Sunday Session

First again:

What: Dog walking, and even that was not a success. Paralysis returned! Leaving me shuffling home looking like a cross between Charlie Chaplin and a geriatric duck. Have also lost much of my right arm. Quick, hit the anti-inflammatories and hope.

Still, this has happened before, and always the anti-inflammatories have done their stuff and as soon as they do I'm ok.

Is this a training report or the emergency service clinic? Sorry guys, but you can all do better than me today.


  • Hope things settle down promptly, Marj.

    What: 6.6 mile walk/run this evening.

    Why: I've promised to take a friend who has been a treadmill runner on and off for years on a road run, and her house is about 2.5 miles along that particular route so she'll join me there. I suspect she's fitter than she'll admit, and by the time I get home she'll have showered, made the tea, and be playing Nintendo with Kevin the Teenager.

    Last hard day: Yesterday. More quantity than quality, unfortunately.

    Last rest day: Friday.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • What: 8.33 miles steady ( in 1m 10 less than Thursday)
    Why: Latest day of 1/2m programme
    Last Hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Keep your chin up Marj, you're an inspiration to us all here.

  • UltracatUltracat ✭✭✭
    What 9miles +
    Why : wanted to break the 30 mile barrier this week, the first time for 2 years. Hooray. Would have liked to have done more but as it was so wet had to stick to the roads which are too hard on my legs.
    Last hard day: Wednesday.
    Last rest day: Thursday.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    what: 42 miles in 2:40 (not quite up to MM's average speed). Headed for all the hilliest roads I could find in the Peak District and did longest bike ride for probably 10 years +
    why: Feel a bit stale after holiday and decided to take a 3 day break from running and will start again tomorrow
  • What: 6.5 miles Jog/walk
    Why: Still on beginner's regime (week 2 ) I think, but seemed to be a bit easier today, I actually enjoyed myself and could have kept going. Dog has also gotten into the swing of "walking fast" in order to keep up, which makes life easier. The muscles felt warm and relaxed after finishing so I think I'm doing things right for a change - less pain is a good thing, I think.
    Last Hard Day: Friday
    Last Rest Day: Saturday.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Welcome back from holiday Drew. Now's the time to post a picture with that holiday tan I'm sure your sporting!

    Todays run: 1/2 marathon
  • I must resolve not to post a session until I've done it - or else do what I post.

    It started to tip down with rain just as I was about to set out this evening, so my prospective running partner and I agreed to postpone our run until tomorrow. Then the rain slowed down so I decided to go out and set a baseline for the 5K circuit which (I have posted elsewhere) I was aiming to be able to do in 35mins by the end of August.

    I did it in 29mins 20sec and when I got out of breath I was able to run more slowly instead of having to walk. Only took two walking breaks, on the steepest uphill stretches.

    This probably means that the circuit is a bit less than 5K, since I cannot run even one sub-ten-minute mile on the treadmill, but it takes me 44mins at power-walk pace so it can't be far off.

    Earlier I did some fat-burning - dangled a pizza in front of the noses of Mr V-rap and Kevin the Teenager so that they'd come out with me for a seven-mile walk. Ended up an expensive trip when Mr V-rap complained that if I expected him to walk at that pace (15-minute miles) he'd need cushioned shoes, and no way was he going to start wearing naff white trainers at his age (36!). And when the boy in Milletts gave him the hard sell on Coolmax socks at ten quid a pop, he couldn't say no. Odd that I manage to get by with the "3 pairs for £1.99" socks from JJB. Then Kevin decided that her hiking boots were too small (they were - by 2 sizes) and she needed new ones if she was going up Scafell next weekend, then we had the sock routine again ("Don't you know, Mummy, socks are at least as important as shoes, and you wouldn't want me moaning about blisters, would you?").

    The pizza was good, although I wonder whether there was a spot of whiz in the asparagus.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • What: 15 miler
    Why: Weekly long run
    Days since last hard run: 0 (today)
    Days since last rest: 2 (friday)

    Welcome back Drew. Cycling in the PEak District?? See a few too many Tour de France mountain stages whilst holidaying?

    Did my usual 15 mile Sunday route. Nice to get this in at the same time as the Commonwealth Games triathlon (just for the mental comfort of knowing that I wasn't the only one suffering). Ran about a 7:30 min/mile average, did miles 6-14 at 7:08 pace, could use a little more even pacing!

  • PS. Sorted. It usually works. Crisis over. Glad to see you back, Drew.
  • what: usual 4 and a half mile jog/walk
    why: why not?

    apparantly it was peeing it down everywhere else in the country today. Well it bloody wasn't here! It was boiling all day long, so I postponed the run till the evening, and actually made it till about the 3 mile mark before I had to stop and have a bit of a walk.
    2 weeks a go I ran once. last week I ran twice, this week I hope to run 3 times and by next sunday hopefully I'll be able to manage the full 4.5 miles without a walk. I can now see that my marathon at the endof september is going to be a lot of run/walking and I now reckon I should look to do it in about 6 hours. that sounds a bit rubbish, but I need it as a goal to get back into the running habit for next years FLM.
    oh, and I'm glad to report no 12 year old snipers today.
    And V-rap, those 3 for 1.99 socks from JJB are working fine for me as well :o)
  • What: Hard tempo session. On measured forest trail - 3.5 km warm up then 2 x 3.5 km at over 170 (85-90%) MHR, followed by 2km warm down. Total session over 1 hour.
    Why: one of three core weekly sessions.

    Felt a bit (no, quite a lot) heavy legged after yesterdays long run. Heart rate got up (to 180+ on second lap) but had no speed (c. 20 seconds slower per lap than last time). Still felt like a good hard session.

    Knee felt a little better - shouldn't really push whilst nursing an injury but can't resist it!
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