Tuesday 1st May 2012


What:4M Easy/Steady

Why: I've been out twice this morning as Geordie 'needed' at 3:20am and was he wide awake.

Catch up time

Back later.


  • Morning.

    I was up in the small hours too birkmyre - but to take drugs as I have another filthy sinus headache.

    Stickless - I can see where you get your determination from!

    Blisters - full IM?

    Alex - well done on the continued weight loss.

    Gobi - hope the job hunting goes well.

    chickadeee - you work too hard!

    emzap - getting excited about your marathon yet?

    Yesterday's lyrics were indeed Blue Monday by New Order.

    What:                      an hour on the bike (probably turbo)
    Why:                        playing catch-up on the bike now (weather)
    Last hard:              22/4
    Last rest:                28/4

    Lyrics- yes.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Me , extremes ??? :¬0
    Hours Miles
    Total Run 4:23:44 31.16
    Total Bike 58:27:30 1013.28
    Total Cross 1:40:00
    Grand Total 64:31

    Rest days 2 - just happened really not overly planned or avoided
    Bike races 3
    Bike time trials 6 including a new 10 mile TT

    I did also jog 3 parkruns including one is a super fast 22.xx :¬0

    Body weight, I have lots of that :¬(

    Safe to say I am a cyclist who runs a bit.

    The ankle is something currently I just live with, the bone seems fine but I get swelling still and general discomfort. That said I hope to possibly see 10plus miles this week :¬0

    What: 40 mins in a canoe on the loop of infinite pain :¬0 d&d
    Running with my running mentor, supposed to be a short social jog but I am sure mechanics etc will come up.
    Bike ride assuming no more rain
    ANOTHER run and circuits with Pete
    (looks like the old days!!!!)
    Why: I am an international man of leisure
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: Monday 23rd April
    Lyrics: familiar
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    Morning all
    Great post gobi
    Lmh hope head ok
    Me I am having a duvet day I have a head cold and suspect my head I a bit similar to lmh's. Feel rubbish but on the plus side I can't run anyway so better now
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Morning

    Struggled to arise this morning, but after a bit of thought i was in the pool. Got to work on the M word!!

    2k swim d&d. run later.

    Blisters - how's tings

    Emzap - i was talking to a few doing Belfast on Monday - all the bets for it. Mind what you eat;-0

    Bleedin weather's shite
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Morning all,
    Blisters - great to see you back with us!
    LmH, Wabo, hope you're both feeling better soon

    What - well ran into work from Waterloo as it was hammering down (~1.5miles)
    & have club session tonight , thing we've got Parlaufs

    Put my name down for VLM next year, looking fwd to the "thanks, but no thanks" letter in November

    For those that asked - no camers in the birdbox but might consider it for next year

    lyric - not today
  • WHAT: 10 mile with a few sprints thrown in at the end
    WHY: Slacked off yesterday and also need to work on not being so mono-paced.
    LAST HARD: Today was pretty hard.
    LAST EASY: Yesterday morning
    LAST REST: Sunday
    LYRICS: A huge yes.

    800km for the year now.
  • Afternoon all!

    LMH - hope your head feels better! You too Wabo
    - Nice stats!
    Paddy - 2k swim...working on the 'M' word? Are you sure you don't mean the 'IM' word? image (like Blisters!!)
    Birkmyre - My lovely hounds had me up in the small hours too...a bit later than Geordie though!
    7D - good work...what is your weekly mileage at the moment? You seem to be working hard! Anything planned coming up (sorry if I missed it before)
    Stickless - Well done to your Ma - resilience and determination abound!!
    Dustin - How was physio? Have you recovered from Mara now?

    Swim for me this morning (in the pool, not the street!). Was hard work and couldn't get the rhythm going at first, but got there eventually. May go for a run later as it would probably be a good idea. 5 days until Tri debut.

    What: 1.2k swim d&d
    Why: Early morning swimming at the local leisure centre
    Last hard: Saturday
    Last rest: 2 days
    Lyrics: yes, for once!

    Take care!

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Wow it's getting busy again on here, it's nice!

    LMH sorry to hear you're ill again.  I am getting excited, but also v nervous (partly lack of info from race organisers, partly weather, partly the M word).

    Stickless Wow your Mum has determination!

    Hello Blisters

    Wabo get well soon

    Paddy mind what I eat?

    What: nothing

    Why: have you looked outside?  No seriously, not overdoing it this week.

    Last hard: eating the 2 sandwiches I was told I had to eat at lunch (usually I just have 1!).

    Have a good one all.

