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  • I think the wording for number 4 should be "Kenyan's rarely eat".

  • or get eaten image

  • Hi all 

    Just caught up after another day of multiples this time involving Alter G - a steady 7, bit of a strength session from the Brain book, even some of that mad jumping up the wall, Mc Millan drills in the kitchen, and then I had to sit down because my sister made me enter the York marathon, made me do it I tell you!

    I'm feeling a bit despondent - both feet are now a bit sore, as are both hips.  Nothing major but not right.  I did do a double 5K progression spectaular on Monday after Tad on Sunday, then just Aqua Jog and Pilates yesterday.  

    Bo I really feel for you, I gave myself sciatica doing chi running in the snow in York a few years ago.  I do know a Thai Yoga therapist and sculptor called Lucinda who can sort it in two of the longest hours you will ever live if you fancy the direct approach. 

    I thought I did but my feet would differ I'm sure, indeed i had to laugh this morning when I heard myself bemoan bruising on the latest foot to demur, only to realise that this was caused by the sports massage guy last night, spontaneous stigmatalike phenomenon this is not.

    SB I'm not going to start throwing a discus now!  Sorry I am channelling Ten tonight! 

    Spitting is not good, and particularly disturbing is that very loud dredging noise that precedes it.  So long as they don't try to kiss you immediately afterwards it can be instantly forgotten I guess. 


  • reiki - not surprised you're sore after that lot! Don't be despondent - sounds like fatigue to me - keep at it, strength work takes time to take effect. Very jealous about York - but sticking to my plan - it's on the list for another year tho!  How 'bout a spear? image

    Got round to looking up sciatica as I know a few people just now suffering - interesting recommendations for its prevention :

    "There are some steps you can take to minimise your risk of a slipped disc or back injury that could lead to sciatica. This includes:

    • better posture and lifting techniques at work
    • stretching before and after exercise
    • simple, regular exercises to improve flexibility"

    It's one of those things that can happen to anyone!!! How you feeling today Bo - pain easing?  Hope so. ((( )))  I forsee a yoga class in your future image

    Spitting doesn't bother me as long as the spit doesn't land on me!!! I guess at some point all of us has excess mucous...

    We did a BOSU class last night which is good fun and basically just a swiss ball with less of a balance/stability requirement - notice I say less but not none!  That after a new yoga class in a local village hall the night before. Strength work - tick, flexibility boost - tick.

    Time for a Most Efficient Pace run today (easy but not easy, easy) and then looking forward to heading back to Derbyshire this weekend for a 10.5er on the trails. Need to get a map out to see where we're going...looks like it's gonna be a chilly 'un too!



  • I originally planned to run my ten miles outside today, but it was very foggy this morning.  So rather than add unnecessary risk by running in the dark and fog, I opted for the safety of the treadmill.  Run done and dusted by 7:15am image  Where there's a will..

  • Had a dark, flipping freezing minus two run 6.7 mile run to work through the Monsal Head Tunnel brilliant emerging from the tunnel to the light and the frost everywhere. Kept the pace down apart from one mile to 7.50mm and an 8.09. So cold though when I got to work, thank goodness for a hot shower!! Reminded me of school cross country though we didnt have gloves.
    Free Saturday afternoon for a long run if you fancy it SB though I cant keep up with Ben?  Let me know. Heading up few hills myself as OH and daughter going to the ballet sat pm.
    Wedding anniversary tomorrow so heading to florists at 27 tomorrow.
    Kenyans sound very sensible folk, love to go out there and see them in action.  Agree with the rest up if sign of injury particularly as one gets older. Recovery vital. Do find it hard to stick to one plan as always doubting myself and ability. RE shoes I now have some Speedcross 3s for fells and trails and they are not so supportive as my Asics Kayano. Interesting read.image

  • Hi mcs - sorry we're in Birmingham Saturday at Ben's xc - we'll be heading over to near Froggatt on Sunday. We're with Rascal so probably be a 10 minute jog, 10 minute walk so you'd probably be off on the horizon!

    Are we not getting a picture of the new shiny shoesies.....

    Am just starting to look for my 2nd pair of Cross Maxes to line up for The Wall so I can rotate them through training - my size is looking in short supply and the new version which comes out in February looks totally different so might need to get them sooner rather than later!

    Shoes glorious shoes imageimageimage

  • The hill session last night was hard but good. Following my earlier post, I reckon tie length of the hill was probably more like 300 m rather than 600.

    Sleepy -are you still following the brain training book's schedules?

    Great discussion on the Kenyan list. I think the thing that shines out for me is "run in a group". I know that when I go to club night I definitely go quicker for longer than I would on my own.
  • That's what I'm sadly lacking Oscarr, I can't make club sessions, so I do everything on my own, and actually that's partly why I do so many races I guess. 

    This morning at Pilates I felt an actual lump at the base of my 3rd toe, so rubbed that a bit and it seeemd to go down, the pain lessened - I'm sure of it!

