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Hi guys

I ran the London Marathon this year and ran a time of 2 hours 52 mins. I don't want to run next year (due to family time) but I intend to run in the 2014 in my 40th year.

My question is will my time this year still be valid to qualify me good for age in 2014 for an automatic place?




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  • Thanks Phil!
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    Yep, they are good for two years.
  • In theory you could actually have two places in 2014.........

    1) a straight entry for 2014 based on your 2012 time

    2) a deferred entry from 2013 based on your 2012 time

    ...but that would just be being greedy! image

  • Hi

    I have never ran The London Marathon before, I have and am doing a =agin this year the Cancer Research UK's Race for Life's but I am so desperate to complete the London Marathon.

    I know that the 2013 ballot is now closed but any tips or guidance as to how to be accepted in 2014?


    Would really appreciate some help image

  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭

    be quick in appling   i missed out as it filled very fast

  • I would like to do the vlm in 2014, but have not looked into the entry system. Is there a link or webpage which explains the process, entry times etc? Thaks
  • Google London marathon good for age, it's the only way in unless your very lucky in the ballot or can raise ??1500-2000.
  • How is GFA computed?

    Age on race day? Age you turn the year of the race? Age you were when you ran your GFA?

  • Elton - I'd ring them - 


    If you have any questions, please call us on  http://chrome-extension://lifbcibllhkdhoafpjfnlhfpfgnpldfl/numbers_button_skype_logo.png
    0207 902 0200

  • Evening all, I have some places for the VLM 2013. Trying to raise £4k with four runners. One runner should hit £2k, and with the gift aid element means around £700 pledge. Any takers for Mayor of Southwark's common Good Trust please get in touch. Regards

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    Prep. I don't understand what this has to do with GFA.

    Anyone who is GFA would have entered for a mere 32 quid.
  • I don't understand what Prep is selling anyway
  • Hi

    Anyone know how to take part in the London marathon 2014??
  • run a GFA time at another marathon or enter the ballot in a weeks time when it opens

  • Lisa Banham wrote (see)

    Anyone know how to take part in the London marathon 2014??

    Wait until a fortnight before the race, then come back to the Runners World forums and ask if anyone has a ticket for sale!


  • Does anyone know the crack about "5 strikes and you're in"? It should be mine for 2014 but I've heard nothing. I'm sure they should have sent me some information already??

  • I think that ended this year. If not then you should get a mail shortly asking you to complete an entry to take up your promised one. Bearing in mind the race was only yesterday give it at least a full day before getting concerned!

  • I  know I know! I did ring them up a few years ago so I knew when the automatic entry ended. I just caught it apparently. I used to get all kinds of bobbins from them - training, eating all that but it's gone quiet. Toooo quiet. I've rung and emailed them, just got to wait image After 5 rejects I'll be gutted if I miss it this time.

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    Does anyone know when they announce the GFA times for VLM 2014? I'm female and ran 3:29 yesterday. This would get me in as GFA on this year's times but do they change these every year? Will they announce any new times before the ballot on the 29th April?

  • 3:50??? But I can do that?! I've never even thought about a good for age route. Is it a definite if you can get in under 3:50?

  • It is a guarantee. CHeck out the timse on site as they vary a bit for age and a lot for male/female.

  • That's why I never thought about it - I'd seen the male times but now I see the female times and I'm over the moon!! image

  • Keep refreshing the website to see if they change it to 2014 entry deadlines, want to get my GFA entry in image
  • Hi all,

    Does anyone have any idea if GFA times are likely to change for 2014?

    I'm 31 and ran 3:09 in Berlin last year, so if they moved the 18-49 bracket at all I would be in trouble.



  • I rang them today mate, because the times have been taken off, i rang them and the woman I spoke to said "They are currently under review," to which I asked "does this mean theynare likely to be made more difficult" to which she replied "we can't confirm the times but yes, basically"

    I'm racing on Sunday and don't know if my previous target Sub3.10 will be good enough!
  • OT:  Did she say that you should enter the ballot and then enter via GFA if you do meet the qualifying standard?  it appears they are not going to publish the qualifying times until well after the ballot closes.  I thought I would be OK for next year but not so sure now, ran a disappointing 3.33.56 on Sunday due to a problem I have had for the last few weeks, last year ran a 3.25.23.  I guess it also depends on how long your times are good for?  Hmmmm!


  • Hi, I just found this on VLM website (Marathon Centre - Enter the Race - Good for Age entries - 'click here' :

    If you've already run a full marathon in a particularly fast time, you might qualify for an automatic 'good for age' entry into the 2014 Virgin London Marathon.

    How do I apply?

    Please refer back to the website at the end of May for details for qualifying times and details on how to apply. If you have any questions, please call us on 0207 902 0200.

    Looks like it's a case of entering the ballot and then seeing what the end of May brings.

  • Yep thats what I thought until I called them up to see if I squeeze some info out of them as to how much the margins are going to change by.  Apparently when the ballot goes live on monday, the GFA times will be published at the same time, which makes far more sense.  Will wait to see if that actually happens.  From previous applications you usually have until July to get a GFA application in.


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