Trail shoe fitting line Brooks Adrenaline GTS

I have narrow feet and am a medium to severe over protonator. I wear Brooks Adrenaline GTS as although they probably don't give me as much support as I could do with, at least the width is right for me, so they are nice and snug on my feet.
I would like to buy a pair of trail shoes, but have no idea where to start, and would like recommendations for a shoe that will suit my gait and foot width.
Any suggestions most welcome.


  • I just use the trail version of the same shoe- although it's not a very "technical " trail shoe, may not be what you need- have a look.
  • Hi, alot depends on the sort of terrain your running over Alison because " trail " could mean anything from a well maintained footpath all the way upto a forest trail littered with exposed tree roots, rocks and deep ruts..

  • Hi Roland, It would be the latter - Goretex would be high on the list of requirements!
  • Alison Appleby wrote (see)
     Goretex would be high on the list of requirements!

    Even though the local forests get very wet I still wouldn`t buy a gortex running shoe, sorry I can`t be of any further help but I`ve know idea whats available.. image

  • Really sure you want a goretex shoe? I've got a pair, and will never get them again. Keeps the water out so long as it doesn't come over the top (which happens pretty often). However feet get very sewaty in them, and once water does get in, it doesn't get out.
    Next pair will definitely be along the easy in and easy out approach to water.
  • I've got brooks adrenaline gts trail shoes (equivalent to my road shoes), and I like them. Like the others said, water can get in and out, and I run on rocky/muddy paths, the beach, all sorts! From what the guy in the running shop said, you can't get much stability from a shoe on trails, because your gait is all over the place - so I guess comfort and protection from the elements is what you need! Good luck!
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