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I'm doing my first sprint triathlon in July and I have never done a lot of cycling or swimming. I have a decent road bike and I've just started cycling to work, which is just over 10k each way (it took me about 40 minutes each way yesterday, including stops at lights). I'm planning on doing this twice a week, weather dependent. With the cycle part of the race being 20k, how important is it that I do a longer ride at the weekend too? If I really *should* be doing it, then I can, but it just takes up a lot of my weekend... I think my boyfriend was hoping that now I'm done with the marathon, I'd have a bit more time free at the weekends.

During my rides to/from work, should I include some speed intervals and stuff? If so... what? I'm commuting in London, but there are a few long-ish stretches where I could pick up the pace.

I'm sure this is an issue that a lot of triathletes have... I have no idea how anyone finds the time to train for an Ironman!


  • If 10k is taking you the 40 mins in the morning then the long ride at the weekend only needs to be double that ... getting that done first thing really wont eat in to your time together?

    Have a look at for some plans that will help you work out where you are and where you need to be
  • i commute to work - I find sprinting off the lights / going hard a great workout...... I just try to catch up with those **** who jump the red lights.

    As a beginner, just ride as much as you can - once you feel ok riding twice a week, move up to 3 times, then 4.......

    A longer ride at the weekend is nice to do, but does not have to be every weekend - how about 2 weeks out of every 4?

  • Cycling is the longest part of a triathlon (in time as well as distance), it is the part of the race where you can make the biggest difference to your time.

    I do think you need to be spending a decent amount of time on the bike, and that will include longer rides, when you do them is up to you. One option is to extend your commute route by going a wiggly way, rather than extra rides. As has been said, another option is to get up and go early at the weekend- it is light from about 5:30 at the moment!
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    Unfortunately commuting in London is not going to do much for your fitness because it's too stop start - the upside is your bike handling and confidence will be good and that's important. I think an hours ride at the weekend without stops will pay dividends - but it's up to you - if you just want to get round and finish no doubt it's not essential.

    Basically up to a point that you don't have to worry about reaching the heavier your training load - which can mean more hours or higher intensity - the better you will be.
  • I don't really know what my aims are for this triathlon. I know I can run a good 5k in 25 mins or thereabouts. I cycled to work in 37 mins this morning including stopping at lights (pushing it a bit). I have no idea about my swimming abilities (working on it though!). I might drown before I even get to the bike section! I think ultimately, I want to get round, feel like I've pushed myself and enjoy it.
  • I think they are good aims for a first tri. It's a real learning experience.

    I am sure you will be able to complete the bike distance, even if you don't go for longer rides. However I would say that your biking is significantly weaker than your running, and that if you want to make the biggest impact on your overall time, that is a good place to put some work in. Actually your biking is not THAT much faster than your running. More time on the bike, and some longer rides (don't have to go silly distances) should see your bike speed increase markedly.
  • Cool, thanks for the advice. On the back of your excellent advice, I'm definitely going to make the effort to get out for the longer rides. I don't live too far from Richmond Park, which is a pretty good place for some continuous cycling.

    I did another bike commute today, and definitely feeling it in my quads!
  • If its your quads that are feeling it then try a lighter gear and keep the spin/cadence up a bit to relieve it   image
  • A few people on here ride Richmond Park some evenings.  A fine fellow called Dustboy usually initiates them.  He also does a Beginners Ride of The Surrey Hills. 

    Hang around here and I am sure a thread will start re Richmond Park image

  • I've just realised that my club does a ride in Richmond every other Thursday night as well as Saturday mornings. So actually I could do the Thursday rides there and then every other Saturday ride too. The Thursday will end up being LONG as I'll have to ride to work, then to Richmond, then around Richmond, then home... that's 20 miles even without laps of the park!

    Thanks for the tip, M...eldy image
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