Have I bought the wrong trail shoes

I ordered some trail running shoes last week and I've just managed to wear them round the house as I've been ill.

I thought that, unlike with normal running shoes, it doesn't matter which trail shoes you get as they don't cater for neutrals, over pronators etc.

However, the shoes that I bought, Nike Air Alvord 9, feel a little weird. I can feel the insole at the arches of my feet. Depending on which shop I go to/what day of the week it is/what I've had for lunch, I'm either neutral or a slight over pronator. I'm wondering if these will push my feet and make it more likely that I'll get injured.

The Nikes that I've bought, I've since noticed, are listed as high arch trainers. Is this normal in trail shoes or should I be sending them back?

I bought the Nikes because I have Nike Air Pegasus for normal daily wear and I know that my feet are comportable in them.


  • Not an expert, but if they're bothering you then I'd suggest they might not be right - I've always tried on a pile of shoes at a store and picked the most comfortable ones. Maybe try some alternatives and see if they're better/worse feeling?
  • Thanks, I'll wear them around the house a bit more and then more than likely send them back image
  • I had a horrible past experience with a similar sounding pair of Nike trail shoes. They gave me horrific and painful blisters all over the inside of my arch. I sent them back and got different shoes instead. 

  • I actually tried them on a run last week in the rain. I couldn't feel the instep when I was running but my ankle started niggling. I'm not sure if it's connected to the shoes, but it's never hurt before with other shoes.

    I couldn't send them back as I'd worn them up and down the street a few times and the sole, being lilac in parts was dirty. I'll try them a few mores times and just wear them as normal non-running trainers if they don't suit.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    I think you have your reasoning wrong. The bit you can feel under your arches is to stop your arches collapsing when running across uneven surfaces. Normal road shoes don't have these on account of those people with soft feet complaining about blisters forming in this area. My lad who is 15 developed on one run a pair of giant blisters this way but has the softest feet around unlike me who has old gnarled feet. I regard these insoles as a type of orthotic and use them in all my shoes.
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