Hoka One One

 Just bought a pair of Hoka Stinson Evo for the princely sum of £125.

Loved the shoe but after about 3 mile and a couple of puddles realized the UK 11 was more like a 10 and after 8 mile felt like someone had hit my big toe with a hammer. Totally unwearable for running so therefore useless and now muddy so no refundimage

Now I have to try and get some money back on them through ebay and fork out for a pair of 12's.

Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying a pair.




  • I have worked in running retail, so I can sympathise with the retailer who sold them to you but - The salient matter is not whether you have worn them outside, but whether the retailer can tell that you have. 

    You can clean them up and make them look pretty good.  One tell that I used to look for, was whether tiny pieces of grit had got trapped between the lugs. 

    The retailer should definitely have made sure that the fit was correct before selling you the shoes. 

  • I tried them at the London expo and all seemed fine so i bought them from an online retailer. Wasn't untill i ran that i realized they didn't fit.

    First pair of 11's ever that haven't fitted. Took it for granted really.

    Cleaned uppers today. Will clean soles tomorrow and see how they lookimage but not hopeful

  • Dare I suggest that you put them in the washing machine inside a pillow case?
  • Thanks Ben will see how i get on with my wifes toothbrush on the soles first if i can't get them clean will try the washing machine.image
  • I'd definitely check with the manufacturer or on the website etc. before doing that, I killed a pair of Sauconys because I assumed they'd be ok in the wash.
  • I have used Hoka One Ones for over a year now and love them.  I get mine from Ian Corless at www.runwildrunfree.co.uk and I have always gone for a 7 when my usual shoe size is a 6 - 6.5.  Sorry to hear that you got the wrong pair, extremely frustrating especially given the cost of them. 

  • Yes Mimi totally peed off. I've managed to sell them on Ebay for £85 but now i'm reluctant to fork out £125 again only to try them. Can't waste more money the wife will kill me.

  • Ha Ha Got a pair of size 12's for my birthday and they are seriously good.

    Done 10 miles straight out the box on Thursday and 20 today. I've had a few pain issues during runs since i finished the SDW 2 weeks ago but not today everything was good.

    Hope they continue to impress as i fully intend on wearing them on the NDW100 next month..

  • Lets us know how you get on with them on the ndw100 dill i'm looking for new trainers as i killed mine on the sdw100 couple of weeks ago. Uptil last year i was a riad runner so always brought ascis numbus but i'm now hooked to ultra running so need to look at other shoes i think image
  • Will do Ling but i must say I have high hopes for these shoes. They just seem so right.

    I've been down the minamalist road and it's just not for me.

    Mind you every six months i think i've found the ultimate running shoe. Except this time i have. Well maybe...

  • Hi Dill,

    I've seen them mentioned a few times now - just wondered, are they good for trail even wet / muddy? And what about road sections - do you feel they have enough cushioning?

    Birthday coming up, you seeimage

  • I reckon they may just about have enough cushioning... have you seen them?!

  • Hi Ok

    It's hard to give judgement having only done 30ish miles in them but they seem to be at their best on harder trails. On the wet and boggy stuff they were slippy. Having said that i'm yet to find shoes that can handle the deep stuff and still offer any support or cushioning.

    Felt real good on the harder stuff and soaked the tarmac up and yes they have enough cushioning.image

    Weird thing is you would think they were unstable or clunky but they are neither. I have owned Nikes that are unstable and inov-8s that are clunky but these seem a very nice ride. Your foot actually sits in that massive sole as opposed to on it which makes them very stable.

    Anyway early days and i'll let you know how they really are after the NDW100.


  • Wetter is Better - lol, yes, I see you what you mean image

    Dill - thank you and really look forward to hearing how you got on with them at the NDW.

    Coincidentally, noticed one of the ladies doing Badwater this year was wearing them - they obviously seem to stand up to the heat  - not that this is of great concern in  Blighty image 




  • For what its worth I have a pair and I strapped them on for the second half of the SDW100 race.  They were absolutely superb.  My legs and feet were really starting to feel trashed at the 54 mile point (particularly the downhills) and strapping these on saw me bounce out the aid station and had a really strong second half.  They ride over stones, etc. and so were really good as I got tired and lost concentration as to where to put my feet!  Would definitely recommend them!

  • Brilliant, thanks Giggster. Planning on doing the SDW100 next year myself, so it's great to hear that you got on so well with them.

