London Marathon Charity Place

Hi All

Im looking to do the VLM again next year, I want to make sure i get a place so im going to apply with a charity, can i apply with more than one charity? and if im succesful with both can i then make a decision?




  • Is that fair on the charities? They'd also prefer you to enter the ballot then if you get a place you can still run for them but it doesn't cost them anything. If you don't get a ballot place then you can look at getting a golden bond place. It will mean raising several thousand pounds though, so wouldn't it be better to chose a charity that means something to you to hep with your money collecting motivation?

  • There's no reason why not, charities don't often have trouble filling places, if you go with charity A charity B will soon find someone else to run for them - there's more demand than supply.

    When I ran in 2007 it was mid January, I'd done months of training and my first choice charity was still dithering over whether to give me a place. I found another charity who gave me a place within 24 hours. 

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    try  They list the charities who have places available and hook you up.  I applied in the late summer, forgot all about it, and got an email offering me a place in the october.

    You have to say how you will raise the money.  And this way, you just click all the ones you would be interested in and they sort all the rest out for you.

  • Thanks everyone, I have applied with one Charity who said they make there decision early may, I have also been offered a place from the charity i ran with this year, I may try applying with another charity so then I have 2 options and they are charities that are for amazing causes
  • And enter the ballot anyway. There's always a chance and the charities will ask you to
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