running further or quicker

Some help please!!

I ran/walked 1.5/1  min x7 last week.

today i was supposed to start 2/1 x 7. But because of the rain i just tried to pace it out.(my only timer on cumbersome ole phone) however according to ipod tunes time the same route took me 15 minutes instead of 21.

so again to the title of my thread. running further or quicker? i need to be able to do 10 miles by 0ctober 27th.

Eternally grateful for any help.

 Caroline x


  • My advice (as a beginner myself) would be to get a decent training plan and stick to it.  Pushing yourself too much at early stages causes injuries.

    Runnersworld, Bupa, Hal Hidgon, Jeff Galloway, NHS C25K, all have good beginners plans which build up fitness and confidence in a good way.


  • Get a watch. You won't regret it.
  • dan stannard wrote (see)
    Get a watch. You won't regret it.


    And further.

  • thanks all. i'm going to be on the lookout for a watch. tho i really dont feel like i pushed myself further than i could manage. thursday it will strictly be 2/1 x 7 !!
  • Hi,

    Just to follow up on Evie May said, if you go to the ASICS website there is a section which will calculate a training plan for you. All you need to do is enter details like the distance you are training for, how fast you want to run and what your standard is now. Pretty simple to use so might be worth a look.

  • Stick to duration of run for now.  You will naturally get faster, but don't try to run faster.  Just run easy.  For newbies, distance first, then speed.  (repeat that to yourself often)  Running farther will make you faster.  It will also give you a base for later doing speed work which will also make you faster, but speed work is pretty tough if you don't have the endurance to complete the workouts.
  • thankyou susan and rouser. my mantra for today(aside from i want my bed) is distance first then speed. tho i dont think i was running any faster i just ran more than walked.
  • I always think longer till your base is established. Then try shorter quicker runs or intervals to speed up.
  • Oops - repeated the advice there.
  • Johnny, you can never say that too many times to newbies.  Speed is so alluring, but distance is the bedrock upon which speed is built.
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