Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Nice one SB.

    Bo you need help.  London 10K is a nightmre!  Heh heh. 

    This morning I have played MacMillan drills for Distance Runners in the kitchen - he says 20 metres each way, and kitchen is 6.5ish I reckon [after lying down a few times went for counting the tiles!]. 

    That was a laugh, but his Core for Runners DVD Level ONE is very worrying indeed, just tried each thing once, and that was more than enough, put it all away and did a spot of hoovering is how bad it was.  The METRONOME I had better adopt I reckon.

    One of the stunts is to kneel on a yoga ball.  Kneel on one. 



  • Happy New Year everyone - lots of good racing and trips planned for 2013 for us all so it should be a good year.

    No running for me today as i did a circuit of Richmond Park yesterday - 7 miles. Spying roaming deer - great training route if you are visiting that part of London.

  • Well, not doing London 10k, some issue wih my card and after RR note on what a mightmare it is, had a look around... image Lucky save there, thanks RR, owe you 50 notes.... 

    Still doing the silly thing though. Might have to do more weights... image

  • LOL reiki - that sounds fun!  Will check it out later - gotta like mastering something that you initially can't do!

    Bo - drinkies + credit cards should never mix!! Think of it like guinness + pernod image

    Guess who's got their first cold of the year!!  I blame the goddaughter - I love her dearly but every time I see the little monkey she has bubble-blowing-viscous- snot and I always end up with similar a few days later!  Still - I've had my flu jab so I'm... invincible hahahahahaha

    Last race as a V35 on Sunday - well when I say race - I mean organised-tempo-sightseeing-trip-round-a-cowfield.  Gotta make the numbers up - cross country up here seems to be a dying pasttime.  My last xc for a while too - I made a decision last week that I'm not doing it next year cos of training for/going to Cyprus/taking a rest after which will take me to December anyway!  The year after... who knows - but by then we might have a local parkrun...


  • SB - what a pro with the link! image

    I was just coming on here to report on the Newbury parkrun which was today, at the sensible hour of 10:00am. It is just a pity that a fair few runners planned for the usual 9:00am start and looked lost/frozen when I turned up.

    I noticed that the "real" runners (everybody on here of course) jogged round to warm up while waiting in the 4 degrees C bright sunny morning, while the remainder chatted and froze...

    Anyway, with the sun further over the yardarm than usual it was the mad stampede for the first 600 meters which saw a 5:43 min/m pace on my watch for about 30 secs before reality struck home.

    At the 1st K turn I was 29th I think and into a rythm at about 6:30 min/m ish, and then got past 4 runners quite quickly as they faded. The next two young guns on for the next 2+K but I reeled them in and tried to hang on up the interminable slope (also 2K) to the finish.

    At 4.6K my New Year's Eve caught up with me and they were through again. I finished completely spent in 21:06 and 23rd place so pleased enough especially as it was off the back of my longest weekly mileage in 10 wks.

    I was second on Age Grade overall with 77% beaten only by a 35-40 yr old lady who likes to be towed around by a huskie ( that's a dog, not the old Hillman vehicle that some on here will remember) oh, and I do mean the animal, not the lady!

    I'll stop now...

    Happy New Year, strong and fast running to all  

  • No running for me either, but had a bash at a Pilates routine which, with stretches afterwards took almost two hours!

    And had a little go on the bike for an hour.

    Back to work tomorrow which may interfere with some although not all of these experiments.  

    Nice run there Mike. 

  • Happy New Year! image

    First run of the year done - eight miles GA with 10x100m strides on the treadmill.  I run my strides at top speed 6:30 pace, which is enough to send my heart rate to 80% HRR.  It's going to be a looooooooooooong time before I'll be able to keep up with Mike for more than a few yards.

    We had a Hillman Imp.


  • SB - might have a local park run.. - you could always start one next winter???image

    Forgot to mention that when i went to that charity curry evening i sat next to a guy who has done some 50 and 100 mile events - i asked him what the main tips were he could give me for going up from the marathon to The Wall - he gave me two, first that the back to backs on consecutive days are key to replicate the event and secondly, finding good ways to take on board enough good nutrition en route.

