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Hi all,

As most of my races this year are going to be in Mainland Europe - I wanted to wear a shirt that can show i'm British/English to other runners out there (e.g. other Brits in the race etc). I enjoy having a chat with other Brits along the route.

I've seen one on FOSCA, the Adidas ones on Wiggle and a rather fetching one on Linky but can anyone recommend them or have another suggestion?

Ideally it should be a vest and comfortable to run in.


  • Hi Emmy,

    I bought a Maltloaf vest from the Fosca website about 18 months ago. It's very comfy to run in image

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    Thanks Saffy. How do you find their sizing?
  • did you know the official team GB vests are available from this weekend?

    quite spendy though, £35
  • Emmy_bug wrote (see)
    Thanks Saffy. How do you find their sizing?
    The sizing was perhaps a bit on the small size. If I got another one I'd consider going up a size.
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    Thanks Saffy - I'll take that into consideration. I managed to speak with them today and they said that the mens' are generous but the women's are tailored.

    @Marc - as much as I like the "official" GB vests - it doesnt scream "Britain" to me. I guess that was the major downer for me.

  • yeah, they lack a big chunk of RED
  • as much as I like the "official" GB vests - it doesnt scream "Britain" to me.

     The "Great Britain" on the front should make it blatantly obvious, especially to fellow Brits

  • I got a Union Jack vest with 'GBR' on the back for around £25 from Global Gear - www.globalgear.eu  Didn't wear it in before running a marathon in it and it didn't rub or chafe at all.  Makes for some cracking races photos image  They also do St George's Cross stuff. 

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    @Alan - I see your point but that's just my opinion.
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    Hi Phill - Yes please. That'd be great. I found some Union Jack boxers at a tacky store in London but wasn't sure how comfortable they'd be.
  • I'm intrigued by the way the chap in the white top is eyeing up said shorts. imageimage
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    HAHA! imageI hadn't seen that Helen.... I think a caption competition is in order.

    "Hmm... wouldn't mind a pair of those myself".

  • image There is a time and place to check out the "talent" Mr White Vest and that is neither!

    Brilliant photo image

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    Hi all, I eventually got one from FOSKA and am very impressed with it. Quality is top notch and the size was really good. There's no issues with rubbing or riding up so a very happy customer.

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