Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • I'm jealous of you running peeps. But, leg has finally stopped hurting, got new shoes, so going to attempt a very easy 5 tomorrow morning. Been two weeks of minimal/no running. Feel fat, lazy and demotivated. Physio exercises seem to be making a difference though.
  • Great racing Mike!

    Oscarr - the trouble is that mince pies always taste good!

    Good luck with the run tomorrow BoD.  You still have time to do a careful marathon build-up.

  • I should hope so Ten. 

    Excellent running by you, and by Mike of course. 

     I have had another Tui Na session this morning, and was told that he rearranged me so much last time it may have caused the hip flare-up.  This actually makes sense.  Today he got totally stuck in again, focussing on my neck as well as left foot, legs and lower back.    Speaking of left foot, the osteo had a look at it again yesterday, and whe I relayed the anecdote about my sister getting a stress fracture in the exact same spot doing star jumps, recommended that I go get an X Ray.   He also gave me assorted exercises to do to rehab and improve hip [which is now runnable I'd say were it not for the foot].    So I went to A&E after Tui Na and cococted a more plausible causality, enough to secure an X Ray, which showed no break, but a lot of inflammation around the tendon in the metatarsal space.     The doc there said I could run through it, just ice afterwards!  Thing is it would change my gait at this level of pain, although at this point I might mention that I actually ran quite fast for 10 minutes after getting off the tube a stop too soon for Tui Na. With a non runnery rucksack, and a brolly.  And that was OK.  With limited bending of foot admittedly.   So I'm thinking of biking through a movie or something, aqua jog might have to replace my planned quality progression run tomrrow that I was really looking forward to.   I haven't run since Monday, but have only missed a 5 mile steady and today's easy 4, so am refusing to panic.  I don't usually start VLM training til Buntingford, and that's next Sunday.     I did buy a very specific compression sock in my local pharmacy just now [no toes!] to see if that feels better on the bike.  They only had tan, you know the sort of thing.    Bo D I will be rooting for you tomorrow!  
  • Congrats Oscar great news and I love the name and the place too awesome spot.

    Just returned from a very windy dark run with bro as busy day on. Mum and Dads 52nd anniversary tomorrow family do.

    Monsal Trail was very dark and very windy as we headed out at six with head torches if you can run in the dark you can run at any time.

    Enjoy your Sunday folks.
  • Thanks mcs - have a great day tomorrow with your lovely family.

  • Morning all 

    I think it's the pool for me, give the foot another day....

  • Marshalled today at Reading Roadrunners xc lge event.  Sleepy - spoke to some of your Marlow Striders after - you will be pleased to hear that the Christmas fairy outfits were out in force again by the Striders, great fun.  Now for an easy 10 miler.

  • hee hee hee - thanks Gramps image

    Happy Christmas one and all - may your tummies be filled with mince pies and satsumas and you be allowed out for a run. Hope you all have a lovely day or two doing your thang!

    We had a fab morning over in mcs-land - 2.5 hours of jogging on the monsal trail and squelching through fields with Rascal. Loved it! Rascal did very well chasing Ben along but ran out of steam after 7 miles - think we can let her off with that!

    reiki - phwoar image


  • For somebody that does most of their runs on the treadmill, I certainly know how to pick my outdoor running days.  It's lashing down outside, and I'll be heading out within the next 45 minutes.  

    I fancy experimenting with a change to part of my route.  Having seen another runner head off down a way I haven't followed before, I'm intigued to see if it's any better than the way I normally go.  If I get lost, it might become an extra LSR image

  • Hello! Happy Christmas one and all. Ho Ho Ho!

    Did five v easy yesterday and no leg issues.

    Official start of mara training today. So 4 easy done, no leg issues!!! V happy with that.

    Ten: vary that route fella, make it a lot more interesting. I've been eyeing up the local map to find some good LSR routes. Green Wheel/National Cycle routes are good for that. Also v funny to ask for directions using a cycling map and people ask where your bike is!

