When is enough, enough

Went online to book for another Brighton Marathon this morning. Seems the cost of entry has shot up to £55. Seems they want to save on postage(I know there are other valid reasons too) and get us to all collect our own packs this year. They now say they want to charge people for spectationg at the finish. You have to go through pages of stuff when entering about how many t-shirts do you want etc(fine if they have them to sell but does it need to be in the entry process?)Then they want to put on a charge(invisible until the end of the process) of £2.50 for admin. £57.50 for a marathon? The £2.50 was the straw that broke the camel's back. Seems that they are trying to bleed every penny from the runners now. Not for me in 2013


  • It's a shame that it's gone that way.

    I guess they've seen that they've got a sell-out event and will try and push it as far as they can. 

    Who actually gets the money?

  • I'm not sure how to compare that to the £28 I've just paid for about a 10% chance of getting a London place
  • ... but it's all for Charidee

  • Just entered the London Marathon instead. Slim chance of getting in but £32 and no admin charge.

    I reckon it will the fat cats who run it who will be raking in the profits.

  • Officially there will be no profits but Tim Hutchins will be paying himself a huge bonus no doubt.
  • I'll give both a miss, thanks! image

    Might think about an autumn mara, though.

  • Really Wilkie. Which ones were you thinking about? I might do one this Sunday? I did a 12.5 miler last Sunday. Have I done enough training? (I am serious btw)
  • That is bad but I had a look at a late entry (ie within 4 weeks) to the Edinburgh marathon festival 10K race so a mere 6.2 miles and the cost....£28.50! It was £23.50 originally which I don't exactly count as a bargain either.
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
    Really Wilkie. Which ones were you thinking about? I might do one this Sunday? I did a 12.5 miler last Sunday. Have I done enough training? (I am serious btw)

    Marathon des Alpes-Maritimes.  Nice to Cannes, 4th November.  Currently €55 to enter (it goes up the nearer the date you enter).  No admin fee though image

    Whether you should do a mara this Sunday I leave to you to decide!

  • Good call. I gave some sound advice once to an underprepeared marathoner and it got me into trouble.

    Isle of wight marathon sounds interesting too. Pity it's not off road though.
  • You look quite young to be doing marathons Ed Flump!
  • Admin fee?  For fecks sake.  I expect, yet still hate, booking/admin fees on ticket sites but on a race?  Why not just say the coast is £57.50 up front?  It's not cheap but still a fair bit less than some big city marathons, but can Brighton really claim to have the same cache as Berlin, New York etc?
  • Lol I am usually on mums club thread so doesn't look so weird! Did London so no more for me for a while.
  • Makes you realise what a bargain London is doesn't it? I'd say circa £60 notes was a fair charge for Brighton. Tbh, London could/should be charging twice to three times as much to bring it into line with New York, etc ad one of the worlds biggest marathons.
  • Agree BDM. The fact that they tag it on at the end after you've spent 10 mins processing an application is dishonest.

  • Completely agree NLR.  Put it up front.  People will still pay I'm sure.
  • Charging people to spectate at the finish line? WTF?! How would they even enforce that rule?

    I ran Brighton this year and it was a pleasant, well-organised event. But if I was paying nearly £60 for my entry, I would be expecting a lot more than they provided this year. Complimentary massages at the end of the race, a technical t-shirt for all finishers and A LOT more support on the Road to Hell. In fact, I'd rather the course didn't go past a sewage treatment works at all thanks. Oh, and I'd like my mum to be able to watch me finish the race without having to pay for the privilege of standing on a public street!

  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    London good value if you can get in and they can subsidise due to vast sponsorship. Local half maras (Cardiff, Bristol, Bath) all around £30 so seems the going rate most places UK is £2 per mile(Ish). 10k's are getting a bit  outrageous tho! For £50 shop around some good, smaller European races offering a bit of variety e.g. Malta on Spring!
  • My local 10k is £14 this year.  I vaguely remember it being half that the first time I did it, but that was in 1999.
  • I don't mind paying a bit more for a race if it is good value; either venue being somewhere I couldn't normally run (Longleat or Silverstone) or otherwise unique experience (Medoc) and super-slick organisation, but it's hard to see where the extra money goes with some of the bigger UK races (apart from into the pockets of the organisers)

    I think I'm with Wilkie, vive la France! image

  • I'm guessing Policing costs for road closures and insurance has been hiked up over the past few years.  And I've no issue with people making money.  But clear, honest pricing is a must.
  • And why on an application form do you need to have 20 boxes to tick saying you don't want to buy something? There is also a box to ask if you want your medal engraved-only £5.99.
  • Check out the Liverpool marathon threads - the organiser is very open about the costs.
    These events aren't cheap to put on and expectations are higher nowadays.
    Chip timing. Technical tees. Goodie bags. Video screens etc etc.

    London marathon is a steal. You could make money saving all of the drinks around the course !
  • I filled in the Brighton form.Got to the end and thought £55? - no thanks.

    Entered London ballot. If I don't get in I might look at one of the other spring marathons, but reading the reports from recent ones...Hull, Milton Keanes, Manchester, Stratford.... they all seem to have had problems this year. 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    NLR..isn't £55 what you spend on a haircut?
  • A marathon for most people is a long term commitment. It's not just the four hours or so of running - its the weeks of dedicated training that you have to take into account as well. Cos theres no way I'm running 20 milers unless I'm entered in a marathon. This way it works out pretty cheaply per hour !
  • Not quite Mr Puffy. I get discount now and only pay £23.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I stand corrected.

  • The thing is. There are so many people who drop out that you can pick up an entry cheaply in the weeks leading up to the marathon. That way I don't need to get my hair cut by the butcher.
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