Auviour Paris: So long and thanks for the cobbles



  • Yay Ten!! Just to add to the general consensus on core work - I'm going to a new yoga class 2moro and a Bosu class on Wednesday!  Best you take the hint or face the guilt image

    Boo for Bo - heal quick matey - take it easy - oscarr is right.  Individual races aren't as important as the rest of your running career!

    mcs - need to watch out for the foot eating mud!

    reiki - interesting - I had a crap night last night too - think my cold may be making a comeback - was way too warm so think my temperature may be back up.  Can't believe that xc is not the cure-all that I want it to be image.

    Rest day for me today though so hopefully it'll calm down again!


  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    Just to add to the general consensus on core work...

    Et tu, Sleepy? Et tu? image

    Bo - are you able to cross-train (e.g. cycle)?  I hope you get given some good practical advice what to do.

  • Four and a bit mile plod to work wore the heart strap which I dont do very often my heart rate was around 140bpm. Need to go and check what my max is but that hurts so dont fancy that, what should it be SB then? You are the figures guru? 170 going off the age thing. Was able to get it up to 185 a couple of years ago but dont think I could now. Whats the best way to test this?
    Heres a question for discussion, debate. Is it right to take Ibupofren before a race?

  • Another question - what do people think about folk who spit during a run? - a necessary thing in active sports or should not be done?

  • Not needed if fit.image No to drugs......too by the way.

  • mcs - the max HR formulae are garbage for most people.  I've trained alongside someone of the same age as me who's normal training heart rate on a steady run would kill me.  At a max heart rate of 170 (you're almost my age), I'd be walking slowly in training (my true max is about 20bpm higher!). If you don't fancy doing a heart rate test (and I don't blame you for not wanting to), then you can at least get a good idea by wearing your monitor during, say, a 5k race and seeing your highest rate.

    Oscarr - I've lived in China.  Spitting during a run pales into insignificance.

  • Ten - how big are the pales in China?

  • Huge I would imagine I have a relative living out there, crazy world!! Only 13 posts to 3000 I want it!!!image

  • lalalalalala - I adjusted my max HR based on a 10k I did last year - it's about 10 beats higher than the theoretical max.  I would take Ten's advice and do a 5k blast and see what it is at the end!

    Everyone seen the new marathon on the scene... claims to be flatter than London, Berlin, Paris, Chicago and New York...

    Another one to add to my ever growing list image

  • Thought Japan was now the sixth major!!! York would be a nice marathon event though lovely City.

  • I saw the Yotkshire marathon. Didn't realise it was claiming to be that, nice.

    Ten, I've been given streaching to do (very much like running streaches). Pain killers are v powerful and not able to do much at all. Not at work. I have trapped the v2 sciatic nerve. Sport is totally out of the question, I can't even drive...
  • mcs - ibuprofen, no.  However, Immodium.....  sometimes.

    Oscarr - d'oh! image

    SB - I'm resisting the temptation to start adding autumn marathons into the mix just yet.  I think I'll work on shorter distance and speedwork again through summer.  Only this time I won't increase distance at the same time as speed - to hopefully avoid injury.

    Bo - hope you get well soon!

  • Six mile GA this morning. Should have been ten m (per schedule) but cut it back:

    1. Sore from w/e XC's - 2 races in two days so 11 hilly, soggy miles in spikes

    2. Ran out of time - electrician coming to the house at 8:30 am - he was punctual

    3. Xmas treat tomorrow - runner's fitness assessment at Porsche Human Development Centre, Hangar Straight, Silverstone, courtesy of my dear wife and mother in law!

    Guess which one I am most excited about?

  • Bo - feel for you - give it the time it needs and only get running when fully fixed - you WILL get running again so don't worry

  • Mike Sheridan wrote (see)

    .. courtesy of my dear wife and mother in law!

    Guess which one I am most excited about?

    Depends what your mother in law looks like !!

  • Who's the most expensive - wife or M-i-L? image

    Understandable decision to take it a bit easier Mike - my pulse at the end of my preset treadmill sesh was back up this morning - the only other time it was close to where it was today was the Tuesday after the last xc - hmmm - obvious link! Still it was one beat lower than that time today but 5 beats up on last week!