    RR: good luck with the foot. Careful with those socks, you'll have to be knocking the boys back with a stickimage

    mcs: enjoy the day.

    SB: I don't like mince pies image can I have loads of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon instead, please? Maybe with a glass of something bubbly...
  • Pleasant run yesterday afternoon during the brighest part of the day. Had to earn some credits by painting the kitchen ceiling first - Christmas spirit & all that!

    Set off after 3:30pm so it was a twilight run really but stretched it to 12 miles on the sodden, filthy lanes (farm vehicles chucking up the mud). Had to divert up a bank or two to avoid flood water but nothing too deep...and had a couple of fast miles where I was trying to slow it down. On the way back I found out why - I was running dead downwind and slightly downhill of course had the opposite on the return. 

    Decided to run even pace up and down the hills (Garmin 1,400 ft) and finished in 1:42:00 which with a hard 5km tempo the day before (parkrun), made it a useful workout.

    Mother-in-law then treated us to a meal at the local Thai curry house so all good with the world. 

  • Enjoyable ten mile easy run this morning.  The rain was persistent, but for the most part it wasn't too heavy.  Just refreshing.

    I'm arguably in one of the driest parts of the country (hosepipe ban was the last to be lifted). Seeing tributories of rivers full to the brim with fast flowing water is incredible.  Back in March you wouldn't even know they existed!  Remember March - when the "experts" told us that ground water levels were so low that it would take years of persistent rain to bring them back to normal levels?

    I ran along one road which was passable in the middle.  I noticed a drain which had water flowing back out of it like a mini-geyser.  Twenty minutes later I returned to find that the road had effectively disappeared under the water.  Thankfully I was able to pick a shallow part without any hidden potholes.  Good job no cars came by at that moment image

    My diversion took me up a fairly steep hill and along a country road with no path.  Water was cascading down the sides and I ran in the middle of the road when possible.  I'll check online maps later to see what possibilities there are for longer runs along that direction.  I saw some other runners, which is a good sign that it is a favoured route.

    I was strict with my pacing and averaged 10:41 [scheduled pace range was 10:21 - 11:15].  At times this felt very slow indeed, but I was enjoying looking at the unsusual scenery (i.e. flooded fields).  I also reflected on the fact that I was running ten miles and breathing less hard than I have done in the past on a five minute walk to the shops, or going up a couple of flights of stairs!  

    It was a great morning for running.  I'm glad I can do it.

    Happy Christmas all.

  • Ten - brilliant run.  Your quote "I'm glad i can do it" sums it all up.

  • oscarr wrote (see)

    Your quote "I'm glad i can do it" sums it all up.

    NOW you tell me Oscarr!  I could have saved a lot of typing! image

  • Ten - you must drive your family nuts !!

  • Happy Christmas to you too Tenjiso! Run sounded fab if slightly damp! image Can't believe the amounts of water around at the moment!!

  • I'm glad I can do it too!  What a blessing, however assisted by technology, and however ugly some of it.  

    I pretty much did yesterday's run today, only longer because I had 2 hours booked on the Alter G; so a mile warmup [very gradual, foot was very stiff], and then : 

    1 @ 10:20, 3 @ 9:50, 3 @ 9:20, 2 @ 8:50, 1 @ 8:20, 1 @ 8:00, and 0.5 cooldown for 12.5 in total.  All at 70% of body weight, could be worse. 

    Did a bit of stretching, and although both hips and foot niggled a bit, nothing too major once I'd walked home from the station to shake off the seizing that happened on the train.

    So phew, like BoD I am relieved and grateful.

    And I had already made a discovery last night when massaging Traumeel into foot, towit that that there was a very sore spot below the ankle bone, and another at the top of the anterior tib near knee, so looks like I have located and begun to treat the cause [with massage hammer, ice, wierd foot on its side stretch] etc.

    We'll see what tomorrow brings.  I think I'll get some smoked salmon out of the freezer, I do find a shake hard to beat for brekkie though. 

