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  • Mike - isn't that the point of the taper, though, to recover enough to be fresh for the marathon?  It's interesting, because I've read somewhere (I forget where) that the longest run should be slow, but roughly equal in length of time on your feet to your expected marathon time.

    The problem for us mere mortals is that a lot of advice seems to come from studies carried out on elites.  They can certainly get away with running over distance.

    I agree with you wholeheartedly to try something different.  Exactly why I'm trying P&D this year.  The longer midweek runs are a complete departure from anything I've tried in the past.

  • Reikki - you would be overtaking me for sure image

  • RR: Don't mention fags!!!! Please! I had a relapse over Christmas because of booze and lack of will power. 

    Interesting debate there guys, time v distance. Lack of expreiance dictates that I do not side anywhere and listen. However, the RW Ulitmate shedule (and Garmin one) use both time and distance. For example, 8M slow (76 minutes). Gives a range and today I did the 8 in 73, which is closer to my LSR timings. Case of being flexable within the ranges I think. 

    Could have been the best thing that I picked up from the 26.2 thing. That and the importance of maintaining the planned pace even when it feels quite slow, as it won't after 16-20... 

    I ready to declare my milage for the year: 1261 + 7 for tomorrow. 


  • Great debate about length of LSR and training regimes in general. Having done quite a few marathons the thing I am learning most about is the feedback loop - that is, think really hard about how the last marathon went and the type of issues that need improving (e.g. More endurance or more pace or more inrace nutrition, hydration etc) then alter the next training schedule to address things. My last one taught me that I know have the endurance now but need more pace work for those last miles so my next schedule will include longer tempo runs midweek. Each of us are different with different needs so the skill is to know which bits of the standard schedule to tweak.

    Long run distance is often debated and again I think this is person specific. For the fast guys its easy to put a 3 hr limit on training runs cos that covers most of the distance but for slower people its not enough and 3.5 hrs is probably right to build up the endurance but SLOW near to the event and give enough taper time.
  • Will tot up my 2012 miles run when I get home and post. Is Sleepy running a comp on this?
  • Oscarr: yea, SB is doing it. Based on marathon times and mileage. Next years is the one that counts.

    Totally agree BTW. It's an ASPIRE loop: ASsess, Plan, Impliment, Review and Evaluate. Reviewing is a consistent process that should allow for change while implementing the plan. Overall evaluation comes at the end of the process and feeds into a new assessment of progress. So parkruns, 10k and halves are reviews and the marathon result is the evaluation. Not very well described, but am travelling down A1 at 7mph at the moment.
  • BoDuke wrote (see)
    Not very well described, but am travelling down A1 at 7mph at the moment.

    While I am impressed that you can type on your mobile while running at 7mph, it shows that you are not running fast enough image


  • Final run of the year is complete!  Fourteen miles, taking the weeks total to 40m and bang-on plan.

    There was a bitter wind for the first few miles and my hands were feeling numb (I was wearing gloves!).  Thankfully, the wind died down as the sun made an appearance (scared me at first - I'm not used to seeing the sun on my runs) so my digits warmed up.  Going by the amount of standing water remaining, I know I made the right choice not to run yesterday.

    My route change makes for a more pleasant run through a village and into a hamlet.  Unfortunately, a great looking route was blocked by a closure for bridge repair.  When it reopens in another month or so, it should open up an interesting way through (eventually) to a country park I visited ages ago.  For now, I had to double-back and pick up a busier road to make up my mileage before heading back home.  It was still a very nice country run though.

    I'm pretty pleased with my pacing again and the run took 2:24:02.  I felt strong at the end running a few seconds less than ten-minute miling for the final five miles.

    My total distance run this year is 1361 miles (2190km), which is my highest annual mileage figure to date.  This was 968 treadmill miles and 393 outside.  However, since I started running higher midweek miles, this balance is shifting.  This month I ran 72m on the treadmil, and 73m outside. image

    My next run is on New Years Day and will be 8m with strides.

  • Hey all

    Success!!! We went over to mcs-land today and applied some logic to our run/walk with Rascal.  By using pace management (10 mins brisk walk / 10 mins jog-walk) and giving her some (fuel) left over turkey every 10 mins - she did 10 miles in the same time as she did 9 miles last week (well 1 minute longer!!!! - 2½ hours), didn't need a carry and waggled her tail all the way!  Slow endurance/fat burning for us but I reckon my training won't suffer for taking her out once a week! Won't be every long run though! (Much easier terrain too which contributes of course - no flooded fields today hurrah!)

