Dingle Marathon 2012

I'm just about to enter this marathon - can anyone give me any insight into what this race is like as I've been looking for another Autumn race to go with Snowdon.
Last year, I had the idea that all those boring training runs could be worth two marathons for the price of one, and indeed, it worked out well. I didn't particularly like Loch Ness for a number of reasons, but felt fresh and ready for Snowdon, and absolutely loved it! ( I'm fond of hills.) So even though this one is a little earlier, it looks like a very enjoyable marathon.
So, what's this one like? Organisation? Is the route as picturesque as it looks? And, it looks like it has a stinger of a hill at the end- just how bad is it?
We're hoping to stay in a campsite in Dingle, and the friendly banter by email, from the site owner, and the race organiser, is already making me look forward returning to Ireland.
Any comments gratefully received.
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