    In a strange twist my recordings of all the Gabby Olympic highlight shows have vanished from my HD extra expensive multiroom box!  I had noticed a load of Pilates evaporating from the downstairs one, but was too polite to accuse my brother, who was forever recording TdeF and various equivalents when he stayed here for races, and I suspected that he had maybe deleted a few obstacles.

    But when I Googled a combination of the above, there are whole forums about it, mainly of the old skool unplug and plug it in again variety.

    So just in case NOBODY got me those Olympic DVDs I will be set up for tomorrow [if it works!]  

    By the way this new Sweatshop flagship store in Trump St has an altitude centre, a running school, all the anti gravity kit, I'll need to be locked up to stay away from that place.  


  • Merry Christmas Reiki.

  • RR: I'm off there as soon as humanly possible! My story to Mrs BoD is: let's have a day in London... Also the highlight thing is brilliant!

    I'd like to third/whatever the 'glad I can do this' thing. Very.
  • Highlight thing?!  Do I need to know about this? 

  • Merry Christmas everyone! I'm hoping for a cold free Christmas day and to do a festive parkrun - hopefully it won't be too wet!
    I really want to get back into running and have been piling on too many pounds! 

  • Happy Christmas everyone image
  • Happy Christmas everyone!

    Been off running and just so busy with life, not sure how I ever fitted in so much running in 2012 ! Been having weekly physio and Pilates. My core has been weak, this has then put strain on my hamstrings. I hope to start running again in Janurary. Not run since 25 November.

    Hope you are all good and your running is going well?

    Take care and enjoy your Christmas.

  • Lovely to hear from you FH.

    hApPy cHrIsTmAs and a peaceful day to all x

  • Time for a soggy run enjoy your day all, off out with bro after eating too much with family yesterday 52 nd anniversary of parents. Nice running Ten. Hope you get better soon FH your body probably needs a rest.
  • Merry Christmas everyone.  Just finished my LSR for the day - 15.34 miles.  Included a 5 min stop half way to lay some flowers, pray and reflect - a very special time.  Now for some food.

  • Wow, that's Christmas over with then... On to the NEw Year! Hope everyone had a good time and is enjoying their Olympics DVDs (assuming that given the crowd here). Too much beef, wine, potato and toblerone here. Scared of the scales now...

    RR: 50 greatest 2012 Olympic moments, BBC3. Gabby Logan and some bloke perving over her. V funny.

    Thinking of 'glad can do it'. Just got back from 5 @9:30, looking at mara plan and thinking: that's doable. 20 months ago, it would have been: WTF???? Never!

    Oh and It's a Wonderful Life is the best film ever.
  • Saw that BoD!!

    I'm about to have another, that's yet another, bike session, before heading for dental visit 2 of 3, follwed by work!

    Foot is improving, is now sore under the toes, where they bend, I really wish I knew if the Tui Na definitely caused all this.  Probably though.  Raring to go now, and it has done hip a favor, it's fine.


  • BoD - morning! I just checked the scales...... d'oh! Feeling bloated too.  I could barely eat any breakfast.  But, I'm off for my LT run soon, 8m with 4m @ 15k-HM pace.  I haven't checked the weather yet.  I just assume it's raining again.

    Having finally caught up with marathontalk podcasts, I've joined the site and registered for Jantastic (and Feb/Mar too image).  Is anybody else taking part? mcs?

    We could form a team (six entrants), which would be additional motivation for Sleepy's challenge too.  Just need to register number of weekly runs for January, plus long run targets for Feb and a race or time trial time for March, then try to attain your targets.

    Right, time to get ready for my run.  Laters peeps.

  • BTW - I managed to buy two pairs of Asics 2160's for just under 50 quid a pair yesterday, so I haven't had to take a chance with the 2170 redesign or switch brand just yet.  That should see me through to the spring marathon.

    I bought them from Start Fitness and used the RW10 code for the extra 10% off, before anybody asks.

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