VLM GFA application

Hi all - yesterday at Gtr Manc marathon managed to bag myself a time eligible for a GFA entry into VLM. For the application is it ok to print out online chip/gun time results? Do all legit GFA entries get accepted, or should I also enter the normal ballot just in case.

Many thanks.


  • If it was a certified course then they'll accept it. If think last time I entered I sent a screenshot of the results page and a link to it on Power of 10 (or now Run Britain perhaps).
  • Well run in minging conditions!
  • Hey 15West,

    if you have a GFA time there's no need to enter the ballot. you have until sometime in july (i think - so double check) to get your entry in. i usually send them a screen shot print of the results page or if you get an e-certificate, send them that.

    after that they send you the information to enter and you just fill it in, pay the money and return the form by the date they ask.

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