  • Still trying to recover from endless colds, and also a bad back for the past few days, haven't been running image
    Haven't totted up my mileage for 2012 - but it would have been well under 1,000. I'm planning 1000miles for 2013 and a significant weight loss and improvements in my PBs across all distances from 5k and up. Time to be disciplined!

  • Morning all. welcome to 2013 if you have just got up!!! Dark here, too dark this am when I had to get up for work. Back to it again that was one quick holiday! 
    Looking for some new fell running shoes or trail shoes any suggestions? Its sale time.....Addidas Kandia or Salomon Ultra Pro 3Ds are two I have looked at online need to go try some on I guess.image


  • Morning all - snuffaluffagus bear here! 

    oscarr - there's one currently nearly sorted for Lincoln (fingers crossed) - which'd be fab so it's all under control whoop whoop.  No problem with cake quaffing for us me thinks image.  B2B advice noted - I'm determined to do them - it makes such sense when you think about it.

    I have my Relentless Forward Progress book ready packed for our trip to Lanzarote - holiday reading extraordinaire - am resisting the temptation to start it... but will do a review when we get back!

    AC8 - yak you poor thing - one cold is quite enough for me but don't stress you have the rest of your life to run - so think of it as recharging (like a battery) time.  You'll soon be back in action if you let your body have the rest it needs image.  In the meantime - get your mileage figure in - don't worry about the figures - everyone has a starting point and when you know what it is you can take sensible steps based on it! I personally am fascinated by our data so far...

    mcs - never tried either sorry - can happily recommend the Salomon Crossmaxes though - esp if you're hopping on/off pavement or disused railway type trails - they're also pretty grippy in those flooded mud/water type fields you have over there just now!  I'm hanging on for a couple of weeks to see if they get reduced any further so I can line up a 2nd pair of them - they're perfect for the Wall image


  • AC8 I seem to be getting something of a tailend sniffler to my pre Christmas viral thing, but this is affording us the opportunity to clear out all those little residual %s from all the bugs we fought off.

    Otherwise we'd be operating at less than full throttle when it matters.

    SB my brother just returned from Lanzarote. Is it a place where running is a viable option? I was surprised at how hot he said it was.

    mcs I just got a pair of Innov8s which feel mega comfy. Haven't tried them out yet though.
  • Morning reiki - it'll be low to mid 20s when we're there so as long as we go out first thing it should be just below and therefore my perfect running temp.  imageimageimage

    Inov8s also get a fabaroo from me mcs!

  • Sounds fantastic SB!

    I would take my Aqua Jogger as well.
  • OK, figures totted up for 2012 - a total of 1486 miles - 3 marathons raced with quickest at Abingdon 4:05 (in October and was the last of the 3 done in the year).

    Reiki - i am going on a small diving boat in the Indian ocean for 12 days at beginning of Feb with no chance to do any aerobic exercise onboard so i thought of doing some aqua jogging using a life ring (float) to jog around the boat in the sea whilst moored - any tips will be greatfully received.

  • Flogging my Inov8s as keep getting heel blister on one heel due to my heel spurs!! Spotted some Salomons being sold cheaply on here so might be sorted just got to try some on.......~
    Sounds like a cracking holiday Oscarr.......nice, watch out for jelly fish.....image

  • Oscarr - another tip: stay tethered to the boat or without realising you may drift off on current/wind and have an unexpected aerobic swim back, which could get anerobic quite quickly if you see a wobbly triangular shape circling!imageimage

  • Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    Oscarr - another tip: stay tethered to the boat or without realising you may drift off on current/wind and have an unexpected aerobic swim back, which could get anerobic quite quickly if you see a wobbly triangular shape circling!imageimage

    Well i have to fill my time in somehow image.  I hope to be swimming with lots of those wobbly triangular shaped finned thingies underwater at about 30m depth but don't want to see them on the surface image.

  • Update:

    reiki - 1070.72 (VLM 4:06:53)

    BoD - 1268 (Paris - 4:06:26)

    Mike - 1300 (VLM 3:32:13; Abingdon 3:24:12)

    Ten - 1361 (Milton Keynes - 4.38)

    Me - 1412 (Langdale - 4:26)

    mcs - 1427 (Edinburgh 4:08:31)

    oscarr - 1486 miles (Abingdon 4:05)

    Conclusion - ???!!!  More data needed image


    reiki - I might have a go whilst I'm there - I've never tried it.  Ben does it on and off when he's a bit sore - knowing my water skills I expect to be doing a good impression of the aforementioned jellyfish!  Don't have enough teeth to be a shark! image

    mcs - ahhhh - yip they're not everyone's cup of tea - shame though!


