1st Time Marathon?

I'm ready to take my running to the next level, i changed my running plan 2 months ago and ive jumped from being stuck at 14 miles to 19/20 on my long runs, based on my long run pace right now, i believe i could complete the distance in around 4:15 right now.

Now i'm planning on trying for a ballot place for the VLM, but with such a small chance of getting a place, i'd like to look at other races too, and since i'd imagine every one of them has been ran by the members of this forum, i thought i'd ask which you guys recommend.

I'm not too worried about hills, since its pretty hilly by me and i train on very little flat land so a flat race is not essential,

I'm pretty keen on doing the Brighton Marathon, ive never seen a bad review of that race, but my issue is that i read you must collect your race pack from the Expo the week before, and they will not post it out, thats a near 400 mile round trip that i'd have to do twice, the fuel alone makes that out of the question.

i guess the thing i'd be most looking for is a busy race, with good crowd support. i'd like my 1st marathon to be one to remember image
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