    Don't even feel like we've done anything - guess that's the point - now just need to do another 25 miles on top of that!   At that pace - I am quietly confident it would be easy peasy and there would still be shedloads left in the tank for the 2nd day of the wall (Ten - yip we're doing 2 days - still semi-sane!)

    Mileages so far: (guys remind me of your best mara times this year - just for interest to see if more miles generally correlates to faster times ??? though mine is an anomaly I know - must run a flatish one sometime just for fun!)

    BoD - 1268

    Ten - 1361

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    Interesting thoughts on LSRs - a very personal matter indeed I feel - I only did one run over 3 hrs this year, did more (5/6 from memory) for my sub 4 - but my tuppence worth is that it's the pace and recovery that are the important factors! If you do em slow enough - you'll get the endurance benefit and no LSR hangover the following week but it's a fine line between slow enough and a bit too quick!  That's the fun of trial and error ain't it - we'd be bored if it was easy to suss out image




  • SB - marathon time 4:38.  So good I did it twice image  Goona blitz that in 2013, or my name is not Slartybartfast.

  • I always knew Tenjiso was short for something image

    BoD - 1268

    Ten - 1361 (x2 - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    (edited for spelling - ooopsie)

  • Sorry SB - my bad.  I only did one marathon this year (Milton Keynes).  I just happened to equal my previous marathon time.  Although, the MK marathon was really an ultra due to re-routing around the floods image

  • And it was the worse rain that I have ever had the misfortune to go to IKEA in. Oh, or try to support marathon runners coming home to... I'd claim that as a PB Ten. On the upside, we got some nice, white, Billy book and CD cases...

    I've been keeping my mara time a secret since April: 4:06:26.

    Oh, SB: is that practice offer still on the table?

    And what else are you folks running this year. Looked at an interesting Ultra, but al the places are gone. Will be a 2 points for UTMB... Could have qualified for the mini CCC thing. Have to look around again. MCS: anything up your way? There is something calling me to run around Kinder and Edale... Had my first ever pint there, after getting lost with the Air Cadets and really, really cold. Oh, memories.
  • BoD are you coming with us to Coniston 14?  I take it that you have knocked the fags on the head again?  Ambivalence is the culprit every time, no willpower required.   

    Now where was I?  Oh yes Buntingford.  It was windy, hilly, and the sun came out, but the miracle is that I added a couple of miles before the start [had to really], and went round sticking to long run pace [9:20-10:20, actually 9:30 all the way], and although foot niggled a bit at first, and both hips had a squeak, really it was only a tight left calf that bothered me at all.

    So I am one happy bunny, so enthused I did loads of stretching and rollering his afternoon.  

    It was uncanny that when I put the running shoes on, and the lesser orthoses, everything seemed to sigh and get with the show.

    Really enjoyed the race, which was so easy despite the hills, so am also pleased at feeling so strong despite the fear that something could blow up at any moment.

    Several people got into races with me and I resisted all but 3 of these, going a bit progressiony at the end to take a bloke out on the uphill finish that used to kill me.

    Well it should be easy at that pace, but even so, that was my first full weight run in two weeks!

    12.3 in 2 hours, 95 for the ten.

    I have mile repeats tomorrow, so am hoping for a circa 6-7 mile boost to the year's total, and only did the one marathon this year, so let's say I do 6 tomorrow :

    1070.09 - VLM 4:06:53 

  • Evening all - just watched the Haile Gebrselassiefilm - wowsers - no wonder he's so fit - everyday was a test of endurance.


    reiki - 1070.09 (VLM 4:06:53)

    BoD - 1268 (Paris - 4:06:26)

    Ten - 1361 (Milton Keynes - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    I can see we need more data though at present - doing less miles = better race time! image  There's hope for me yet image

    Bo - massage - yes of course though weekend wise we don't have a free one until March now (I know - it's getting silly!) Are you working Monday - Friday these days?  If you fancy a Derbyshire mission - can't recommend the Belper 30k enough - me and oscarr did it last year (August) and had a fabulous time xx

  • SB that would be the conclusion, yes, and I refer you to my previous suggestion that the prize should be for the best marathon time from the least miles.

    But then are you going to attribute notional mileage to equivalent pursuits, particularly those undertaken as direct substitutes due to injury?  And do you want to deduct 30% of those I do on the Alter G?  

    I actually think the big divide mileage wise is between the 3 hour marathon and the 4 [just as crude examples].  I'm pretty sure I'd have done even less mileage when I did sub 4, so am of the opinion that you can get away with it at this level. 


