To run or not to run....


 I'm am trying to decide whether it would be a good idea to attempt to the Belfast marathon next monday (7th) or not. I am not sure I've completed enough training (due to work commitments + injury).

 I've completed 2 x 13 miles, 2 x 15 miles, 1 x 17 miles, 1 x 17.5 mile and 1 x 18 mile during my 16 week training but shorter runs have been very sporadic. The 18 miler was 3 weeks ago. I wasn't particularily tired after the 18 miles (was quite happy to go to work straight after) but I was stiff and sore for a couple of days after. Also not sure if I'd have been able to keep going for another 8 miles!

 I've no intention of aiming for a particular time, just to complete it without doing myself any damage.

Does anyone have any advice/opinions? I'm completely torn as I get very polar opinions from friends and family!! Its my first marathon.

Thanks in advance xxx


  • If go for it. Just ease the pace back a bit.
  • go for it, take it easy and enjoy the day. So long as you are going with the target of completion rather than a particular time you will feel great  for haivng done it. Don't take the advice of friends and family unless they are runners
  • kaffeegkaffeeg ✭✭✭
    go for it!
  • you're I mean Go for it!
  • Lol !!
  • Deja vu here, NLR and Cougie image
  • It's like Groundhog day in here!
  • Haha! Thanks guys!

    Decided to give it a go but taking it seriously slow image

    Jo xxx 

  • good luck - let us know how you get on
  • Will do, thanks!


  • Hello! I thought I'd let you know that I completed the marathon in 4.26.28! So glad I did it (although my legs are complaining now!!).

    Thank you for all your encouragement, it was a in important factor in me deciding to do it xxxxxxxxxx image
  • Well done Joanna and a very respectable time as well.

    Out of interest did you run it all or did you end up run/walking.

  • mathschickmathschick ✭✭✭

    well done! A great time too

  • I managed to run whole way...well I say run no doubt people could probably walk faster!!
  • Hi Joanna, also curious as to what pace you run first half, 20 miles. You could prove a useful reference point for others who are looking to do a marathon with perhaps not optimum training.


  • Hi, I ran the the first half in 2hr 13 and 19 miles in 3hrs 12 so it works out as a pretty consistent 10.1 min mile I think. Had to keep tucking in behind people going slower than my body wanted to at the beginning so I wouldn't overdo it (I don't have a garmin). I still had enough in the tank for a slight burst for the last mile
  • My first in 9 days time (cape wrath).

    Aim is simply to finish the course.

    Thanks for an encouraging report, Joanna.
  • Looks like you paced it to perfection!

    Well done and good luck with your future running.

  • Thanks Max power!

    Good luck other half, you will feel amazing at the end and you won't want to take that medal off! Remember that everyone around you will be finding it tough too and that it will all be amazingly worth it. Best of luck xxx
  • Sounds like you paced yourself very well. Personally I'll always be much more impressed with someone who runs a 5 hour marathon at a slow but steady pace than with someone who finishes much faster but tends to race off fast then fall apart with a few miles still to go. Good job!

  • Really inspirational. Really good time. Glad you ran.

  • Thanks for all your lovely comments xxx
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