    Never Google symptoms like this!


  • Evening!

    oscarr - I have butchered that to replicate Cyprus and will start that after June.  I am currently just making mine up and building up by 10% a week to the RW Ultimate Ultra thingy that mcs posted.  Glad I printed it out cos it's vanished now. 

    I'll be using the pace charts out of Fitzgerald for my ultra training tho - mainly 10 mi, HMP and MP by the looks of it.

    reiki - definitely stay away from too image

  • Bad night's sleep, so it was hard getting up early.  I feel better after 5m recovery run on treadie, but I'm still knackered image

  • Another flip freezing run into work. Need to run with some others to spice up the speed work and the long runs which I have lacked so far this block of running.  Done 5 runs this week out of the six I said I would do on Jantanstic.....Marathon Talk Motivational thingy.......image

  • Hi folks. Good to hear everyone's running is going well. I had to go back to the doctor yesterday becuase my leg went numb, been given stronger codene and musle relaxants. Not going to be back on my feet for a while... Someone remind me how long it takes to start losing fitness? Before this happened I was knocking out 15/16 milers with little stress (@9:30/10mm).
  • I know its tough Bo.....stay sane............a hot water bottle and then a bag of peas I found good to try and relieve the pain. My leg went numb to the ankle. I have found since 2011 Feb time when it happened to me that I need to go easy on the speed work or I can feel  the back particularly pounding down hills so tend to go steadier when coming down hills. You will be back dont worry. I became like an old man according to my OH when I had the same issue, she was helping me into the bath as I could barely stand up for two weeks.  The drugs they gave me started me hallucinating and feeling high as a kite so packed them in pretty quickly and used hot water bottle, hot patches that you can stick on your back too. Stay sane soon be February and you will regain the fitness no problem. Feel for you though.

  • Bo - they say it takes half as long, as it took to build up, to go back to square one - so since you trained for most of last year - you have 6 months - so RELAX a few weeks will not do you any harm and you will bounce back far quicker if you allow your body to have the rest it needs.  Hang in there - you'll be fine! ((( )))

    I'm aching today - must have been all the wobbling around on one leg on the BOSU! On the plus side - I managed 2 full press ups with one hand on the BOSu, one on the floor, before reverting to 3/4 ones - small progress but progress none the less!

    My pulse was a bit higher than usual during my run but my resting pulse is within normal range so I'm taking that to mean I'm still a bit tired after Sunday, then training on top of that, and not that I'm still ill.  Apart from a teeny sniffle - my cold has officially left the building! imageimage


  • Just for you SB shoe piccie.



  • BoD image - try not to think about cardio fitness loss, because unfortunately it can be depressing.  It won't take so long to get back in shape afterwards, because you are already fit and used to the training.  Whether targets need to be revised will depend on how long you are away from running.  The best thing (the best - not necessarily the easiest) is to first concentrate on getting well.

    I'll bet there aren't many people on this forum who have't suffered a set-back of this nature, so you know we can all empathise with your situation.

    Hope you get well soon.

  • Here, here - chin up Bo.

  • BoD I do feel for you too, and hope the acute phase passes quickly.  Following one of my more dramatic setbacks [involving multiple fractures], I was out for 6 months, but my 10K time on return was only 10% down.  That might sound a lot but I was delighted!

    As soon as I could move at all I was doing everything possible though, and aggressive with the physio and interventions.

    Speaking of which it does look like my foot thing is Mortons Neuroma.  I haven't been to the pod yet as I don't have insurance and the initial consultation with this guy is £255.  

    Do any of you have insurance for running injuries?  I would love some advice on this as I spend a very high proportion of my discretionary income on treatments and therapies, the odd one of which would qualify if I had some sort of cover I'm sure. 

    So I did a 7 mile pyramid run this morning - 0.5 very slow warm-up, 1.5 miles @ 10mm, then 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 mins at 7:30 [last 2 reps @ 7:10], with easy recoveries of the same length, final mile @ 9:30. 

    Then it was off for a Tui Na session, and foot is a lot easier as a result, he did get totally stuck in to the lump, and told me to take the orthoses out of my shoes! 

  • Reiki - my experience with health insurance is that it can be expensive to the point where it is best to skip it and go private yourself and pay the bill. My experience withs the nhs is bad - they were treating my wife for ibs until we went private and then got the correct diagnosis - the nhs were simply incompetent in this case. So, I would advise make sure you get the right specialist and then pay for the treatment.
  • Cheers Oscarr I tend to agree with a couple of anecdotal exceptions - I happened upon the best sports injury guy ever once because he was visiting his mate at Guys for lunch.  That time I'd been sent to the Rheumatology dept!  He only does one Friday a month at an NHS clinic though.

    I did email him today!

    mcs I meant to say I am loving the shoes. 

  • purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to the shoes - looky nicey mcs!

