Breathing techniques...

I cannot seem to master my breathing. I feel like I can't get enough oxygen in when I breathe in threw the nose and out through the mouth..but breathing through my mouth the whole time tires my out and I can't get past 6ish miles without pressure on my chest...

Any suggestions as to what to do will be appreciated


  • Slow down?
  • Agreed. If you can't talk out loud normally during a regular practice (non-race/quality) run, you're going too fast.

    It's always a bit painful when you have to take a bit of a "backwards step" in training, believing that you have been making swift progress, but this kind of symptom is your body's way of signalling, "hey! Not ready yet!"
  • Yes, be patient.

    Its normal to have periods when you plateau for a while and don't see a lot of improvement but if you stick with the training you will soon be moving forward again.

    There is no secret to breathing when running, just try to breathe 'normally'.

  • Slow down a bit - if that doesn't work there's no shame in taking a walk break after six miles.  After all I'm sure when a lot of us first started, we were taking walk breaks after five minutes. image
  • Thanks for all the help people, I'll slow down a bit.
    Running tomorrow so I'll see how it goes.
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