Outlaw relay



  • How many hours would I have OC?
  • Daughter 1 will swim in 1hr 45

    He will bike in 6:30

    So i think you have about 8 hours. image

    Ill be in the pub cheering you on!
  • Right so they'd be thrilled at the concept of having someone like me destroying their otherwise stellar relay time then?
  • Gastank - unless you want to commit to buying me a lifetime supply of Thornton's I think you had better keep your arse firmly and safely attached to the support feed stationimage
  • Yes maam and sense would suggest that realistically should be running another marafun so soon after last...

    Sorry OC heart is very willing but head and body need to be sensible (and I can't afford more thornton's) image
  • Since when has an aspiring Pirate ever been sensible?  Man up Gas, don't worry about Schmunks, she's a push over really!  I've only run five miles in training so far! Just turn up and do it!  ;~)

  • The peer pressure the peer pressure....
  • Do it.

  • Flat Foo.ted wrote (see)

    Do it.


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭


  • Great great are you all going to chip in for my thornton's penalty?
  • do it!! I can't wait to see Schmunkee really really upsett at soemone other than me!!

  • Errrr OC I've sent u a PM
  • Good on yer Gastank.  Worth a box of Throntons and stream of verbal abuse any day.  Just be a bit quicker past that particular feed station.

    I am aiming for Swim 1:30, Bike 7:00 so hopefully I should be in around you setting off.  I haven't run for 6 weeks (apart from a sneaky HM yesterday image) so I'll be trottting around for the full time quota.

  • Hey VT I'm sitting in Aldergrove Airport, your neck of the woods(Ish) right?

    Been a hard weekend of family commits so no training at all and haven't run since marafun last week...

    Have to have a conversation with missus when I get home, suspect their may be a few boxes of thornton's required
  • Yes GT, didn't know you were even here. 

    Listen anyone, if you come over here I'm happy to drop what I'm doing and go see.  Good luck with persuading your better half.  I'd gamble that you would still have the legs after Edinburgh so training time wouldn't need to be too costly.

  • Flying visit mate, I was born here ;-D but Mom and dads golden wedding anniversary so full on family catch up, otherwise I would have said!

    Next time for sure! I'm here every few months for a long weekend normally

    First tri two weeks, 2nd mara 4 weeks... Doesn't sound bad if you say it quickly image
  • You know it makes sense Gas!  Anyway, you're on the run leg aren't you?  Schmunks is on the cycle support isn't she?!!  image  Just buy her a pint afterwards!

  • *drums fingers on desk, waiting for Gastank*
  • *hiding from Schmunkee's drumming fingers*
  • Good man Gas  image

  • hahahha

    just saw this / PM....

    GasTank is in as far as I am concerned.  I am feed stationing so its a fair swap image

    I have a large monaco for Gastank.  If he he needs an XL do we have any offers


  • O.rangeCannon I came, I saw, I knitted wrote (see)

    GasTank is in as far as I am concerned.  I am feed stationing so its a fair swap image 

    Surely that's a matter of opinion image

  • image was that a compliment or just dissing OC?

    Might go for a run tomorrow.... see how my recovering legs have recovered but i'm going to have a swim in the Hampstead Heath pond at some point too as well

    1. LAKESIDE TRI.....T minus 11 sleeps
    2. OUTLAW..... T minus 25 sleeps
    3. Running from Schmunkee.... T minus 24 sleeps (could we delay until after the outlaw possibly? it would work better for me diary wise and i won't be fast then...)
  • Are you saying you want Schmunks to catch you Gas?!!  

  • not a chance, but I'd rather be injured after the run than before (vroomsticks are pretty quick you know!)

    Outlaw camping list started in the Outlaw Feedstation thread image

  • Oi image

    Although I do like the idea of a 'vroomstick' image

  • Wore my borrowed OC pirate kit today whilst running - top temporary pirating in Norf London image

    Very proud day, monaco fits perfect (I could do with a flatter stomach though, but that's not LGs fault!)
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