Carrying an iphone

I use the Runkeeper app so carry my iphone 3 when (attempting) to run.  

 I've tried two different arm strap things but it feels too heavy and the velcro comes undone.  I feel like I am holding my arm in a funny position trying to hold it onto my arm.

 I've tried putting it in my jacket pocket but I don't always want to wear the jacket and also it bashes about too much. 

Any ideas how to carry it?  Thanks!


  • Get a gel belt - one that has a zipp able pocket on. They're about a fiver.
    Put iPhone inside a plastic bag to keep sweat and rain off and away you go.
  • Cougie rights I keep mine in a water carrying belt nip into Sports Direct (he runs she runs bit) you will find one in there
  • Or if you want to see it, Up & Running do a waist belt that has a clear plastic pocket at the front - you can still use your iPhone touchscreen through it and it has a neoprene belt so it holds onto your waist better than normal belts. It's a bit more expensive though, at £20, maybe £22.

  • Michelle - mine fits in the back pocket of my tights - just.  Handy if you don't need to look at it. As Cougie says put it in a freezer bag first as it gets a bit damp otherwise.
  • wearing belts i always find, never stay where they feel comfortable image

    What fiona siad, sticking it in a freezer bag and sticking it in the back of your running tights is the best option....

    I will deffo be sticking mine in a freezer bag this year, as when i had problems with my iPhone and had to take it back to apple, they argued and said i had dropped it in water as the white tab where u plug it in to charge was red, but it had change colour through to sweat image lucky the lady was nice enough to change it for me.
  • I carry mine in spibelt. It does stay where you want it e.g. on hips, but you need to take it out if you need to use it - a bit fiddly, but for me still better than an armband
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