Virgin London Marathon 2013 ballot open



  • baldbloke - there are people on here who could have that subject as their specialist round in Mastermind. The short answer is yes, you're  right, but it's about numbers - more men who race, race faster, and the converse for women .
  • Turbo - think you're in then ( the ballot that is, not the race ( yet))
  • Coolio...thanks dude.

    Keeping fingers crossed until Oct. image

  • The MonkThe Monk ✭✭✭
    I missed out, far too dozy on a Monday after a 19 mile LSR yesterday!  Will have to jump over the channel and rip up the streets of Paris in 2013 then!  Good luck to all on here who's entered.
  • Ive had my email confirming my payment.... i too donated to charity... its kind of got to be worth an extra chance of getting in in the 1000 extra place draw??? and i can always do with another jacket image
  • I'm confused, I entered in a bit of a bleary state this morning. I didn't enter any payment details but seemed to get a confirmation page - is this right? Or did I imagine the confirmation page and not actually finish the process?!

    Not had any emails yet, 12+ hours later...
  • Hi Michelle,

    you would have been given the choice to pre pay - think they call it 'bequeathing' so as not to assume you'll get a place- it's the default option - and you can unclick that option and just enter the ballot, electing to pay if you get a place. Those that bequeath but don't get amain ballot place, get a fleece or jacket or somesuch and a place in a mini ballot for the above mentioned 1,000 places. If you got to the confirmation page with a number starting  'vlm....' then you did all there was to do. Good luck

  • No email confirmation for me either as such, just a payment confirmation but not from Virgin.

    Entered at 8am and my number 137000 ish so if the numbers started at 100,000 then 37,000 got in before 8am - we are a keen bunch are we not.

    Think it is a shame it isn't more widely known that the ballot fills so quickly - I know it would make it even harder to get a place but I only happened to overhear someone last week mention it filled quickly last year.

  • I entered this afternoon, it wasn't very busy. Haven't had any emails yet, haven't donated to charity either as know will not get in.
  • unfortunately due to the nature of my work (at sea) I could only get on to the web just after six to find out the ballot has closed.

    Without sounding sour grapes I think the ballot system is a complete load of b*ll*cks cos unless you are able to be by a computer during the day you have no chance. I much prefer the old postal ballot system which seemed to be a lot fairer. I'm sure there were others like me who did not have the luxury of being able to log on in the early hours or have access to a computer (difficult getting an internet connection in the middle of the channel)

    Stuff London -I will go for another marathon that has a fairer entry system!

  • Gym n tonic - thanks so much for clarifying, makes sense now! Yes I had unticked the box, so fingers crossed it was OK.

    Only my second time trying for a place (for my first marathon) so not holding out much hope image
  • I haven't donated to charity as most of the money actually goes to Al Queda
  • GLA who entered, pehaps I'll post in this thread in 6 months that I've got a place image

    but then again, maybe not image

  • Got a confirmation number, which i printed off but still no email O-O ?
  • Mmm just checked again, and I ticked 2 charities, and then got 2 emails from the charities, but nothing from VLM itself, and I registered at midnight yesterday, mmm are the charity emails to be taken as confirmation?
  • So how many ballot places are available ?
  • Just to clarify >>>(bear with me)

    I have an email from London Marathon saying that I have paid is this the confirmation ? It has the ref number on it. I ticked to run for British heart Foundation but havent recieved an email from them !!!!

    ha ha ha its my first marathon and hope im successful good luck everyone

    Can some one clarify !@!! (JOKE)

  • I'm entered, along with my wife, best mate and brother in law. None of us has received a confirmation email yet from VLM but I have received one from a charity saying can I run for them please so I imagine the system is sort of working.
  • My confirmation email finally came through - about 24 hours after I applied. Looks like they are just taking a while.

    I guess typing up 125000 emails and cross-checking the reference numbers on the list would take me a while to do...

  • Thanks Hellsbells, just checked my emails and found the confirmation one in there.

    Just got to wait now with fingers and everything else crossed!! 


  • Got my email about 24 hours after entering.

    Do they really need to make us wait until October to find out?

  • Sticky88Sticky88 ✭✭✭

    Got my email 26 hours later.

    Further wait of 26 weeks to find out if I'll get to run 26.2miles in London!

  • well this morning so far I have 3 confirmation emails - maybe I should share them out?

    (all same reference number though)
  • I entered yesterday morning for the first time, didn't write down my reference number and no email yet?!? Crossing fingers I did it correctly, and I get a place of course!
  • I entered 2013 ballot a few weeks ago as I  am on the 5 rejections in a row and in the 6th scheme and my confirmation was 101xxx.

    the guaranteed entry was stopped for new people when Virgin took over, but if you were aready on it, with 2  rejections they kept it going 

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    I decided to tick the "donate the fee" bit as I was feeling generous. I note some chat here about this giving you an extra chance of a  place but, if my bleary 5:30am brain registered this correctly, the ballot was for a place in the New York Marathon or a sport holiday of some description in Tenerife. I.e. not an extra chance of getting in the VLM.

     Did anybody pay any attention to that bit?

  • CormorantCormorant ✭✭✭

    Ah, I've just answered my own question (or rather Google has):

     In recognition of your generosity, all unsuccessful applicants who donate their entry fee will be entered into a draw for an additional 1,000 places in the Virgin London Marathon 2013. Plus a free draw for one of these two super prizes: 1 entry into the ING New York City Marathon 2013, including travel and accommodation OR 1 week's sporting holiday for you and a guest in the Spring of 2013 at Club La Santa, Lanzarote.

    So that's  me talking crap then (for a change).

  • thanks Musketeer that lets me in, as i thought, 5 no no's on the trot so now it should be  " yea " in october, thanks mate.
  • I entered about 10am yesterday & still no email & didn't think about the confirmation number although i do recall it said on screen it was done succesfully, can anyone let me know what the exact name of the email address it is sent from & IT can search for it as we don't have a spam folder here at work, anything that would go in there just gets blocked.


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