Crewe DeJa Vu - Track Marathon

Yahoo! This was a fantastic event last year. So glad the good folks at Sandbach Striders are letting us have another go. Only 50 places...better hurry :0)


  • I'm in!! I hate the flat and laps drive me mad, so this should be perfect for me!! lol

    Seriously I'm looking forward to the test. I've done a few marathons up till now but I'm hoping I can try and crack my good for age time on this one.A friend of mine ran it last year and sold the idea of running it to me.

    You can't get better post race refreshments than the real ale pub round the corner too!!imageimage

  • This should be fun, hoping for a pb, nice and flat!!!!
  • Is there a waiting list??


  • Ladies and Gents, the race details have now been sent out via email and you should all receive them soon. In case you don't they can be downloaded from our website.

    The starting list is on there too so you can see who you will be up against image

    See you all on Sunday!

  • Michael....thought it would be a tall order to follow-up on last years wowsy event guys have done it. From watching a new world record on the track before we went, to a cup of coffee at the end & the most fantastic goody was Brillinat. A special mention to the MC who kept us all going. As for me....I blitzed my usual 4:20 something times with a 3:58:40 and qualification as a C seed for the Comrades Ultra in South Africa. Thank you for taking the bet in the pub 2 years ago. Hope you can do Deja Vu 3. I intend to be first n your runners list :0) A massive thank you to you and your fellow organisers
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