    Good sesh reiki - hope you find a resolution soon.  Have no idea about insurances sorry.  I was covered for the years I was time trialling but (touch wood) never needed to claim.  What else did your Tui Na chap say - did he have an opinion on it?  Are your orthoses from a podiatrist or off the shelf? How did you feel after your run - how hard would you class that on a scale of what you believe you should be doing?  I'd be pretty happy with being able to complete that sesh without any undue after effects image


  • Off for a long run in shoes above! A mile or two for you BO...... Well run RR. Cold here but no snow yet forecast for Monday.
  • BoD - I have maintained some fitness through swimming and some gym work. It isn't esay to rest from running but definately better than having a long term injury.

    Great running going on!

    mcs - enjoy your run in new shoes! I really likle my speedcross shoes, but don't wear them very often as run on the roads mostly in the winter.

    I managed 12 miles this morning...very, very slowly..felt more like 24image

  • Well SB, I reckon the Alter G is a lot easier, I really notice the difference with speedwork, and my legs are always absolutely fine after any kind of session on it, and overall I am continuing to class it as a good thing because it's allowing me to do so much more running specific training.

    I'm doing 2 runs a week inc the long one *properly* as it were, and after all that's all I used to do.

    My Tui Na guy says there's a blockage which he is remiving bit by bit, and that I shall not be needing injectons or surgery, carry on doing what I'm doing i.e. running, nourish my blood with squid and steak, don't ice, indeed he says only ever ice if there's visible evidence that blood is leaking , this on the basis of the red v white cell argument.

    My orthoses are my 7th set from a podiatrist, I have different ones for walking / running, mainly because the first set from the latest podiatrist [the one with the 3D diagnostics!] gave me an additional knee problem, so my running ones have slightly less accentuated arch lift and heel lift.

    It cost me a month's income for that little lot.

    Today they are out which feels odd, yet not very considering how long it has been.  I went to PIlates, jogged to the train due to lateness and foot seems happier to be able to fan out.  

    And my lovely consultant got back to me even though he's abroad for another 3 weeks, has told me who to see, or that he will sort me out same day upon his return!

    That would be an injection or an op under local anaesthetic.  

    So all in all I'm a bit confused.  I know there are often consequences to interventions and my thinking is more in tune with the chi philosophy - I know there's an imbalance that keeps manifesting in different ways, I just need to find it [4th go this week at Brain Training Strength and Power combo with stretches coming up soon!], but then again I want to get on with my training, painfree by preference.

    Supposed to do 14 tomorrow and you now the weather here today is so reasonable I almost decided to crack on as it will be zero at best in the morning, but if you saw how hobbly my walking is you would disbelieve that assertion.  It was literally easier to jog this morning. 



  • I've just completed week five of my 18 week marathon schedule, and it was a week I had been dreading image.  Today's run was 16m with the last 10m at marathon pace.  The first few miles were in heavy snow, then sleet, and finally rain before it stopped.  The snow didn't settle and I'm glad the ground wasn't icey.

    My projected marathon pace is 9:09, but I wanted to get nearer to 9:00 for this run (though I doubted that I would). My mile splits for the run were:

    Warm-up miles: 10:34/10:32/10:24/10:17/10:18/9:54
    MP miles:  8:51/9:02/9:00/9:06/8:54/8:42/8:56/9:02/9:01/8:52 (average 8:57)

    Chuffed to bits!  I even hit 9:01 in the fifteenth mile - up a long incline into a biting cold headwind that was relentless.  I drew strength from having run a faster paced threshold earlier in the week.

    My heart rate range for MP miles is 153-168bpm. It peaked at 167bpm, and the averages per MP mile were:


    This is my highest mileage week ever (45m), and I'm feeling really happy about progress so far. Absolutely loving this plan! image

    Next week is a recovery week, so I'll only have 80% of current mileage to do.  P&D should look up the word "recovery" in a dictionary IMHO image

    Best of all is 100% for the first week of Jantastic!

  • Crikey Reikki.  You certainly can't be accused of not trying everything possible to find a solution.  I hope you find a resolution soon.  Preferably before you are broke (in the financial sense)!

    Is the Alter-G the anti-gravity treadmill thingy?  Looks like something that astronauts would have used?  That's what I have had in mind whenever you have mentioned it.

  • Ten that is one cracking run.  

    You may find yourself revising that target!

  • Ten - that's a great 16 miler with great pacing and splits - you must be really chuffed with this being still 13 weeks to go - a great base to build from

  • Well done Ten. Just sat recovering from doing the GG route well 19.3 miles of it in my new shoes. Very very tough was out for three hours 11 mins and had to divert to a shop for a Nakd bar as getting the bonks, only took one gel and one bottle of water. Mud mud. Hills hills, I probably walked a mile or so up hill but there are some great views just need to carry more fuel next time. Couple of navigation issues so will have to check the map again. Oh for a flat run!!

    Get well soon BO and RR.
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