  • Wore my Stinsons in thick mud today and they were rubbish. I slipped everywhere. I ran two loops of bewl water and could barely stay up right. Luckily i took some old Rocklites and used them on the second loop and didn't slip once.

    I love my Hokas dearly and already have a new pair of Stinsons ready for the better weather. Has anyone tried the Mafates? I have read that they have a more aggressive grip. Just wondered if they handle the mud any better?

  • Did you wear them for NDW in the end? How did they go?

    I've just ordered a couple of pairs of new shoes to trial over the next few months with a view to pick some ready for NDW this year.

  • Hi Wacky

    I did indeed wear these for the NDW100 and they were fantastic. The only issue was the fact they are very flat and i finished with horrendous Achilles Tendonitis. The achilles problem started as a niggle but by the end of the race was a full blown injury.

     Having said that they really do protect your joints from the constant pounding. Usually after a massive race my ankles, feet and hips hurt so much i can barely walk for days but after the NDW i had very little joint pain and my feet were not at all swollen. The toe box is slightly narrow even with the extra size and i lost both big toe nails.

    If i can keep my achilles in check i will certainly be wearing these for each of this years 100s. They are not really suited for the mud or shorter fast stuff. Karl Meltzer may have something to say about that but i still run shorter training runs in Mizuno roadies or Brooks trail shoes. They take a bit of getting used to but once you do they are great.

  • Thanks for the response Dill, interesting to hear your thoughts. 

    I'm tempted to try a pair after some of the reviews I've read... they certainly do seem to shorten the recovery time for a lot of people. Just ordered a pair of NB101's and a pair of Vivo Evo II's to try, both at bargain price of £25 from sports direct so at £50 for 2 pairs, I can always use for casual wear if I don't get on with them. Not sure I'd want to go 100 in either though!

    I just ran C2C in a pair of Saucony peregrines which were great in the conditions although a touch hard on the final 20 mile canal section maybe. The balls of both feet have been a bit tender ever since and again I'm not sure I'd want to take them on a 100.

    Was thinking maybe my regular mileage shoe the kinvara may be ok for NDW although I guess it would depend on the weather. I'm warming to the idea of a pair of Hoka's but the price would hurt a little as normally I'm a bit of a clearance/sale hunter image

    Hope your achilles behaves for you.

  • There are a few deals about on early edition Hokas. I've seen them for £85 but not in my size. I don't like paying £130 but if it means running 100s doesn't cripple me i'm all for it.

  • I had the same yesterday dill was planning a 30mile reccie of the Thames path but had to cut it short at 18 miles. I just had no grip in the mud at all and made it un -unable. A bit worried about shoe choice now for the tp100. I wore road shoes for sdw100 but my feet where so sore by the end and my Achilles had gone only just getting over that injury. I hope we have dry spell so I can wear my hokas....
  • *Dill* wrote (see)

    There are a few deals about on early edition Hokas. I've seen them for £85 but not in my size. I don't like paying £130 but if it means running 100s doesn't cripple me i'm all for it.

    Can't argue with that Dill!

    I've taken the plunge, after hours reading reviews and then hours trying to find the damn things, managed to order a pair of Bondi's in my size for £90. Like the look of these being the lighter offering and they shouldn't feel any heavier than the peregrine's I just ran C2C in. Even at sale price, they are still the most expnsive pair of trainers I've ever bought but really thinking they could be my NDW shoe.

    Will report back how I get on when receive them. A bit worried about how many people reported not getting on with them and sufferng bad blisters but equally intrigued by all those saying how great they are for recovery.

  • Where did you get them from Wacky?


  • Hi DV, pretty much searched every UK stockist I could find and ended up ordering here-


    They only had the Bondi's in 9.5 and 10 I think. Seemed to be really limited on availability and sizes across the stockists I could find.


  • Nice one Wacky i'm sure you will get on with them. Hope you took into account the sizing problems they really do come up at least half a size too small.

    I can honestly say i may have lost both big toe nails using them but i've never had a blister.

    Which part of the TP did you recce Lingster? I've got the TT next weekend it would be nice to know how conditions are.

  • Who needs toenails image

    I like a bit of space around my toes so normally wear my trainers a little on the large side anyway but took an extra half a size to be on the safe side, so hopefully they won't end up on ebay like your first pair!

    Can't wait to get them on for a test drive now image

  • I'd be interested to know if all models have a built up arch, I tried the mafate's which rubbed my arch so had to eBay them, I still like the idea of them though, it would be nice if they could do one with a flat footbed!
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