Are you clumsy...

...I was just thinking about this today as I tripped (again!!) - my daughter and I are so clumsy...we always seem to have bruises on our elbows, legs etc, it's as if we're not sure of our own dimensions or something.

I have to take precautions like never going barefoot in the house - as I've broken my pinky toes so many times by banging them off chair legs and door frames.

Unfortunately my clumsiness doesn't just affect me...I've hurt MrGFB many times - things like, getting a cuddle and poking him in the eye or something!! Or the time I was showing him my sore foot and when I lifted my foot up to show him I kicked him really hard in the triceps! (Poor man has PTSD from living with me!!) And then there was the now infamous near wangectomy that he received after I had a fall and grabbed whatever I could to stop my fall!

Anyone else a danger to themselves and others are are you dead gracefull? image


  • I fall over while running about once a year, and I'm not quite used to clipless pedals yet, but all in all I seem less accident-prone than you image

    Don't know that I could call myself dead graceful though!

  • Not graceful, but years of living with hypermobile joints that cause me to stumble a lot have taught me how to recover without making a scene.
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    Not just you GFB.  image  Too many stories to recount image

    Although, the only time I'm not is when on a bicycle image

  • I was diagnosed with those a couple of months back SuperCaz.
    Prior to that I'd just thought I was quite flexy and slightly uncoordinated.
    Still deciding which of those I will be from now on image
  • Ian, I thought I was just bendy and weak.  I now understand why I am so weak - because my joints tend to bend so that I am not using the muscles properly.  I've now got a PT who is working on building my muscles so that they support the joints better and I now stumble less often and can open jars.
  • Interesting.
    The only real issue that I'm aware of having is a nervousness of going fast on really steep down hills as I'm not convinced one of my legs is always going to bend in the right direction. It bent the wrong way about 10 years ago and has never fully recovered, I imagine partly because it's still a bit buggered, and partly because I've just formed a habit of using the right leg more to protect it.
  • Living in a busy city I have noticed how some people have this almost switched off appearence when they move.  They are awake but really not aware until they bump into you and say "sorry" and as you see them walk off they seem to be back in their stupor again.

    Thing is some of them are in cars or on bicycles. Some even out for a run. All seem unaware of their surroundings.

    Dont even get me on people who dont pick their feet up when then walk. Shuffling around in those slipper boots.

    Am I graceful? Dont know how to measure that. I wont bump into you on a busy pavement though and I can juggle.

  • gingerfurball - I'm pretty clumsy, broke a stool in the kitchen this morning while making breakfast.

    My son has recently been diagnosed with dyspraxia and one of his symptoms is poor proprioception (understanding where your body is in space) which leads to clumsiness. One thing that helps this is training the core muscles and running/core training has improved my co-ordination a lot. Might be worth looking into for you and your daughter.

  • Stephen E Forde wrote (see

    Dont even get me on people who dont pick their feet up when then walk. Shuffling around in those slipper boots.

    I am absolutely convinced that Ugg boots (and their copies) are manufactured with lead weights in the sole...the shuffle seems obligatory!

    I'm pretty clumsy, definitely some days more than others...I sometimes blame my hormones!

  • Clumsy. Whilst I don't often trip while running, I did manage to run into a wall this year! I often bash myself on door frames and other furniture, and am working through smashing all the wine glasses! The sitting room has a purple stain where I threw a glass of red wine over it this weekend and I never learnt today without getting food over my face, the table, etc!
  • graceful as a house brick. highly amusing given I used to be a dancer. But I was more like one of the Fantasia hippo's than Darcey Busell (or however she spells it).

    Also hypermobile with knackered nerves in my ankles - the physio explained it to me once - said my nerves in my ankle joints are frayed and don't pick up the "wobble" signals so don't try to correct if my ankle turns over...hence I'm walking like a lame duck this morning...muchly ow.

    numerous broken toes and damaged ligaments from flinging myself about...

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