  • Mike - 1300 (VLM 3:32:13; Abingdon 3:24:12)

    Sleepy Bear wrote (see)


    reiki - 1070.09 (VLM 4:06:53)

    BoD - 1268 (Paris - 4:06:26)

    Ten - 1361 (Milton Keynes - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    I can see we need more data though at present - doing less miles = better race time! image  There's hope for me yet image




  • Had some humble pie for supper tonight!

    Plan was to run my 13m marathon pace effort as instructed in P&D - 8m @ MP.

    So what is MP? I decided I would run mine at 7:30m/mile pace which is 18 secs/m faster than Abingdon - the 1st 4 were pretty even in 7:27; 7:37: 7:33; 7:22; then I upped the pace to 6:59, turned at the 7m point and.....the wheels fell off.

    I was now uphill into a very stiff wind that was trying to scuttle me across the road whenever I turned. Mansuit on, I managed 7:58 and called it a day for my MP effort and ran home at about 8:30min/m pace.

    My route was hilly and the total ascent (per garmin) was 2,100 ft so I was entitled to be tired but if I'm honest, this was tougher and more exhausting than either of my marathon runs and I just am not as fit as I thought I was.....hence the humble pie!

    Next week I'll be fitter!  

  • Hope eveyone has a great new year celebration and looks forward to a great and fruitful 2013.  I'm off to a black tie do tonight so wont be posting early tomorrow!!

  • oooooh Mike's thrown the cat amongst the theoretical pigeons LOL

    reiki - miles is miles xxx


    reiki - 1070.09 (VLM 4:06:53)

    BoD - 1268 (Paris - 4:06:26)

    Mike - 1300 (VLM 3:32:13; Abingdon 3:24:12)

    Ten - 1361 (Milton Keynes - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    Have a fab-u-lous time oscarr - will look forward to hearing all about it later! image

    I have officially filled in my triathlon club membership form and am putting it in it's envelope as soon as I finish typing.  Duathlon/cross training/racing here I come!  Am a little nervous but hey it's good to step out of your comfort zone right?

    Does anyone happen to know whether Tri Clubs are UKA affiliated?  Or do I enter races as unattached?  Hmm - email to club sec coming up me thinks image

  • Belated Christmas present - my new 2160's arrived this morning.  I'm actually going to start recording my mileage against these shoes, which I haven't bothered with up to now.  One pair will become my official race pair for HM/20m/FM image  I'll test them briefly this week on a couple of short recovery runs.

  • 1070.72 is my revised total for 2013 folks, and then I had a massage and a spot of ultrasound.  

    A splendid end to the year. 

    Enjoy the do Oscarr! 

    Hope to see you all in 2013! 

  • 1427 for the year for me. Another year done roll on the new one......tough six hilly in 52 mins in the rain.....not enough miles done this last couple of weeks......have a good evening all.

    Great racing RR.....
  • 4.08.31 edinburgh this year was my time.

    You should have popped in SB two mins walk from the trail to my house.
  • Update:

    reiki - 1070.72 (VLM 4:06:53)

    BoD - 1268 (Paris - 4:06:26)

    Mike - 1300 (VLM 3:32:13; Abingdon 3:24:12)

    Ten - 1361 (Milton Keynes - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    mcs - 1427 (Edinburgh 4:08:31)

    1300 looks like the magic number!

    mcs - now you tell us LOL.  Next time... we never turn down a cup of tea! 

    Have a lovely evening all - I'm sat here watching Mr Duck in the oven - quiet one for us!  Bliss...

    2013 is gonna be a good 'un - brace yourselves! image

  • Stat attack, well I thought I'd take a peek at 2010 when I scraped sub 4.  

    I won't make you guess, it's approximately half this year's total @ 540.22 !!

    Loads of double training days though, bike and pool, and lots of intense or long Aqua Jogs in there.  This actually gives me a boost that I can get through the current injuries reasonably fit at least!

    Hey maybe I should check 2011....


  • Happy New year everyoneimage

  • Happy New Year folks - BRING IT ON!!!

    I've started 2013 as I mean to go on... and good news - my heart rate training seems to be working!  For the second week in a row my average heart rate at the end of a preset treadmill session has dropped by a beat.  Must be patient and persevere - I want wheels like Mike's - I'd be more than happy to run 4 miles at circa 7.30 pace before the wheels dropped off!  I think they'd drop off much sooner than that just now LOL!

    Yippeee yippeee yipppeee imageimageimage


  • Happy new year folks.

    I'm hanging....
  • Might still be drunk... And entered the London 10k and this bad boy:
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