  • Alex: 800km / 121 (the amount of days in the year so far) x 7 (days in the week) = 46.2k a week, or just a shade under 30 miles a week. I've a half marathon coming up and I'd just like it to be a comfortable ride around, but at the moment I'm just focusing on getting my 5k parkrun time down (23.17 as it stands, I feel 21.30 is not unrealistic by the end of the year). Thinking about the Preston Guild Marathon, but that's a while away yet.

    2k swimming though, I really need to get back into swimming.

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Hi Alex,
    Yeah fizzio OK, try to see her once a month as I think it helps to iron out niggles, and tbh wasnt in as much pain as I expected when she was digging her elbows into the ITBs.
    I'm hoping the mara is out the legs now, but always cut back for 2-3 weeks after a marathon. Going training tonight, but rather than full on effort I'll drop back a little. No point in going mad so soon after 26.2

    7daughters - Thats solid mileage in prep for a half, What sort of time you looking for?
    Preston marathon? Think they were at the VLM expo, trying to sell it to me....
  • Dustin: I'd really like to break 1hr 40 but it's my first competitive half, it's hilly, and it's a trail run. 10k PB is 47.07 - maybe 1hr 45 is more realistic this time out. I hold my pace well but have no turn of speed.

     Preston are doing a Guild Marathon and a Half-Marathon. I'll do one or the other, but I doubt my ability to train coherently for a marathon in order to do it justice.

  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭


    What: another walk, but steady today
    Why: Achilles not great after pushing hard on the (walked) uphill yesterday

    Lyrics: no

    Taper well, Emzap!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Lyrics? Yesterdays seemed familiar, but not really my era. Today's: no hope, and I knew it when I saw that it was young Birkmyre who'd set them.

    As Gobi did a March summary, I'll let you have a bit of a laugh.

    2009: a January marathon, after which I quit running. Then.......Nothing.
    2010: Maintaining a solid effort of...Nothing. OK I partook of fine wines, fine food, old cars, planes and women.
    2011: Let me try and remember......nope. Nothing.
    2012. The new me.
    Went out on my 30 year old bike. Mended a few bits. Realised just how many bits were totally worn out, and decided that I could afford my first new bike as an adult. Arse sore. Still not got saddle isssue resolved. Managed 65 miles on just Saturday riding, and began to realise that I might have a go at a non-competitive approach to tri. Apart from the fact that I can't swim 50m.

    March data from memory.
    180 miles on bike
    0 running (I did 14 miles in Feb, prior to that was last August)
    1 beginners ski lesson.
    0 swim. Obviously.

    April data
    2 week holiday with daily gym and ballroom dancing to keep weight off. Major league troughing and drinking to put it back on.
    134 miles on road bike (not included the gym bikes, you don't go anywhere)
    10 miles on tready. (B-O-R-I-N-G)
    13 miles on road.
    2 swim sessions, including a lesson. Shock.

    So, progress wise, my weight IS reducing, but that should be fairly easy to do.
    My brief soujourn into running has been awaiting the negative reaction, but nothing yet. Fitness is 6 months short of a slow marathon.
    Cycling is at touring pace, with range limited by posterior contact challenges.
    Swimming offers great opportunities to improve. I'm looking forward to this bit. I HATED school swimming lessons.

    Today I got the opportunity for a nice bike ride. The rain went away, the roads started to drain. I did 41 miles and at the furthest point the rain decided to come back. Can I log 20 miles of swimming?

  • Hey y'all,

    Hi Blisters, I recognise your name...

    Hope you are both feeling better Wabo and LMH.

    Sevendaughters: Am looking at Preston as well, we'll see.

    Terrific stats Gobi.

    Well done on further weight loss Alex: easy,easy.

    Bless your dear old Mum stickless.

    So, just about back into the land of the runner here. 6.5 miles yesterday, 8.5 miles today. 10 days off has done the legs no favours!
    I've signed up for the Brathay Windermere Marathon, 20th May.
    Been reading the reports of Manchester on their thread. Some mixed reviews about the event, despite the weather. Not sorry I bottled it.
  • 10 miles d&d this evening in the glorious rain.

    Emzap - The eat carefully thing was a "tongue in cheek" reference to my problems in London (Internal washing machine, phone box with no phone at 20 miles). Just have a good plan and stick to it. I failed to stick to mine and failed!! Don't get all worried now.

    Blisters - The stairway to heaven starts somewhere!!

    Alex - I'd love to do an IM but I would surely end up divorced. I was going to do a few tri's this year but i'm mad keen to give an Autumn Marathon a bash after the "London issues". If I go down the tri road it will lead to the IM yearning coming out and therefore subsequently to divorce - where's me bike??.

  • Blisters: Good to have you back.image
  • NZChristineNZChristine ✭✭✭
    Wow - Blisters is back!! Good luck with the come-back.

    What: All I did was run and get my car that was being fixed - just down the road.
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