  • Oscarr I'd love to tell you all I know!

    Don't bend forward at the waist is the only tip, then it's all about getting accustomed and playing with the many possibilities from jog / running at different speeds to the more outlandish pendulums [which again have so many variants in terms of whether foot is dorsiflexed or plantarflexed, length of swing], etc.

    I also do high knees at varying paces, exaggeratedly looong running with the full range of motion you get, hurdles!, erm star jumps, a sort of grapevine thing, i just want to go do some of this NOW!!!

    What about a go in the pool to check out the basic form?

    One thing about an actual Aqua Jogger belt is that you can then move your arms freely rather than maybe having to control a flotation device that's not tight around you.


  • Reiki - great - can you tell me more about the Aqua Jogger Belt and where i can buy them please.

  • New toys new toys...

    It sounds fun doesn't it - way better than swimming - Ben might get me back in a pool after all! image

    We'll be needing pics of you in turqoise water with your AJB and a snorkel on image

  • Does it count as equivalent miles in the annual comp? Please Mrs Teacher person, please....image

  • Reiki - just been on good old amazon and picked out 2 belts which look ok - what do you think?

    Kiefer Aqua Fitness - £15 + 2 del

    Aqua Sphere Flotation Belt - £24 + 5 del

    Are these the correct type of belts to get for jogging? Any other tips on what to look for when buying?

  • Monster track session last night.  Coach decided to get rid of all festive cobwebs in a oner!!  Warm up then 3 sets of 3x1000m with first 800 at 5k pace and recover on the run in the last 200 plus 400 rec between sets.  That's a total of 9x800's done at 5k pace or quicker with very short recovery.  Did first 8 in 3:36 then last one in 3:26.

  • That sounds like hard work Oscarr well done. Just done a fartlek session to work 4 mins in 32 mins down the motorway Monsal Trail. They have shorn it of a lot of trees and I dont like it as much now. Health and safety incase kids run off the trail on their bikes, mind you its still better than commuting on the M1 or M6 as previous so not grumbling!!! Nice grandchild pics by the way nothing nicer!!image Congrats. This online shopping lark is too easy!!!image
    Impressed with Mikes Marathon time on only 1300 miles of training......must be high quality training I guess.
    I am struggling on the hills at the moment any suggestions apart from keep going up them????

  • Thanks mcs - guess you must have been on my FB page. Amazon is just so easy and a great service and yes, far too tempting!!

    Never heard a trail called a motorway before.  Hills - try going down for a change??image

  • Oh, swimming (aqua-jogging) stuff and Amazon buying, trail running and crazy track times... You're all keeping busy people. Well done all.

    I got a 4 mile sandwich in this morning and had forgotten how hard they are... But managed it in the dark. *Note to self: Don't need jacket when doing these and speed efforts...* #sweatyinthewinter image

    Anyone got any recommendations on trail shoes that are very robust? Just had a proper look at this Dirty Weekend thing in May and road shoes are NOT appropriate. Anything I wear is going to get demolished. Not one for the purists this one, but might be a giggle...

  • Miles is Miles oscarr! image Though may be best to focus on time or that swim back could get quite long image. Wonder if the benefit equates in a similar way to cycling miles ie 4:1 due to weightbearingness? Or maybe it's more like  2:1 due to same running action????

    Just discovered a fabulous route in the local forest - wouldn't feel too safe there by myself (it has had some dodgy goings on in the past according to local legend and the bbc) but was great with Rascal and Ben.  Managed to almost continuously jog in my zone today with hardly any walking - very impressed with myself (and my nose bubbles image) and with Ben for being able to keep up image hee hee

    mcs - do some shorter ones and once you're feeling stronger work on lengthening the uphill effort???

    Bo - if you're gonna just demolish them anyway - I'd go for the cheapest I could find ?????


  • Talking of new toys...

    10m GA run this morning wearing my swanky new 310xt for the first time.  I like the vibration alerts, so I don't forget to check my pace at each mile split.

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