wolverhampton marathon 2012

Anyone up for this this year? did this as my first ever race and marathon last year and was impressed.


  • I'm up for this, are entries open yet?

    Will be good prep for snowdonia

  • entries are open, i think you can enter from here. But are you being sarcy? its a terrible marathon. a not bad half marathon thou.


  • Mat

    for the money its not bad its only a 2 lap course and its well organized. you cant say its not a bad half mara then say its a terrible marathon.

    Its local for me so it has to be done, beter than a 26.32 mile training run around stafford lol

  • i've only ever done the half marathon, i was thinking about doing the full one but it's a 2 lap course and by the time you've come to do the 2nd lap the shows over, everyones gone home and theres no support. I don't particularly like the route either. You are right though it is well organised.
    I think i need a bit of pursuation to be doing the 2 laps although it isnt bad value, i think an extra 2 quid?
  • I did half last year and that was fine-moved up to full for this year and understand the second lap is lonely.

  • This will be my second visit to this race. Ran the Half in 2009 and will be running the Full Marathon this year. I don't mind the second lap, It helps me get through the second half mentaly! For the cost its a bargain, and my local race too x

  • Well i might turn up to this to cheer, seeing as its local to me ( dont think i'll do it as i want to do an october marathon so make sure i can get some training in to allow for kids been off in summer as my trainng grinds to a halt then ) but I went to the Gloucester marathon to cheer on and it was 3 laps and i stayed and cheered to people doing all 3 laps, so if you do do it, i will be happy to be a little cheer squad for the 2 LAPS!! lol


  • did this in 2009 as its local

    havent been back since !!

  • How come?
  • It can be little bit lonely on the 2nd lap and the course is pretty dull but it has always been well organised etc etc. It is decent enough. Not fussed if most people have gone home, makes it less busy for the marathon runners at the end!

    It isn't that bad and better than running a solo training run!.

    Would run it again if I wasn't going to working away when its on this year.

  • This was my first mara last year & I thought it was great value for money!  Also under the radar so you are pretty much guaranteed late entry.  More entrants for the half running concurrently.  

    Admittedly, the scenery isn't the most picturesque, but I don't really get a chance to appreciate scenery when I'm trying to run a fast timeimage

    May give it another bash this year, but doing Abingdon 6 weeks later, so will have to see how the training/ body is.


    I plan on during the full marathon; this will be my first time after mainly doing shorter races. I live in Yorkshire but my brother lives in Wolves so get a free sleep over. I'm used to lonely runs as I train alone so hoping the 2rd lap will be fine and may attach onto a small group or save my music for the 2rd lap.


  • This will be my first marathon and i cant wait .Come on jay you going to do it with me?

  • In my view, one of the best city marathons you can do. No hassle parking. Low key, excellent organisation. Run with parallel events shorter runs and cycle event, so good atmosphere. 500 or so runners so you are not alone until the later stages, when you probably want to be alone. No ridiculous entry fee, website, hidden charges, registration arrangements (i.e not at all like Manchester). The course is varied: urban, estates, country; it passes major pottery factory and Wolves ground. A few inclines, but no real hills.

    Good luck to all you first timers. If you want to do another similar event: Leicester is great, you've got a couple of months to get over Wolverhampton. KK
  • tempted.good entry price and mementos.is the course scenic or dull though?


  • yes its a fair price, as said theres no eiffel towers but its not the worst scenery to look at , also the second lap isnt that lonely and there are still supporters out, just not as many as on the first lap.


  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Just wondering if the course is mostly flat with the odd incline?  

  • PipG wrote (see)

    Just wondering if the course is mostly flat with the odd incline?  


  • Hi guys

    This will be my first marathon and i'm a bit on the slow side with an expected finsh time of 5 hrs, will this be an issue ?  ie will their  be staff at the finish line, runners out on course etc


  • Just stepping up my training and ouch,right kneecap is slightly displaced so 10 days off my feet-not good.


  • Did Potters Half couple of weeks ago - this course looks lot flatter! Reckon I'll enter.

  • PipG - It's got rolling hills, but other than a testy short steep 200m climb at 10.5m (Lower Street). I've ran the Windermere Marathon for the past 2 years and i can assure you it's NOTHING in comparison. Do a bit of hill training and you'll be fine, just save yourself for the 2nd half. As said there's less support and it's harder anyway as it's tough psychologically doing the 2nd lap.

    I am doing the 19.4k cycle event for a change as normally do the HM.


  • Think I'll do this

    Not much info on website

    Is water in bottles? Do they have gels or sports drinks?
  • Its water in small bottles every few miles or so. no gels or sports drinks

  • A great local event - any marathon except london can always be a bit lonly on the second half, if you can't run on your own without the need of earphones or I pods stick to 10kms - I've done a169 Marathons/ultras you need a lot of self motivation not only to run the race but also to do the training, if youv'e done the training a 2 lap or three laps should be no problem. I dedigned the original course and I discribed it as being a challenging route, for both beginers and experienced runners. It has always been in my oppinion very well organised.

  • @Liam O'Connor - good luck, hope it goes well for you. I'm sure 5h pace won't be a problem, it'll be my (and my mate's) first marathon so we certainly won't be expecting to be much quicker than that

    Does anyone know if you can get there by public transport in time for the start? Had a look for trains, the first one from Brum gets in at 0902 which might be cutting it a bit fine.

    Or if any kind souls with a car fancy giving us a lift from Brum city centre that would be very gratefully appreciated...

  • is there online entry anywhere?

  • Hey Clairster...may see you at this one xx
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