Marathon next year.. New to running..

Hi all, I have just started running on evenings after work.

I haven't really ran since high school or done much exercise except a bit of boxing and a kick about now and again down the local park.

However I am enjoying going on a few runs in the evening every other day and would really like to enter a marathon next year. I was just wondering if anyone has any inside tips to offer me.

The route I currently run is 2.4 miles and I complete this at a steady pace with a time of 25 mins. I consider that as not bad going since I haven't worked out in a ages.

Will I be able to achieve my goal and make a marathon next year if I stick to my current regime and increase distance every week?

Many thanks,



  • Plenty of people do it off less preparation time. For now build up the mileage. Enter a shorter race to keep up motivation or try Parkrun, they're free!
  • Build up to a 10k race, following a plan (from here or elsewhere). That will teach you about the different types of run and help build the abilities you'll need. After that, look towards a half marathon in the autumn and then to the full marathon next year.
  • Hi Michael,

    Just to let u know i only started running end of June last year and i couldnt even run 2 miles!!! I have built up gradually and comleted my first marathon on Sunday in Manchester. My time was a little slow (5:18), but adverse weather conditions also, but i was so pleased to have finished it.

    Good luck and happy training.
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