    Feeling a gazillion times better today so off to yoga with ma neighbour this evening! Anyone want to place bets as to how long it takes us to be sent to the naughty corner for giggling image

    My next months training looks like this :

    this week : 4½ hours / next week : same  / week after  5 hours  / week after 5 hrs 35.  Let the build up commence image.  Still base building at this point so lots of easy running + 1 bike ride a week.  Training officially starts 4th March - that's starting to sound ominously close image


  • Did a multi session thingy today for the first time for ages - bit like a Reiki day image

    a.m. 45 mins spinning session at the health club

    p.m. 4 mile recovery run (bit quick @9:17mpm) followed by full strength exercise session in the garage#

    Did someone say "beer?" - "does a bear shit in the woods?" image

  • Hi Sleepy - your build up looks good for your prep work prior to Wall training starting. Like you, 4th March is the start of my formal training. I'm taking a slightly different approach to the winter work and am concentrating on strength and some sped work whilst keeping miles at about 25 a week. Will build up from now to about 35 before march. How I start the Wall training will depend where I am at that point.
  • Sympathy and empathy to you Bo as I have been there two years ago and know how frustrating it can be lying there feeling annoyed and frustrated. Be patient and use the opportunity to read everything you can and catch up on the bills and paperwork. I read Professor Brian Cox's latest book it hurt my head and my back!!! Very interesting book though.
    Did an interval session on the way home in the dark with failing batteries in the head torch but got my heart rate up to 179 at the end of a third sprint session, could probably get more out of my skinny legs in daylight. Will try again later this week. Hard work though it didn't kill me!! Pilates with youngest too last night to stretch me out!!!

  • 5m recovery this morning.

    Looking increasingly likely I'm going to be running 10m with head torch tomorrow morning.  It was easier to organise during the holidays image

  • Hill reps tonight at club night

  • Ten make sure your batteries are charged up properly.image How far up the hill do you run Oscarr?

  • mcs - i think tonight it is what they nickname Kenyan hills (cos thats what they do) where you go hard up AND down - pick a reasonable slope - go up and down for a total of 6 mins - 1 min recovery - do another 6 mins and try to get beyond the point you finished the first one - etc for 3 or 4 reps.  As i remember from the last time we did it i got half way up the hill for a third time in the 6 mins which will give an idea about the length of the hill - about 600m or so.

  • Sounds like hell, all the best. I am going to have a hill session tomorrow lunchtime as a mile hill outside the office, which is where the GG goes, though there is a road for a mile up hill alongside the woody off road path that is all mud at the moment. Probably stick to the off road path and try out the Speedcross 3simage get them muddy and dirty.

  • Hi folks

    Talking of Kenyans - thought I'd share this with you (taken from a book called More Fire - How to Run the Kenyan Way by Toby Tanser):

    15 things to learn from the kenyans:

    1. Injury prevention.. the best way to avoid a spear is to stand out of range...Kenyans are excellent at resting up if a possible injury pain is noticed.

    2. Simple methods are executed with imposing intensity. (don't over complicate things!)

    3. Train with a group

    4. Try to eat 3 meals a day - Kenyans rarely eat between meals and seldom have desserts (image)

    5. Don't look for perfection - Kenyans do not get down in the dumps after a bad performance or session.  Being out there and trying, means you are a winner and that is the Kenyan way.

    6. Don't add up your weekly mileage.  Most Kenyans only know their mileage to satisfy Western journalists.  The ethic of the focus is to concentrate on the given day.

    7. Choose one coach or training plan, and stick to it!  If you chase one chicken, you stand a better chance of catching it than chasing after two!

    8. Utilise blocks of training with non-active rest periods.  Kenyans are excellent at realizing the most scientific, effective, superb form of resting the body is to do absolutely zilch.

    9. Don't push the body when tired. There is always another day.

    to be continued...

  • 10.  Run off-road...too much time on hard surfaces...kills the speed and the natural spring in the legs.

    11. Be optimistic.

    12. Strengthen your ankles.

    13. Lightweight, flexible shoes to keep feet as strong as possible

    14. Run to improve running! Too much cross training strengthens non-running muscles that pull Westerners out of natural alignment.

    15. Nothing comes easy is another slogan of Kenyan running but what is achieved by pushing your own limits is life's richest reward.


    Discuss ???? image


  • mcs wrote (see)

    Ten make sure your batteries are charged up properly.

    My headlamp doesn't take rechargeables image  I take the point, though.  I could take spare batteries, but I'm still infamiliar with the torch, so changing them in the pitch black could be a nightmare!  I have (just) decided that I will carry a wind-up hand torch as a backup in an emergency.  It would be difficult to run using it, but it would get me out of some deep doo-doo if my headlamp suddenly cut-out in the middle of the trail.


  • Sleepy Bear wrote (see)

    7. Choose one coach or training plan, and stick to it!  If you chase one chicken, you stand a better chance of catching it than chasing after two!

    This is the one I've really taken to heart this time around.

    I'll happily read around the subject and see what people say about aspects of the plan, but my aim is to stick to it as written as far as is possible.  I won't change it for the sake of change - only when it becomes necessary.

    Of course, it helps that I am really enjoying the plan that I'm following.

  • I'm claiming numbers 5, 7, 9, 10 - 15 as things I can relate to - the rest I'm not so good at...imageimage

  • That does indeed make a huge difference Ten - enjoyment is always 90% of motivation for me! Possibly also why I don't achieve number 4 image

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