen to anything like that degree in the halfs

    That's some pace you're running, or some paces, I could just about manage the slow end of your long run as a V02 max session!

    Accepted the job.
  • Reiki - congrats on your new job, well done- onwards and upwards!

    Congrats also to RRR and Bacon Sarnie for getting through to Paris - it's a great prize and experience so enjoy it.

    Visiting my mate in Watford today- just walked the dog followed by open fire in pub, couple of Adnams and a sausage and onion baguette, awful really!!
  • Oscarr, that sounds like a tough day there, you better relax now

    RR, it's all about effort not speed though, on that I always train at target time based paces rather than PB's that way I might actually get to the target!  You're right about marathons being long as Paris was 26.5 for me an extra 0.3 was worth 2 minutes so I could of been in 2:41's...must run on the blue line in VLM.

    Bacon Sarnie & RRR...congratulations, just a couple of pieces of advice, listen and have fun, the rest will just come


  • Congrats rashers, shady, rrr, aw and mel let the stalking begin image

  • Aw thanks guys, I'm blushing image I'm also intrigued as to how many bacon-related nicknames can be thought up between now and April! Bacon sarnie is my favourite thus far... image

    Reiki - congrats on the new job!

    Ten - still waiting for the big unveil eh? Mine took a day or so...

    oscarr - sounds rough, don't know how you do it...image

    ps as I am now officially en route to Paris, the french for bacon sandwich is "sandwich à lard". Sounds... pleasant image

  • Steve: you could have had 'Streaky', but Choisty can have that one cos' his slow is my 1 mile PB... 

  • mmmm..... lard sandwiches.  Is that like bread and dripping?  Now that takes me back to an old favourite.

    Theye didn't dare not put Sarah through, in case she started a hate campaign against Asics image

    I've completed my nine mile GA (general aerobic) run.  I ran it at the fast end of the pace range (10:20), because I knew it would be well within the heart rate tolerance.  Very comfortable run on the treadie, listening to marathontalk.

    mcs = marathontalk contributing superstar.

  • Bacon butty well done lad, you streaked it easily, hope you are not too lardy for when that training kicks in.....image

    Congrats RR......Time for me to don the head torch!!

  • Take it easy out there mcs!

    I'm off to hide on the treader - the killer fog is swirling here! Is it normal to be scared of fog?  Hmmmm perhaps watched one too many Harry Potters.

  • Meant to say congrats earlier to RRR and Lardon!

    Choisty I guess I am using target pacing then! Cool.
  • Fell over for the first time ever on a run today: mud in the eye...

  • oUCH TO YOU BO!!! Stepped out of the door this am and its like an ice rink everywhere here. Rain on top of ice!!!  Managed to skate to work slowly on the trail trying to run on grass concrete where I could horrible morning still dark. BE CAREFUL out there folks.

  • BoD...isn't mud in the eye a term used for toasting a drink...and you say you fell over...hmmmm, I think a full description of events is needed image

    MCS, it's warm here (6oC) but windy and very wet, I'm not looking forward to my long run

    Hills last night 12 x 1:10 legs know about it this morning

  • Choisty: are you suggesting I was drunk??? On a school night of all things. Car had full beams on, right into my eyes, couldn't see and tripped on a clump of grass... Luckily I was on a trail and the road runs parallel, so no car hitting follow ups. Still cold here -1 or so and that's in the office. burrrrrrrr

  • Tripped over a clump of grass eh? Or were you pushed by the pink elephant and big fluffy rabbit?? Note to self - stay off the same juice Bo is on!
  • imageHic, hic........too many coffees me thinksimage

  • Just reflecting that I used to fall over on runs all the time, especially in the early days when I was shuffling more.
  • Yes, Choisty's times are rather rapid!!

    BoD - sounds like you need to put a bit more water in your running drink next time...

    mcs - peeing down in Essex - not a bit of ice in sight!

    Thanks reiki and try not to get too bored on the treadmill Sleepy!

    Off out celebrating this evening and may have one or two of BoD's "coffees" myself... so if I post anything after, say, 8pm tell me to shut up so I don't embarrass myself!

  • wet wet wet here now!!! I dont believe its got light yet!!! Just tucking into a nice jacket spud and houmous yum. Happy Friday to all have a good weekend.

  • Anyone racing this weekend?  I have another xc race on Sunday as part of the TVXC lge - a 6 miler in a cutely named place in Rieslip called Mad Bess Woods.  Should be nice and muddy after all this rain.

  • Rest day today image  4m tomorrow, then 12m on Sunday.  My knees are behaving themselves very nicely.  I think the longer runs are helping.

    I've just received a letter confirming that I'm on the waiting list for physiotherapy image

    Still haven't got around to sorting out core work or nutrition.  

    Good luck in the XC Oscarr.  The weather is predicted to improve considerably, though it won't help the soggy conditions underfoot.

  • Am liking the sound of a "special" coffee or two!

    Yakky here too!

    oscarr - have a good un - no racing for us this weekend - just laundry and practice massages for me.  Suspect Ben will be out enjoying running regardless as Germany was snowbound!


  • Just got back from my lunchtime run...very very very wet and muddy, but somehow it added to the fun of running strides image

    I am sort of racing this weekend, as a club we have a mob match agaist the local cycling club (they run) and I full expect to have to give up my crown after 4 wins on the trot, at least it will be to another club mate...but there again I said the same thing last year.

    Now for a special coffee

  • I'm planning a Park Run tomorrow, then 5 steady on Shnday, should be doable.

    Had tui na this morning - awesome, although the ankles needed a lot of trust as it was pretty extreme.

    Will have more of this next week.

    I was so embroiled in work I missed telling you about all the famous people I've come across both professionally and in life, through sport and travel mainly.

    None today though.
  • Hope you retain Choisty!

    Guys when doing strides do you go for exaggeratedly long strides, or what can you tell me about them?

    What I do is go from slower to faster by increments, back down to slower, a few steps at each pace.

    Is this right?
  • I do my strides a very prescribed manner as I have a long powerful stride but my cadence is low.  I try to do this weekly to a maximum of 20 sets, although I have been known to miscount and get up to 23 doh! although today I did 6.

    I count every left (could be right) foot strike on the ground starting at 0, the aim is to get 30 left foot strikes in 19 sec.  This then adds up to the magical 180 steps per minute that all elite distance runners run at or above.  The recovery time varies but your breathing should be fully recovered, generally between 40-60secs, but it can take longer and you shouldn't scrimp on recovery.

    It is not about speed or distance covered in that time simply about leg turnover. Although I am always surprised by how fast you end up running.

    When you start running these sessions it is best to start on a slight downhill to make sure you turn your legs over easily, although I can now run them uphill, in mud...well anywhere really.

  • Best description I've ever read about strides! That's a keeper. Thanks Choisty.

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