Outlaw relay

Hi.... tentatively putting myself out there for the run leg on an outlaw team. Not sure if I am really going to be up to this but if there is anyone out there who needs someone then I'm open to sob stories that might convince me to keep on with these 20 something mile runs.... image

I thought there was a list thread somewhere but I can't find it....


  • I'll take that as a no then!

    Never mind. I'm going to target a half marathon the week before Outlaw so I probably won't be up to the run leg now..... i'm not going to worry too much since I wasn't in much demand!
  • Hey

    I can't run at the moment so may well want a runner...

    You still up for it?

    If so ping me and we can sort it out with the outlaw
  • AAh, sorry. Re-focussed and entered a Nov marathon now, so mileage definitely going down for a couple of months. Sorry image
  • didn't wait long Jen.............this lot would have all been out training.......if you fancy going to outlaw I'm taking my camping stuff there for the weekend to support.....it might inspire you...
  • Hi All

    I  have just completed the Edinburgh Marathon and do not want to stop my training and keep up the mileage. If anyone is interested i would consider doing the run leg for their team. I completed my marathon yesterday in 3.14.04 so im not going to break any records but i will try hard.




  • I may be wrong Chris but I think OC has withdrawn totally but I believe there was another team looking for a runner .. check back to this thread and hopefully they will pop in

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Wasn't OC in Gladys team?...i'll let him know theres a runner available.

  • No .. I think OC was in his own team but Gladys was certainly looking for a non mincer   image

  • yup - I was in the whole thing, then thinkinking of a swim bike but now sanity has prevailed and I've pulled out totally as the feedstation needs my banana skills!
  • For Christopher.....

    Gladys M. wrote (see)

    Looks like Team Gladys (all over) is short a runner (image) still....

    Anyone? Anyone? Ferris?...



  • Yep! Consider yourself in Christopher! No need to hurry to the start of the run, you'll be cooling your heels for about 10 hours whilst I swear my way round the bike course very slowly, but on the plus side it'll be cooler for your run!

    3.14 marathon time will see you doing a LOT of overtaking Tim!

    I'll pm you my email & some details we need soon, would be great to have you on board. 

    PS - you do know you have to mince your way round, don't you? If you're not sure what it looks like, just watch Flatfooted!image


  • Flatfooted ^

  • Christopher amazing time!

    But you need a new name... Who wants to start the bidding?
  • Gladys - There's even a little toddler in the background looking at you with a WTF face.


  • New name could be GB! You work out what it stands for!image

    And no, it's not Golden Balls, or Boots for that matter!

  • Gladys' Bitch

    I like it...
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-3cuCEt9k8

    The picture above. Is that a still of this bloke on the vid? He is orsum. I think it might be. He is world famous.

  • Still a linky retard...

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Now now gladys...not very nice is it.

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭

    Standalone best of 3.15 in 97, 2012 best 3.51...one and only Irondistance marathon 4.40.

  • I think we have scared him off...... image
  • i thought you were very encouraging Gladys, perhaps he's just been busy.

  • Sorry for slow reply, I do not check my emails very often and I noticed I had a response from you.

    Thanks very much, you have not scared me off at all image So what time are you expecting to be completing the swim and bike in? I did see 10 hours being mentioned and from my very limited experience of iron man, i thought there was a cut of point?

    Just sorting out my race diary and will come back to you in the next day or so to 100% commit, if that's OK?

    Oh and i could be called TOFER or TIMO, those are my nicknames but I'm not sure if they go with mincing! whatever that is?image

    Many thanks





  • join the club, I don't know what mincing is either!image:-P

    Re time, Pugsley swears he's going to do a sub 1 hour swim and I think my time will sadly be between 6 and 7 hours.

    no problem about letting me know the next few days, though it you say no, you'll be sent to Meldy's office to explain yourself! image
  • if any other runners fancy an outing let me know.

    My sometime riding partner was doing a relay with his 2 daughters doing the swim and run......

    well the running daughter has done a runner and is not going to make it......

    So if anyone needs a run let me know image
  • oh and any, and I mean any ability level is catered for..... the more numpty the better image
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